Written by bicouplejhb

11 Apr 2013

Okay so I thought ill start posting stories about our new adventure!

FYI iam a afrikaans male thought ill do it in english but please excuse my spelling...

We are a very young couple she turning 29 soon and me 28 we started the lifestyle about 2 years ago very slowly it started becaouse of bi cravings so we did the soft swing and every time there was some jealusy problems when we started I thought I will never share by very sexy wife...

As things progressed I really loved when the guys flirt with her and enjoy her company

I thought I will ask her (my wife) let's try a mmf 3some and I would love it to see her with another guy! She realy didn't like it she thought I don't love her and I want to share her so I left it and every once a month I will mention it especialy when we have sex, la ter she started saying that it may be a good idea so we got a guy over he was very much over her and couldn't handel it!

So a bit fight again I apoligised and said let's try again, so she started really enjoying the 3somes!

So we did that for maybe 8 months and she started to feel gilty (the amazing wife she is) and she said let's try full swing so the first full swing was not good because the couple we did it with was very experienced and the woman tool me from the bed away from my wife and we did on the couch so my wife did not like it at all so as straight forward as he is (which I love her for) she stopped everything.

The second full swing was almost the same

So I heard about cuckold and read up about it and I got a huge turn on so I told my wife and she at first she thought I want her to sleep with a guy alone and that will give me a ticket to say I wana do the same so it went pass and nothing come from it

Now a few months later she read up about the hole cuckold thing

So she said that it won't work for us because I don't have a small cock and iam not a yes mam thank u mam tipe of guy!

So I asked her that I want to meet guys and if their her type she can do what ever she want with them as long as she come back and tell me in detail what happend

So she was keen! Best moment of my life!

Iam going to be cucolded

So she started looking for guys! So much fun!

So iam going to end this by saying that she is out meeting her 4th guy for a meet and at this moment and I will tell more in the next story...