Written by redbruce

05 Feb 2014

I had met and played with this couple a long time ago, maybe ten years back, at a different venue. In fact, my first MMF was together with them. We met up again last year when I saw them at my favourite site but in a different vehicle, thought it might be them, and went over for a chat.

At our new preferred site, when they are there they invariably park in the same place each time, in a very identifiable vehicle, usually in the late afternoon, and they said they sit there “reading and watching !”, checking out what goes on, while enjoying the view.

On this occasion I arrived at the site in the early evening, just as the sun was going down. The place was very quiet, seemed to be no-one there and nothing was happening. I parked next to the access road and switched off, to see if anything might transpire if I waited a bit.

About 10 minutes later, this couple drove in, and drove slowly past me. I recognised them from their vehicle, and expected them to carry on to park at their “regular” place. Instead, they slowed up, and parked only about 20 metres away under a big tree. Initially I watched them discreetly, hoping they might “play” for my viewing benefit. But there was no evidence of any activity or invitation. It all looked very quiet on their side.

I decided to go over and chat to them anyway, as I was sure it was them. I walked over, and stood at the husband’s (driver’s) door, and we chatted through his window. The daylight was fading fast, but it seemed to me that her breasts were exposed! She was just sitting there, while we were talking, her loose blouse pushed down, wearing no bra, and with her tits out on display! This was confirmed when he turned on the ignition to open her window further, and the blue light from the radio display illuminated her boobs. She didn’t play or tease in any way, just sat there talking.

We chatted for a bit, and my eyes were firmly fixed on her boobs despite the failing light. Soon a large Spotted Eagle Owl called in a high branch of the tree under which they were parked. He and I could both see the bird silhouetted against the sky, but she could not. I used this as a pretext to go around to her side, to point out to her where the owl was sitting, so that she could also see it.

And then we carried on chatting, with her exposed boobs right there, maybe 30cm away from my itching hands on the car’s window sill. In the conversation I asked if they ever “do anything naughty” when they come and park up here. She answered ‘Ek sit net hier en ontbloot. En ons kyk wat gebeur.’ I remarked – ‘I can see you are nicely exposed!’ I took this statement of hers to be an invitation to me to make the next move, and immediately started fondling her boobs, and her nipples hardened and enlarged under my touch. We had a long chat while I was continuously just stroking and playing with her boobs. I didn’t try and go any further. He watched all the time, and was part of the conversation, just adjusting himself occasionally, but had no further involvement or comment about what we were doing. They said they had recognised me as they drove in, and decided to park close by and see if I responded in any way. They did not in any case park in “their regular spot” when they came in at night, because it was quite dark and a bit remote up in that spot.

She explained that she was nervous about playing “in the open”, concerned about the possibility of cops or other undesirables arriving, hence keeping her door closed. She said that, if anything develops, they usually go off to their home, which is only about 10 minutes away.

‘We could go to our place now if you want to’, she offered! I had forgotten about the time; he turned the ignition on again so we could check the time on the dashboard clock (which of course again illuminated my hands fondling her boobs), and I realised it was already too late (we had already been chatting for over an hour), and I needed to make a move to get home. We then arranged that I would visit her at their home the following day at 14h00 (‘he gets home late these days’), and we checked that we had each other’s phone numbers etc.

The next day, I phoned her at about 13h30 to check if it was still okay to come over at 14h00. She said to rather make it later, get there about 15h00. So I killed time for an hour. While waiting, I received an sms, ‘come 15h20, by then the maid is gone’.

I arrived at the house, she was waiting for me on the stoep, the gardener was working outside, but the maid had gone. We headed inside, and she locked the security gate but leaving the front door open. Once out of sight of the gardener we greeted passionately and I immediately groped those delectable boobs again, and then we headed off to the bedroom. Again, she left the bedroom door open, ‘cause now the maid had gone. We undressed, sat on the edge of the bed and continued our foreplay while still chatting.

I asked her about her husband’s response to the events of the previous evening, to my playing with her boobs in his presence and to her inviting me to meet her at home. I asked what he would have done if I had sucked her nipples or tried to play with her pussy. She said he doesn’t mind, in fact he quite enjoys watching. She explained he is apparently taking medication for some condition, and often battles to get or maintain an erection. He is very happy for her to have fun without him, and he will sometimes watch and occasionally join in if they went back home with someone they met out on site. So I was feeling pretty comfortable with his attitude...

We lay back and got comfortable on the bed, me lying with my back to the doorway while facing her, and got serious with some extended foreplay. Suddenly she said out loud ‘ek wil nou naai’, pushed me over onto my back, and climbed on board and started riding like a cowgirl possessed. In that position, the bedroom door was hidden from my view behind her torso, but in any case my hands and eyes were firmly fixed on her swinging tits as she was riding my cock.

After a while I changed position slightly in order to improve the angle for better penetration, and while moving happened to look past her side in the direction of the door. And her husband was standing there watching us!! He tried to quickly retreat behind the door frame, but realised that he had been seen. He returned to the doorway, gave me a big smile and a double “Thumbs up”, and then disappeared from view. Neither of us said anything.

She continued riding me to completion, milking my load, and hopped off. I have no idea if he carried on watching us or not after I “caught” him. Lying back on the bed afterwards, I asked if she knew her husband had been watching us. She claimed she did not know he had come home. We cleaned up and got dressed, and found her husband seated in the lounge waiting for us. We sat and chatted a bit further, mostly about the vintage car in his back yard, but no-one mentioning his watching, and then I left.

Was I set up so that he could watch us and get his own pleasure that way? I think so! Looking back, I think they must have planned it that way. The delays to our start time would give him a chance to get home from work, her suggesting I leave the front gate open meant he could enter the property quietly, and her leaving the front and bedroom doors open all helped him have quiet and easy access. He knew we were going to be meeting. My vehicle was parked out in the front garden, so when he arrived he knew we were inside, and quite possibly busy having fun when he got there, and I’m sure he’d have let himself in very quietly…..!! Maybe he did just come home earlier from work than usual, without her knowing, and she was genuinely unaware that he was there, and he decided to watch quietly? In my view, more likely it was planned like that!!

I had no issue with being watched, and would in fact have welcomed him to join us if I had not been a bit preoccupied and not thought of it in time.

Either way, I heard afterwards that he apparently really enjoyed the view!! (and normally it’s ME that’s the one doing the watching!............)