14 Jan 2017

I don’t often write about my experiences on the mega motor-yachts I crew on, simply because on most of the charters its only work work work, and very little happens regarding any "swinging" involving me (there are exceptions, and some of these are in my earlier diaries).

The main reason for this "lack of activity" is that the crew are usually only 6-10 people, with around 8 guests (this on a 50m yacht). Only when one gets to the massive 70m+ yachts do the numbers get to 20 guests and 30 crew (crew are usually more than guests) and most of the charters are on yachts between 45m and 65 m. This means that the crew are limited, and if one starts playing around it becomes known very quickly, and it can result in not being booked for that yacht again.

Of course, there are two possibilities for playing - other crew, and owners/guests. But both have problems - crew as above, and with owners/guests I would only do it if I was sure that it was not being done behind a spouse's back, so to speak. I would say that on 80% of charters, at some point or other one of the owners/guests makes a suggestion to me (and other female crew) that they play, but it's usually without the spouse's knowledge and it ALWAYS gets found out eventually - either during the charter or afterwards and always has a bad ending. (You can imagine how awkward it is on a yacht with, say 10 crew, where a wife finds out that her husband has been fucking a crew member, and that same crew member serves her breakfast every morning! Lots of plate-throwing and tears!)

However, on some charters, there is some playing, and this diary entry is about such a voyage.

I have also been asked what exactly I do on a yacht, so just for interest, let me explain.

A mega yacht, like any cruise ship, has essentially two groups of crew - on a cruise ship these are called the "hotel" crew and the "engineering" crew. Both groups report to the Captain ultimately. On a large vessel, the hotel crew reports via the purser or hotel GM, and the engineering crew via the First Officer. "Hotel" crew look after everything other than the actual running of the vessel, so typically Food & Beverage, Chef/kitchen, Housekeeping, Facilities, and Entertainment. I started out looking after Entertainment - meaning anything from the music systems on board, to things like the jet-skis, scuba equipment, skiing boats, speciality nights etc., through to on-shore entertainment like restaurant bookings, shore transport, booking of activities ashore, shore accommodation, etc.

Nowadays I tend to get booked to look after all of the "Hotel" crew and functions, and the various heads of function for the "hotel" report to me, and I report to the Captain.

The smaller the vessel, the more each crew-member does, the larger the vessel the more specialised each job becomes. So on the last 70m vessel there was a Dive Master, whose sole job it was to see to the scuba facilities and to lead dives, and a Maître d’hôtel who sole job it was to see to the presentation and serving of meals and drinks. On smaller vessels these positions don’t exist, but on the 70m vessel we were 32 crew in total with 20 guests.

Generally, the owner is not the charter client. The yachts are available for hire, and if you have the money (E300-400,000 per week!) depending on size and age etc.

So back to partying on a charter!

There is one charter I have done a few times on a 60m yacht based in Nice, France, mostly. It’s a very lucrative charter as the owner is then on board, and he knows how to spend, and he pays very well. The tips at the end are also huge (and in tax-free Euros!) so I do make myself available for that one.

In 2014 I got a message from "my" agents to ask if I was available for this yacht for a 2 week charter. I wasn’t sure, and said maybe. But they were insistent that the owner wants me to oversee the hotel, no one else. I asked why.

Hillary, the agent co-ordinator explained: "because the owner won't be on board most of the charter, only at the start for one day, then his son and friends arrive - the charter is a graduation present from the owner to his son - 2 weeks use of the vessel.

We will have minimum crew, as they are all young and we won't need a lot of the more "refined stuff" - basically just you, two cabin attendants, a chef and a helper, a porter/general helper, a dive master and maybe one or two more, but not everyone. Those on board will have to double-up roles, so you can do hotel and bars, cabin attendants can do suites and serve meals, etc. It will be a fairly relaxed charter - they are all youngsters in their mid-20’s".

"And it must be me because ……?"

"You have done three charters for him, and he wants you to keep an eye on things so that they don’t destroy the yacht or do stupid things. He feels they will listen to you because you come over as firm but fun, so there wont be a "macho" reaction if you say "no" or "stop it"."

I worked out the time away, told my au pair family that I would be gone for 2-and-a-bit weeks and got my stuff together. I travel so much that I have a complete duplicate set of toiletries, most lingerie, all my ship-gear like roster sheets, hygiene check sheets, and all my personal stuff like suntan block, caps, gloves, aprons etc. all ready-packed in a case. I just pack clothes and anything new, and I can be ready in an hour for two weeks overseas.

For most charters I do now, the client either pays directly for my airfare, or it’s built into my fee. This client I know likes to pay directly, so I got an email with the flight date and time, and a day later the ticket reference arrived. And happiness! He had booked me business class there and back!! I wrote a brief thank-you to him via the agent, flew out at night, ate like a pig and slept like a baby till we landed in Paris.

I love Paris - after Venice it is my favourite European city, and I love the French. I had time to spare, so I took a Metro train to Montmartre, walked around, went to the Espace Dali (museum), had lunch at a sidewalk boulangerie watching the people go by, and went back to Charles de Gaulle. Took a transfer flight from Paris to Nice, and a taxi to the vessel and got there before dark.

Signed on, found my crew-cabin and more joy! Because we were so few crew, and as the head of hotel, I had a cabin to myself! Normally, we sleep 4 to a crew-cabin in bunk-beds. So now I had 3 beds free!!

Checked all the duty rosters, sailing plan, etc., went up to the bridge to greet the Captain, and found it was my old friend Stavros Papadopoulos, a really nice man - hugely experienced, very calm and doesn’t try to act like he is the Captain of the USS Nimitz going to war. (He also is one of only two captains I have ever "played" with. I generally don’t because it’s not a good idea, but with him it just worked, and we were at that stage on a 2 month charter, and he and I was the only constant crew, the rest rotated.)

Had dinner with my crew who had by now arrived. One girl I knew, Stephanie, a German girl who was to do the housekeeping with a girl I didn’t know, Alexa, a British girl. The rest of my crew I did not know except for the dive master Joachim - a real lady’s man! Suave, tanned, fit, good looking, great personality – what’s not to like? He seems to have a girlfriend in every port, and they are all gorgeous.

(I once asked him how he communicates with all of them if they all speak different languages, to which he replied "the language of love is universal". I told him it wasn’t love it was lust, and he said "that's also universal!")

Early the next morning the owner (Carlos) arrived by helicopter. He and his wife (Luanne) came aboard, and after settling them in their owner's suite (it extends from one side of the vessel to the other with its own balconies, one each side!) we set sail for a day/night-cruise to nowhere. It was a glorious day, not too hot, not a cloud in the sky and no wind to speak of.

(Her name is not really Luanne - that’s the name she uses as a model. Her real name is Russian, and she told me once what it was. It’s unpronounceable, so I always call her Luanne anyway. It's Luankov……..a, can't recall the middle part, but it starts as though it is "Luanne"…))

Carlos spent some time on the bridge with the Captain, toured the yacht, went with the Engineer down to the engines, and then sat at the stern deck reading and sleeping.

Luanne spent the morning at the pool. The pool deck is the uppermost deck, and extends from over the bridge towards the stern, and its base, sticking out to the stern, forms the roof of the deck below to form a shaded stern deck area where the main outdoor area is. Luanne has a rule when she is on board , alone or with female friends, that the stairs to the pool deck have a barrier rope across when she is at the pool, and no male apart from Carlos may go up there - because…….. ta daa - she tans nude all the time, as do her friends.

Luanne called on the ship-phone to the galley which came through on my ship-phone that she wanted a bottle of Bollinger and a plate of salad. I got it out, set the tray, and went up to her. She was lying nude on a lounger under an umbrella, with a book. Luanne was apparently an international model (I asked my ex-GF (who is an international model herself) once whether she had heard of her, and she just rolled her eyes and said she was a prima-donna), but I have always found her to be very nice, to me anyway.

She is Russian, quite tall, long white-blond hair, and a figure any woman would love to have - slim but not thin, surprisingly large (for a model), firm up-tilted breasts, and the most elegant neck, arms and legs I have seen. She also has very unusual eyes - a sort of grey, and they seem to vary from very light grey in sunlight to a much darker grey at night depending on the light. And to say she has a beautiful face doesn’t do her justice - she really is stunning. Life isn’t fair sometimes! And her bum - like that of a young girl. Zero sag and she is not under 28 years old.

I opened the Bollinger for her, and poured a flute, and put the tray on a table near her. I checked that everything was okay there, and was about to leave when she asked me to sit for a moment and talk to her. She chatted as she spooned the caviar onto the little crackers, and sipped the champagne. We talked about all sorts of things, and eventually the conversation drifted towards men in general and her husband in particular. Now you need to bear in mind that she is Russian, and does not speak English very well, so I am not going to try and reproduce all the rather tortured syntax and grammar she used!

She had had quite a lot of the Bollinger by then, and was maybe more open than she would normally have been. She made some comment about Carlos being very good "under the sheets" which I assume is a Russian idiom translated! But I got the meaning.

I laughed and said, "well, he is a very attractive man," which is true. He is.

She looked at me. "So you like him, yes?"

Alarm bells went off in my head. If I say no, I am saying I don’t like her husband. If I say yes, I like your husband, is that not too intimate to say to a client?

"I think he is very nice - he has always been polite to me" I said, going for the middle ground.

"Yes, but do you LIKE him, as a woman?"

Okay, this was getting uncomfortable. Time to bring this to a stop.

"Luanne, I am not sure I understand you. What do you want to know, and why do you want to know it? What’s the problem? Have I done something wrong?"

"No, nothing is wrong. I don’t know how to say this. I don’t want you to be "serdityy", I don’t know the English. Crossed, angry?"

"You don’t want me to be angry with you?"

"Da. Not angry."

"Okay, say whatever you want, I won't be angry with you. I will keep whatever you say to myself."

"Okay. Will try. My husband really likes you."

"That’s great" I said.

"I really like you."

"Also great" I said.

"He wants to see me go to sleep with another woman, with you."

"WHAT??" I nearly fell off the chair. I wasn’t sure I had heard right.

"Your husband wants to see you sleep with me - as in have sex with me??"


You could have knocked me down with a feather. This was the LAST thing I thought she was going to say. I thought that she was building up to tell me about an affair or something, ask for advice.

"Now you are crossed."

"Cross. No, I am not. Just surprised. Are you serious"

She nodded.

"As a matter of interest, what makes you think I would sleep with a woman, any woman?"

And as I said it I knew - I had told him about Gabi! He had worked out that I was either lesbian or bi, hence the question.

"You say to Carlos that you have a girlfriend. I know her. I asked her. She is your girlfriend. So he knows."

I sat and thought about this for a minute while Luanne looked at me with her grey eyes.

"And you? Do you want to? Have you slept with a woman?" I asked her, buying time.

She blushed - "yes. I want to, and I have."

More Bollinger got swallowed.

"And Carlos wants to do what? Watch? Or join in?"

"First watch. Then if the woman will let him, join in."

I opened a Coke, put ice in the glass and poured it. Buying more time. I had two main concerns. First, would I get hired again after this, if I said yes or no, quite honestly? Second, Luanne knew Gabi. I wasn’t living in Venice anymore, and Gabi knew that things between Simon and me were getting serious, but how would she feel if she knew I had fucked another model? A guy she didn’t mind, but a girl was another story - or did this count as swinging, which she knew about and was OK with?

"Okay, I said. "I will if you want to. When?"

She sat bolt upright, her boobs bouncing (me battling to keep my eyes on her face).



"Must be tonight. We go tomorrow. May I tell Carlos?"

"You are going to have to tell him, or he will be a bit surprised to come to the suite and find me there."

"I will tell him now. Say he must come here."

I went down the steps, found Carlos in the lounge watching TV, and said that Luanne requested the pleasure of his company at the pool. (Not quite "tell him to come here"!).

I went about my job for the morning, not quite sure what to make of this. Carlos and Luanne were up at the pool for a while, and when he came down he looked at me, and I could see that she had told him that she had spoken to me - it was a long appraising look!

After I had seen to their lunch (a crayfish and mussel bouillabaisse), I sat in my cabin with Stephanie, my cabin assistant, and had my own lunch (egg and bacon sandwiches and Coke), and thought about the request.

I had a huge amount of work to do before the next day - we would return to port the next morning and Carlos and Luanne would leave, and the next morning his son and entourage would arrive, so there were cabins to be got ready, food stocks to be checked, bar to be stocked, pool towels to be unpacked and aired, etc., lots of work if we were going to have 10 or so guests on board for two weeks.

What I really wanted was a good night’s sleep, but the offer from Luanne was too intriguing to pass up. (Truth be told, I also was keen to play with her - she really is a stunning woman). If Carlos wanted to join, that was also fine, as long as it didn’t affect my future contract prospects. I would need to discuss this with him first.

While I was in the galley checking on dinner arrangements, Carlos called me on the ship's phone. (Maybe I should mention how that works. There is a central phone system. You can either dial a place (phone the pool-deck) or a person (phone Tammy), or do an all-places call. All the crew have a small phone with them at all times, and can be called. It also acts as an emergency system, and can be used as a voice pager, when all the carried phones and the wall-phones will not ring but "talk", for example "fire on deck 2 aft", so that everybody hears it and can go to their assigned emergency station. The biggest danger on a ship is not sinking, that's quite unusual, it's fire, and we are paranoid about open flames and electrical equipment malfunctions. It is an instantly dismissable offense for crew to leave a lit cigarette unattended, for example.)

I went to Carlos, who was in his owner's suite, reading a book.

He put it down when I came in, and indicated to me to close the door and sit on an easy-chair.

He looked at me for a minute without saying anything.

"So, Luanne tells me that she has spoken to you?"

"Yes, she has."

"And you understand what it is she said?"

"Yes" I said, "you want to see Luanne and me have sex with each other, and you want to join in with both of us." I said the whole arrangement at once to make sure that I HAD in fact understood her.

"Yes. And you are okay with this?"

"Yes, with a request and a concern."

"What are those?"

"The request is that you use a condom, with me anyway. The concern is that this may make you feel awkward about using me for a charter in future - you may feel ill at ease, or that I am a risk in terms of publicity."

He looked at me intently, silent for a moment. In the suite I could hardly feel the vibration of the engines, and the sound-proofing was absolute - it was like a vault, it was so silent. None of the normal ship-board noises of the crew moving around, the galley, the fountain, could be heard.

"The condom is fine. I will use one for you. The rest - if I felt you were a risk, I would not have asked you."

His eyes went cold, and I suddenly saw a side to him that I imagine his business partners would not want to see.

"As for publicity - let's just say that it would not be a good idea, not if you want a long and happy life." His face was expressionless. "Besides" he smiled, but only his mouth did, not his eyes "you have crewed for me on three occasions, and on every one I have asked you about who was on other charters you have done, which guests my competitors had on board and I learned exactly nada. You are one of the few women I know who can keep silent. And I will hire you for my charters regardless of whether you had said yes or no. You are excellent at your job, I trust you and can rely on you, and that’s the only criteria."

"Okay, then that’s out of the way. Where and when do you want to meet?"

"Why don’t you join us for dinner in this suite at 7. We can take it from there."

(The owner’s suite has its own little dining area for 4 next to the starboard balcony.)

I left, and didn’t see either of them again, other than when Joachim took Luanne for a ski lesson with the RIB and I took towels down to the sea-deck area where she was putting on her lifejacket. Joachim was assisting her with this, and I noticed that he seemed to be having difficulty with the buckles over her breasts - it necessitated much adjusting and fiddling, it appeared, his hand of course touching her breasts over her bikini as he worked.

I shook my head at him, and he winked over her shoulder, and the buckles seemed to be fixed quite quickly then.

At 6 I told my staff I would be off duty for the night, and gave Stephanie my keys. Since I would be with the owners, and they were the only non-crew on board, there was not going to be any request for anything for the night!

I went to my cabin, showered and shaved everything, and sat on the bunk naked, wondering what to wear. I didn’t have all that many non-work clothes with me, as I only really wear that when we are off duty in port - the rest of the time, 18 hours a day, I am on duty and dressed for work in my uniform.

I found a red and gold summer dress, quite short, which gave my boobs a nice shape I thought, and white sandals. I put on my gold bangles which Simon gave me for a birthday present the year before, and small diamond earrings. No point in trying to compete with Luanne - her engagement ring is a 5 carat pink diamond and she has more jewellery in her safe on the yacht than many jewellers would have in their shop.

I went up on deck to tell Stavros that I would be dining with the owners tonight. (He has to know at all times where his immediate subordinates can be found). He looked at me, whistled, and made a face as only a continental man can when admiring a girl.

"Behave yourself, Tamara" he said with a smile.

"Don’t I always?" I asked.

"No, that’s what I like about you" he said, patting my bum as I turned to leave the bridge.

I knocked on the suite door at exactly 7. Carlos opened the door, and showed me in. It was strange to be "shown" into a room which I had been in and out off all day doing my work, but now here as a guest. Odd.

Luanne was on the port balcony, sitting at the little table with a cocktail in her hand. Carlos offered me a drink, and I had a mineral water.

"Cheap date" he said handing me the glass.

I laughed - "no, I order the most expensive food to make up for it."

Luanne came inside. To say that she looked good is like saying the Taj Mahal is quite a nice little building. She had on a royal blue one piece jump-suit, skin-tight, with a very wide zipper down the front, which was open to her tummy, her boobs on show. There was no panty line on show, so no panties! Just a slight camel-toe. Her white-blonde hair was up-styled and she had on a pair of dangling diamond pendant earrings, which would have paid for my house in Johannesburg and a new car.

Her slim neck and high Slavic cheekbone with her grey eyes made her impossible not to look at.

We air-kissed and went to sit at the couches near the balcony on the other side of the suite.

It was a bit awkward at first, I will admit that. I think both Luanne and I felt a bit odd, knowing that the purpose of the evening was for us to fuck each other while Carlos watched, and then probably get fucked by him. Still, no different to a normal MFF, I guess, and I have had a lot of those over the years. Once I thought of it like that, it felt better.

We ate at 7.30 (dinner not exactly a surprise, as I had planned it)

After dinner, we were sitting again in the lounge. Carlos went to the bar to get a cognac. Luanne had sat on the two-seater couch, presumably so that Carlos could sit next to her, but I went and sat next to her instead, to her surprise. When Carlos turned around, he seemed a bit surprised himself, but then I think quite quickly saw what I wanted.

We talked a while, and I casually put my arm around Luanne’s shoulder, stroking her neck. She almost purred like a cat, so I ran my nails up to her hairline, and back down her spine, which she seemed to love. I played with her neck and the side of her face a bit, making her feel "loved". She was silent, her eyes looking straight ahead.

I looked at Carlos, and motioned with my head to the lights. He got it immediately, and pressed the remote to dim them. Luanne glanced at him when the lights dimmed, but said nothing. I took her face in my hands, and turned her head to face me. Holding her lightly I kissed her on her mouth. Her lips were closed at first, but as my tongue touched them she opened her mouth, and let me French-kiss her. She had soft lips, and I smelled her perfume as I kissed her. We kissed for a while - she was a good kisser, and I could feel that we were both getting turned on. Luanne had turned to face me more, and as we kissed I cupped my hand over her breast, then letting my nail slide over it till I felt her nipple rise.

Still facing each other on the couch, I felt her put her hand on my thigh. My dress had ridden up from turning like that to face her, and my left thigh was almost bare to my bum.

Her hand lingered a moment on my thigh, then went under the hem of my dress, stroking the side of my bum, pulling the skirt even more up. I pulled the zipper of her jump-suit more down, and slid my hand under it, feeling her boob, bare now. Her nipples were rock hard, and as I touched them she moaned slightly, still kissing me.

I got up, and stood in front of her. Holding her hands, I pulled her to her feet. I kissed her again for a moment, and then stood back. I lowered her zipper all the way to where it ended at her waist. Then, peeling the jump-suit off her shoulders, I pulled it gently down. Her firm breasts stood out, nipples erect. When I got to her waist, I found I was right - no panties!

I pulled the suit over her slim hips, and down to her ankles. Then I helped her to sit back down. Kneeling in front of her, I pulled the jump-suit first off one leg and then off the other. She was now naked on the couch in front of me.

Facing her, I reached behind my back and unzipped my dress, and let it slide down me, then stepped out of it.

I had a bra and panties on, so I turned to face Carlos.

He hadn’t moved from his chair, his drink in his hand. He looked at me, and I held his gaze as I unclipped my bra in front. Looking at him, I slow lowered the bra - "daring" him to break my look and look at my breasts. He did after a few seconds, a smile on his face.

Still looking in his eyes, I did the same with my panties without making it look like a cheap striptease. It was just me undressing, looking at him, normal speed.

As soon as he could see my pussy he looked at it, ignoring my eyes. When he looked back at my face I smiled, and faced Luanne.

She was also watching me, nude, and her legs together.

I kneeled in front of her, and parted her knees. Her pussy was so cute - like a young girl, just a slit with slightly puffy lips on a mound. I leaned closer, and touched her slit with my tongue. She opened her legs more, and I began to lick her slit from top to bottom. She squirmed slightly as I parted her lips with my tongue. She was very wet already, and when I touched inside her lips she was slick and slippery, and my tongue felt the warmth of her slightly swollen lips.

Her pussy was really smooth - she can’t have much hair at the best of times, as there was no sense of rougher skin alongside her pussy.

I stood, picked up my handbag, reached for her hand and led her to the bedroom. Carlos stood and followed, taking a chair from the corner and pulling it to the side of the bed, close to the bed. He wasn’t going to miss a thing, it seemed. She lay on her back on the bed, and I lay next to her, but as soon as I lay down she crawled around to lie upside down to me.

I felt her lift my upper leg, so I bent my knee, and she did the same. Our tongues touched each other's pussy at the same time. She licked my slit hard, and then I felt her insert a finger, while licking my clit. It was very sensual lying there like that, her slim hard body next to mine. I felt her mouth moving all over my pussy, then her tongue going deep into me.

We lay like that for quite a while, just content to pleasure each other.

I sat up, and so did Luanne. Reaching into my handbag, I took out a large vibrator in a sealed bag, opened it, and pushed her gently down on her back.

I sat next to her and parted her legs, she bent her knees and I switched it on. It hummed softly as it vibrated at its slowest setting. Placing it above her clit, I rested it there and let the vibrations pulse through her. She reacted immediately, moving her pelvis from side to side a little. I waited a moment, and then let it touch her clit very lightly. She gasped and pulled on her nipples, her legs now spread wider. Letting it go lower, I slid it along her slit, letting the head part her lips. She was very wet from me already, her lips puffy and gleaming. When I got to the middle of her slit I slid it a little way into her, and then turned the rotating head on. The vibrator moved in my hand as the head encountered the sides of her pussy. It was only a little way in, where the pussy is most sensitive. (There are no nerve endings deeper in the pussy - otherwise childbirth would be impossible!)

She lifted her hips to meet the vibrator movement, and I slid it deeper in. Once it was all the way in, and it's a very big vibrator, I started to move it in and out, all the way in, all the way out. Faster and faster, like a guy fucking her. She pushed up hard and fast now, wanting it to drive into her. I saw her breath coming hard and fast and I pushed lightly low down on her tummy to increase the sensation of the vibrator. Suddenly she jerked her hips up, clutched at her boobs and cried out as she came, her body quivering as I kept the vibrator going in and out. Slowly her body subsided and she relaxed as I took the vibrator out.

I watched her carefully.

Like a man, a woman goes through four stages when having an orgasm - relaxed, aroused, plateau, and climax. But unlike a man, after climax she goes back to plateau for maybe 1 or 2 minutes, and stays there. If you start stimulating her again, she will climax again and then go back to plateau. Wait a minute, stimulate, and another climax. A guy goes all the way back to relaxed after climax with no stopping. A woman can climax 10 or 15 times like that. Just don’t let her wait too long after climax to start again, or she will go back to relaxed like a guy.

As soon as Luanne’s breathing was more settled, I started again with the vibrator, going straight into fairly rapid insertions. She immediately began to respond, her hips jerking, and in less than a minute came again, just as much.

I let her settle for a minute, and then did it again. Five times, and each time she came just as much.

The sixth time I let it build up slower, keeping her at the edge - as she started to cum, I slowed down, waited, then speeded up. I wanted to see whether what I thought might happen would. Sure enough after 2 or 3 such changes I let her get back to orgasm, and as she came, a flood of liquid gushed out of her, squirt after squirt as I kept the vibrator going.

When she settled, she pulled my hand away from her pussy. The bedding was wet, as were her thighs and my hand. She lay back, panting, reached for me and pulled me to her, kissing me and hugging me.

I looked over at Carlos. He was entranced, staring at us. He had pulled his pants open, and was masturbating himself. I smiled at him, and he stood up, took off his shirt, shoes and pants, and stood naked looking at us. I had not seen him nude before of course - he is quite stocky, broad shoulders and a muscular body, quite hairy.

His cock was rigid, and big, a nice length and thickness, circumcised, the head purplely against the darker colour of his cock and balls. He had shaved his cock and balls, but not more, so the full length stood out clearly.

Luanne watched him as he stood there, her hand on her pussy.

Carlos stood next to the bed, his hand on his cock. He sat next to me and fondled my boobs. His hands were surprisingly hard for a guy who did not do manual labour, his fingers large and thick, a huge signet ring on his baby-finger on his right hand, and a diamond and gold wedding ring on his left hand. The thick rope gold chain around his neck nestled in his chest hair.

He reached with his other hand between my legs, as I sat next to Luanne. I was sitting with my legs tucked under me, and I now sat cross- legged. His thick finger touched my pussy - wet and exposed. He ran his finger up and down my slit, then slid the finger into me, going deeply at once. He had a nice touch - his fingers on my nipples were firm but not sore, and in my pussy he was deliberate but not rough. Luanne was watching his finger in my pussy, lightly stroking her own slit.

I put my hand on his cock. It was rock-hard, and big. I stroked it from top to bottom. Luanne sat up, crawled around me to in front of Carlos, and put his cock in her mouth. I kept my hand on his cock, feeding it into her mouth as I masturbated him, careful not to bump her lips with my hand.

Carlos took his hands away, walked to the bedside table and took a few condoms out and a tube of gel.

Walking back he was going to put one on, but I held out my hand for it. I took it, opened it and he stood in front of me. I rolled the condom down his cock, and looked at him when it was on to see what he wanted to do.

He got onto the bed, and gently pushed me onto my tummy, then lifting my hips he guided me onto my hands and knees, doggy-style. Moving to behind me, his hand again probed my pussy, thrusting in me, making me wetter and wider.

Then I felt the head of his cock at the outer lips of my pussy. I felt for it between my legs and moved a bit to guide it in. Once in, he moved slowly, letting it slide all the way in. It was big - not enormous, but bigger than average, and it felt very nice indeed.

He began to thrust in and out, nice long firm strokes, his hands on my bum, pulling me towards him.

Luanne was still in front of me. I pushed her to lie on her back, her legs towards me, and open her legs. Leaning forward, I put my mouth on her pussy and licked her slit. She immediately opened her legs as wide as she could, her lips parted, flushed and slick. I couldn’t use my hands because I was supporting myself with them, but she kept her pussy close enough for me to be able to mouth her firmly.

Carlos was fucking me faster, and harder, his body slamming into mine. He took one hand off my bum, reached around under my tummy and felt for my pussy. Putting his hand over my clit, he rubbed across it rapidly. He was good! He knew what aroused a woman. As he fucked he rubbed on my clit. I felt it go hard and sensitive, as he drove his hips more upwards so that his cock hit on my g-spot.

I panted as I felt an orgasm start, and it came very quickly, surging through me. I slammed back at him as I came, and his pumping reached a crescendo. I came for ages and he kept going, never slowing down until I stopped, exhausted. I had stopped eating Luanne as I came, unable to concentrate on both Carlos and her.

When I had finished cumming, she sat up, kissed me long and deeply on my mouth, and slid to lie next to me.

Carlos took his cock out of me, and sat back on his haunches, looking at me. I rolled onto my back and smiled at him.

"That was great, Carlos" I said.

"It was my pleasure," he replied.

He moved over to Luanne, and lifted her onto her hands and knees as he had done with me.

Taking the condom off, he massaged her pussy from the back, thrusting a finger into her. Then he reached for the gel, opened it, and rubbed some on his cock, then on her bum, working it into her arsehole with one finger. She parted her knees a bit more, and he worked the finger round and round, relaxing her arsehole.

When she was ready, her arsehole gaping a bit, he put the head of his cock at the puckered entrance of her arse, and slowly pushed it in. He went in without too much difficulty, and soon was almost all in her.

With gentle, firm movements he began to fuck her in her arse, now going all the way in. She was gasping, grunting each time he got all in. As she got more used to it, he went faster. I sat next to her and pulled on her nipples with one hand, and on her pussy with the other.

Carlos started jerking his cock faster in her arse, then gripped her bum and pulled her hard to him as he came. He kept thrusting, cumming more and more in her arse.

Eventually he stopped, waited a moment, and withdrew his cock. Luanne stayed like that for a while. I moved around to give her some space, and as I did so I saw a thin line of cum dribbling out of her arsehole.

She lay on her tummy, and then rolled onto her back.

I lay next to her, also on my back, holding her hand.

Carlos was still kneeling at the foot of the bed at our feet, his cock not yet soft.

"The two of you lying there like that must be every man's wet dream" he said with a laugh.

We sat, naked, in the bedroom for a while, and then, still naked, went to the lounge.

Carlos's cock was not fully soft, but thick and hanging down, powerful looking.

We sat there a while, and then got up, showered and dressed. Carlos wanted to watch us shower, so we soaped each other from head to toe, including boobs, bum and pussy.

He was hard again by the time we were done!

When we had finished showering, we got dressed in the bedroom while he showered.

"That was very nice," said Luanne, putting on a gown while I got into my clothes.

"It was," I said. "Are you guys going to come on deck now or what?"

She laughed. "No, not for a long time. Carlos is now excited. He has seen you and me fucking and will be horny all night. He will want sex three or four times before morning. That is why I let him use my rear. He can fuck my front next; it's not sore. Then later in my mouth. Otherwise I get too sore if he wants to fuck four or five times in my pussy in one night."

It looked like Luanne was in for a long night!

I said goodbye to them both, gave Carlos a kiss, and Luanne a long deep kiss, and went to my cabin to get some well-earned rest!