Written by Neko-chan

13 Jul 2016

Lonely, horny and curious was I and curiosity got the better of me. I found someone to play with, but I still had yet to know how things would go.

We met in the park, not far from where I lived. I got into his car, all innocent and nervous. He smiled at me and parked somewhere at the park where no one could see us inside the car. He pulled his zip down and I bit my lip as he took out his soft cock, shaking it, teasing me with it, making me watch it grow a little first.

I was already horny and my thirst for it grew more and more. I eventually leaned over the seat as he asked me "Do you want to give it a go?". Without a moment's hesitation, it went in my mouth and I sucked on it, feeling the taste of the tip and the skin on my tongue. I pulled it out and thought that I was being too hasty, I was planning on teasing him first. He was already enjoying this. I licked his hardened cock, seeing how much it grew inside my mouth.

We stopped for a moment as we waited for people to pass by. He was hid his cock for safety. When it was safe to continue again, out came his cock and my hand went down on instinct, playing and feeling his hard cock. First time I felt a guy's cock in my hands. I sucked on him while stroking his cock and he moaned softly, his hand on my head, pulling on my hear when he needed pause. When I continued, I sucked harder than before and moved my head up and down a bit faster every now and then. He moved from my head to stroking my back, loving every second. I kept sucking, waiting for him to reach his climax, making sure my lips brushed over his cock's skin.