Written by Neko-chan

13 Jul 2016

It had been quite a while since the first few times, but we had to meet again and same arrangement as the last.

We met at the park, I got into his car and he parked in the park near where I lived. He still didn't know where exactly I lived. He chatted me up a bit while playing with his cock, knowing my eyes would not move away from it. This time I was a bit too horny to resist. I pulled down my pants (because at that time, I wasn't about to wear skirts around people I barely knew) and pulled down my undies to my ankles in his car. He gasped, but didn't stop playing. "Don't you think you'd want to pull up a little, what if someone sees?" I really didn't care at that point, I was horny and I could only suck him when he let me...until then, I was getting more horny by watching him masturbate...and I had to do something about my own body crying out for attention.

I liked seeing me play and eventually gave me an opening. I started to suck his cock like I have before. My lips brushed over his cock, nice and slow and his moans were driving my body insane. His hand moving from my head to my back and I slowly started changing pace.

We had a few breaks and pauses, trying to make sure people passed by without noticing anything. When all was clear and he let me, I would go back into sucking his cock. Only this time...I couldn't sit in the passenger seat while sucking him anymore.

My pants and undies to my knees,

My knees on the passenger seat,

My ass in the air,

My hands either on his lap or stroking his cock,

My mouth and lips attached and giving him a sucking he seemed to enjoy.

His one hand on my head,

His other hand on my back and moving to between my legs.

He played with me while I sucked his cock in his car and from time to time he pushed down my ass below window level. It would be a while before it happened. I came on his seat while sucking him.

I luckily had some tissues with me, but wasn't too sure if I could help him clean it all up.