Written by CUCK

05 Aug 2013

Last Friday evening, wife went out on a date with a guy we have been chatted to online for quite a while. She is a very sexy lady, 38 C, nice curvy figure, lovely smooth pussy. That evening, she was wearing a lovely short black dress dress, very classy, with no bra and the dress revealing her tits and a lovely sexy G- string. She specially wore a very daring red nail polish.

My wife left to meet her date in town at Kennedy's, when she reached there she messaged me to give me all the updates. They took a table and ordered some drinks. After having chatted her up for a while to get to know each other, he started making his advances and slowly his hands was caressing her hips under the table. No need to say the atmosphere was getting hot and the alcohol helping out they were both getting extremely horny. He slowly started kissing and he asked her to go and remove her panties in the ladies toilet and hand it over to him, which she executed quite willingly.

When she came back, the kissing game continued but this time he had a free way to her pussy which was evidently very wet. They eventually ended up to his apartment. He took hr to his bedroom where, he kissed her on the lips very slowly while stripping her of all her clothes, started on her boobs and all the way down to her juicy pussy. She eventally found out that he has a huge enormous cock, which he knew how to use.

Later that evening when she came back, i was eager to hear all the juicy stories.... but instead she greeted me with a long french kiss, and i could make up that her breath was smelling of his cum. Then she slowly unveiled all the happenings of the night. She told me how good was the guy and that he asked her out and she obviously accepted.

She told me that my fantasies of being a cuck is going to become a reality and that i would have to share her with her lover.