Written by oralopulance

15 Jan 2014

I recently took a sexual pilgrimage to what can only be described as Cumfontein! Karen (not her real name) and I met online in an adult dating site .We hit it off immediately. It didn't take long before we sending hot, erotically laden lust messages to each other. In short order we were both so very horny that we just knew we had to meet.

We both cleared the next afternoon in our busy schedules and met at the appointed time and place. In short order both of us were hot and heavy as our tongues entwined, wrapping around each other as we eagerly tasted one another while our hands anxiously began exploring the new erotic vistas of the other. By this time Karen was down to a lone piece of clothing--if you can call it that--a racy red thong. During my quest to explore her every nook and cranny, I ran my left hand across her scantily clad pussy only to discover, and much to my delight, that she had already soaked the thin silky covering with her warm moist glaze.

As I investigated further, her distinct sweet aroma filled the air inviting me to orally probe the situation. Laying her down on the bed I propped a pillow underneath her bottom and tugged her saturated thong from her body. Dropping to my knees she instinctively spread her wings wide open to allow me to make an oral landing on her rising tide. I buried my face in her succulent estuary with my tongue skating across her cum-soaked platform. I made my around her tasty garden sampling as much as I could of her delicious delights. With the tip of my tongue I traversed along the ridge of one wet swollen lip and then the other while she squirmed in approval. Just a bit further due north I lightly tickled her clit while she placed her hands on my head to drive me deeper, which led to me suckling her clit between my lips with my tongue nibbling her throbbing knob as her pelvis rocked back and forth and up and down.

I finally skated around to her hot seeping crevice and dove deep down her hot horny hole while she howled with approval. Twisting and turning, fast and then slow, up and down and side to side, my ravenous tongue tantrically teased and pleased her as she moved closer to rapturous applause. Her body tensed as she dug her heels into the edge of the bed. Sensing the moment was ripe, I drove her over the edge and beyond as she erupted like a volcano spewing her warm thick lust lava all over her fertile field. Her hips were furiously thrusting into my face as I tried to keep pace with her orgasmic rhythm. Her moaning melody joyously filled the air as I tried to prolong her ejaculating ecstasy. My face was now awash in her sensual emissions as her river flowed so freely. Her succulent juices were running down between her thighs as she bucked her way to Cumfontein with me lapping up and slurping as much of the precious cargo as I could.

Once she had subsided the reality of how absolutely hard my cock was hit me. Standing up, I pulled her into the deep stick position and plunged my rock-hard member deep into soaking wet pussy and began pumping my shaft into her liquid filled well. There was a loud sucking noise and sensation as I pounded her tightening hole harder and faster. She blurted out, "Talk dirty to me", so I complied and told her how delicious her pussy was and how good it felt to drive my dick deep down her horny hole. For some reason all the dirty talk triggered something in her as she squealed "Fuck me, I'm going to cum." Without any further warning she did just that. What a ride with her squirming, squealing, and squirting like squirt gun filled with cum. A man can only stand so much, and with that I literally exploded as I pumped my payload into her heaving receptical. Great relief seized me while I continued plowing a furrow deep in her garden of lust. I left her with a nice big cream pie. Reaching down with a couple of fingers, she scooped her fingers in her oasis and drew then to her mouth then lustily she sucked my freshly delivered cream from her fingers and moaned "Mmm Mmm good".

Like all good things it finally came (literally) to an end!!! But one thing is for sure, I can't wait to take another holiday to Cumfontein!