Written by garfield_kzn

23 Jun 2014

many cpls prefer to have cpls join for swinging fun

in between the lines you can see in some profiles a cuckhold husband

I got a mail from a Cpl in the midlands and we chatted a few times

he invited me up there for an eve .so I drive up in the mist

quite a place they have....double story with valley views

the fireplace was crackling and soon we had a few drinks

then she ordered him to go to his cave

I didn't know what she was talking about ..but could sense by his obedience something was coming

after a while of flirting and kissing she said I must follow her upstairs

the room was quite dark with a few candles flickering

in the corner was the man...on his knees ...with leather gear on

she took a horse whip off the shelf and hit him a few times asking '' whos my slave ?

I am ..he replied

wow I was a bit shocked

she started to undress and unzipped my pants

this all got me rock hard and my cock jumped out

she sat wide legged on a sofa and told the slave to lick her pussy while I stood next to her to suck my cock

she sucked real hard and greedily

the slave licked her cunt juices as she was very wet

she moved him aside with her foot and told me to sit on the couch

slowly she came to sit on me..sliding my rod into her dripping pussy

her leather bra had holes in for me to suck on her nipples

throwing her head backwards she rode me hard

I could hardly hold on as she bucked wildly

suddenly she stopped and got off

suck him you slave she ordered

clearly they did this before as he came closer and sucked on my cock

don't cum she shouted at me

by now she went to lie on her back on a pool table with pillows under her

cum fuck me now cowboy she said to me

in a flash my cock was in her pussy ramming home

no..in my ass she said rubbing oil on my cock

I entered slowly but she was ready for me

ram me she said fuck me harder

I obliged and rammed her as hard as I could ive never fucked a punk ass hole so much as then

she put a leather cock like object in her pussy moving it in and out as my cock was in her asshole

she curled a scream as she rocked to orgasm

my load was ready to go but she ordered me to pull out and cum on her slave

he was waiting for my cumload which I shot on his face

hell hot was all I could think of

I later learnt that she is a company director that runs a large corp

what a eve...

he went to sleep in another bedroom while we fucked more after she sucked me to life again

hope to visit them again soon