Written by Neko-chan

13 Jul 2016

We have been doing this for a while, but haven't seen each other that much. Probably met 4 times more or less.

This time with me being home alone, I took the chance.

We were going to meet again.

This time he would actually know where I lived...

I planned everything,

Gave him instructions to follow,

From the address to what to do when he arrived,

Wanted it to be kinky,

I knew he wanted to fuck me sometime too,

I was as horny as ever,

I was curious...and very nervous.

He came through the gate and closed it as instructed. I could hear him make his way to the front door and my heart raced.

I waited in my room,


on my bed,

not wearing anything at all...

I had laid on my bed, stretched-out with my legs spread. I heard the door open and close. I heard the door lock as asked. Footsteps got louder as ge got closer to my room. The door opens and I he lays his eyes on me. He examines my body, takes-in ever inch of my naked flesh with my eyes and my body gets excited even more by just being exposed in-front of his eyes.

He stood right next to me and asked "Should I do it, or do you want to?". I pulled down his pants and undies. I took his hardened cock in my hand and teased him. I licked his cock from the bottom to the tip, I gripped hard and I gripped softly. I licked and teased, and only made my own body crave attention and make his cock wet with my tongue.

I sucked on his cock for a while, stroking his cock while I did so and eventually he would lay me down. Taking a break before continuing. He touched and fondled me, feeling my smooth body. He rubbed his cock in my face a little and told me "stick only your tongue out". I did exactly as told and he would rub his cock on my tongue, slap it with on my tongue. He would move his hands over my body and play with me between my legs...again he would make me cum...and smear my own cum on my stomach.

Afterwards I would continue to suck his cock.