Written by JoeArc

07 May 2017

My wife and I decided to go to Croatia for our ten year wedding anniversary last year June. Our tour were made up by seeing all tourist attractions inland and then spend some leisure time on the outlining islands.

I did a lot of research about the country and also found that there were quite a bit of nude beaches near the areas we were planning to visit. I discussed this with my wife and she said she was not so comfortable with the idea of being nude amongst strangers but she is willing to see how it goes if we should come to a nude beach. I bought her a very sexy bikini with a g-string bottom for the trip. I left all expectations at home and we had a real nice trip enjoying the sights and each other...

We visited beaches at the coastal town we toured and encountered a lot of topless women. My wife sunbathed topless but only laying on stomach, so never showing her boobs or walked around topless on the beach. We transferred to an island for three nights and decided just to relax as we were done with sightseeing etc. We booked into a beautiful hotel with friendly staff on the island and the weather was just superb. We unpacked and put on our bathing suits and went down to the beach. Is was a beautiful beach and were quite crowded but with a very laid back atmosphere. We put down our towels and went for a walk on the stretched beach. At the end there were some rocky boulders and as we passed them we saw there was a small rocky beach area, with a lot of nudes! My wife froze and just smiled and said ok so this is it then. We walked for a couple meters more and realized it was only nude men walking and laying about so my wife said she'd rather spend the day on the other side so we moved back to our towels and stretched out to enjoy the sun. We noticed quite a lot of topless women.

My wife untied het top and basked in the sun. I also laid on my stomach fiddling with my cellphone. After a couple of minutes my wife said she wants to go for a swim and got up. At first I thought se forgot about her top but then realized she is going swimming topless! I immediately got up and joined her. We swam for a long time and my wife frequently pressed up against me and I loved the feeling of her naked breasts and hard nipples. More people came down to the beach and it started to become quite crowded. We noticed a young couple took up their spot close to us. I immediately noticed how beautiful the girl was. Long black hair, tanned smooth skin and a body like a model. We sat in the sun drying and watched the couple. We thought them to be in their twenties and it seemed that they were definitely on honeymoon. The guy was also very handsome, dark hair and well built. To my delight the girl took off her top and started rubbing lotion on her front. The guy then offered to put it on her back and I saw his hands wandering to the front and he grabbed her breasts. She got up and also put lotion on him. She had beautiful breasts, young and perky with nice dark nipples. After that se laid on her back next to the guy and I admired the view. On the one side of me my wife and on the other side the beautiful young girl. My wife noticed me watching and grinned and said I must enjoy the view. I started getting a hard on and turned on my stomach. A short while after my wife pumped me on the arm and pointed in the direction of the couple. They were entangled in each others arms and kissing passionately. My wife giggled as we could clearly see the guy is having a huge erection in his shorts! They stopped and got up and walked to the sea to cool off, the guy not bothering about his clearly visible boner. We smiled about the show we had and my wife said she was also hot after that and we went to take a dip. The couple went out before us and as we walked back to our towels the girl laid spread out on her back like a starfish taking up the sun. My imagination ran wild as I wonder what her pussy looked like under her bikini bottom? The guy clearly looked at my wife and I could see my wife appreciated the handsome guy checking her out. We stayed a bit longer and went back to the hotel. My wife was clearly turned on after the events on the beach and she immediately undressed as we enter the room and laid spread out on her back. I went down on her sucking her whole pussy in my mouth. She moaned with pleasure and I entered her and fucked her as hard as I could. At dinner the evening the waiter mentioned that we must visit one of the nearby smaller islands as it will be much quieter there. He mentioned that nudist frequented the island and that is was a great place for snorkeling. He gave directions to a water taxi we could use. We decided to go there the next morning.

After breakfast we left for the water taxi. We got on and there was two other couples on the taxi as well. The older couple was German and they were going to different island as what we planned. The other couple was from Australia and they were going to the same island as us. We immediately clicked and chatted about our countries and sport. They were the same age as us and not married but been a couple for long time. The girl was also beautiful with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a slim build. The guy had blond hair and average build and we soon found that they were keen on sport. She being a volleyball player and he a cricket player. We first stopped to drop off the German couple and then arrived at our island.

It was a small uninhabited island, only four kilometers in diameter. There was a small beach cafe were the taxi stopped. Some people laid around the shore at the cafe. The Aussies said they are going to have breakfast at the cafe and we decided to hit the beach immediately. It was about a ten minute walk to the beach area. It was a beautiful stretch of beach mainly consisting of small pebbles and rocks. The beach was roughly six hundred meters in length. We walked down and noticed a family with the mom topless, an elderly couple and one nude male further off. We dropped our stuff and immediately went into the water to cool off. To my surprise and pleasure my wife had her g-string bikini on! I admired her sexy ass as we went into the water. I suggested that we move to the end of the beach as it will be much more private and quieter. The beach ended with a big rocky boulder and some smaller boulders with a nice tree line at the top. We settled in between the boulder and smaller boulder about seventy meters from the sea. We settled and I decided this is it I'm going naked and dropped my shorts and placed it over the boulder to dry. My wife looked at me and said she is glad I'm doing this but she is only going topless as she took off he bikini top. I was happy with this as she now only had her skimpy bottom on. She stood in front of me ass a put sun lotion on her back. My hand moved down to her ass as I placed lotion on them ass well. She turned and asked me to do the front as well. I gladly obliged and as I rubbed her perfect breasts started to get a hard on! I decided to cool off and grabbed my snorkeling gear and hit the water. The sea life was beautiful and abundant. I looked back to my wife as she laid in the sun reading. I thought this was life! I enjoyed the free feeling of swimming in the ocean naked and decided to get out.

To my amazement I saw my wife standing topless talking to a man and a woman! I could see they had back packs and were clearly here to spend the day on the beach. I saw my wife was quite relaxed and pointed to me in the sea as she waved to me. Both of the waved and I waved back while making my way out. Bit awkward as I was naked! No hiding or turning back so I walked out on the beach, all eyes on me! As walked closer I recognized the two as the young couple we saw yesterday! The girl fiddled in her bag and reached for her phone that rang as I came close. She moved off a couple of meters to talk. I introduced myself to the guy and he informed us that they were from France and here on honeymoon. I stood still naked dripping wet and chatted to the guy about their travels and experiences. He asked if we would mind if they take up a spot close by and we agreed that they can join us. He placed their stuff on the ground and unpacked and in an instant took off his shorts without hesitating. He was well build and well tanned all over. His penis was of normal size and well formed. He was not clean shaven as I was but just trimmed on the hair line. I reached for my cap and sun glasses and he offered us a cold beer he bought at the cafe when we arrived. We gladly accepted and there we were standing on an exotic island beer in hand two naked men with a hot semi naked wife in the middle. He apologized for his wife that was still on the phone as she had to confirm reservations or something. His English was not to bad and we could make conversation. I leaned over to my wife and asked if she enjoyed the view and she confirmed that she certainly did!

His wife finished talking and walked over to us. I shook her hand as we greeted and I could see her eyes wondering down to my manhood as she smile. Her husband said something in French as she started to take off her shirt and shorts. My heart started pounding as I wondered if she was going to strip naked. She had a bikini on and took off her top immediately. She reached for lotion in her bag and started putting that on her husbands back. She worked her way down to his ass as he started putting lotion on in front. I asked my wife to do my back as well as he started doing his wife's back. She turned to him placed her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. As she moved to her towel we noticed he had a massive erection. He did not have a care in the world and stood there with his manhood erect. My wife did not really know where to look or what to do but I told her just to act normal as if nothing happened. He had some excess lotion on his hands and asked me if he could maybe put it on my wife's back? I almost started giggling at the face of my wife as she turned pale and downed the last bit if her beer. I said I don't have a problem it is up to her? She looked at me and with a creaky voice said it is fine. He walked to her still fully erect and started doing her shoulders. His wife was laying on her stomach and said something to him in French while she smiled. He replied and also smiled and she handed me the lotion pointing in his direction. I handed him the lotion and he placed some more on his hands working my wife's back. His erection was now full and his foreskin pulled back exposing his swollen purple head. I could see the tip of his penis touching my wife's butt cheeks as he rubbed the lotion on her. He finished and she thanked him and he replied with a hug pressing my wife hard against him. I could see his penis pressing hard against her stomach. I was a bit taken aback by this but then thought what the hell we are in Europe after all. My wife's nipples were hard as he released her and I decided not to say anything. He walked over and laid next to his wife. We also laid on our towels and chatted and enjoyed the sun. I developed a bit of a semi hard on after all the excitement and turned on my stomach.

The girl got up and asked if anyone was keen on joining her for a swim as she tied her hair in a pony tail. I could not get up as I had a bit of a semi. My wife got up and said she will join. The girl responded something in French and as I turned my head towards her se dropped her bikini bottom. I almost gasped at the sight, absolute perfection. Here stood a beautiful girl about two meters away from me naked with her perfect shaved pussy in clear sight. My penis was fully erect by this sight. She looked at my wife and said : "Join, take off" I looked at my wife and without hesitation she took her g-string off. The French couple (and I) smiled at the sight. My wife standing there naked with her also cleanly shaved pussy on display for all to see and enjoy. The two women walked down to the sea chatting and took a swim. The guy offered me another beer and I turned around with my erection in full display. He smiled at the sight and immediately complimented me on my size and we drank to that! We sat looking at the women in the sea drinking sipping our beer. I saw he also had an erection again and I could see that I was slightly bigger than him. I laid back resting on my elbows as the women approached us. The French girl smiling wide at the sight if the two boners on the beach! My wife hit back and said that she was glad we enjoyed the view. The women placed themselves on the towels to dry.

The girl turned to me and asked if I would join her to go snorkeling and if she could use my wife's gear. My wife hander her mask and snorkel to her and I grabbed mine. I kissed my wife goodbye and she gave a gentle stroke over my penis when I turned away. My penis felt if it was going to explode at any moment. I walked down to the sea with the girl next to me. She made no attempt to hide the fact that se was looking at my penis. She slipped and I instinctively reached to grab her. She lost her balance a bit and fell towards me and I held her up. She pressed against me and I felt my penis touching her shaved pussy area. She recovered her balance and thanked me by giving me a hug. She opened her arms and flung them around my neck and pressed her naked body hard against mine. I felt her nipples press hard into my chest and her pussy area against my penis. I took my left hand and placed it on the middle of her back and my right hand on her lower back. I slowly slid my right hand down to her ass and stroked it gently. She pressed harder into me. What was only a matter of seconds felt like an eternity. We parted and continued walking. At the water we adjusted gear and I looked back at my wife who was waving at us. The guy busy talking in his phone. I noticed that the rest of the beach was still quiet and no extra people came in.

We snorkeled and I must admit I enjoyed the view! I did not really had an interest in the sea life but more in this beautiful mermaid next to me. We stayed close together. My erection faded a bit but a kept a keen eye on the pussy in front of me. We stopped from time to time catching our breath. At one stage she saw something and wanted to draw my attention to it and grabbed for me and grabbed me (accidentally?) by the penis. It was shallow at that point and I could just stand. She turned towards me not releasing her grip. She could not stand and floated and looked at me smiled and gently let go. There was a floating platform further out. Something quite common in Croatia is a plastic circular platform they anchor at the bottom for people to climb on, as the sea is very calm the device stays intact.

We swam to it and hanged onto the sides. We placed our gear on the platform and as there is no footing you must lift yourself onto the platform. She struggled and I moved towards her and pushed her up. I got a firm grip on her ass and pushed up as she lifted herself. She threw her one leg on the side of the platform, almost in a split position. My hand slipped and my fingers ran over her split pussy opening her pussy lips. She made a squeaking sound of excitement. I apologized and she said no need to apologize. I got on and we sat on the platform. She faced me resting on her arms behind her. She opened her legs wide, closed her eyes en threw her head back enjoying the sun. The wet naked perfect body was inviting. We chatted about the previous day and she said they saw us looking at them and that made them extremely horny. I once again got an erection. She smiled and said that se really liked my cock. I drop of water ran from her breast down to her belly button, out down her pussy. She arched her back from the sensation and reached for her pussy with her one hand. She gently stroke the wetness from her pussy while she spread even more in front of me. She was facing the shore with her back and I looked over her shoulder to see my wife and the guy strolling on the beach. She took her middle finger and pressed it deep up her pussy opening her mouth slowly and breathing heavily. My wife stopped and waved at us, I waved back and the girl got up and waved back at them. They were quite a way of but we could clearly recognize them. The turned and walked back to our spot. She sat next to me facing the shore and suddenly she placed her hand on my hard dick and started stroking it. She enjoyed how my cock felt in her hand and I took my finger and put it in her pussy working her clit gently. She started moaning took her other hand and took my other finger and pressed it into her pussy. She worked me well and I came, shooting my load in the sea and some dripping on her hand. She smiled and leaned over to me and placed her head on my shoulder.

I saw a couple walking down to the beach and we sat chatting watching them in the distance. I was happy, very happy. Here I was on a beautiful island and just got wanked off by a beautiful girl and my wife is also enjoying the moment with a nude young French guy. We could see that the girl from the couple who walked down came into the sea and it seemed that she was swimming straight at us. She swam very good and made good strokes towards us. When she was close se lifted her head and recognized her as the Australian girl we met on the taxi earlier. She recognized me as well and greeted and asked if she can join us. We helped her up and she had her bikini on. I introduced her to the French girl and they started chatting. The Aussie complimented us on our nakedness and the French then said she must give it a go as this is a renowned nude beach. She said the words : "When in Rome do as the Romans" and she took her bikini off. She was very athletically build with medium sized boobs and small rosy nipples. Her pussy was not clean shaved as she had a small strip of fine hair in the middle. She had a small piercing in her clit. The Aussie asked about our partners and we pointed in their direction. I invited her to come and join us and the French girl also welcomed this gesture. We jumped in the water and the Aussie said she is first coming with us to greet the others. She flung her bikini over her arms and we swam to shore.

When we walked up to our spot my wife was laying on her stomach with the French guys sitting on top of her giving her a massage. I did not mind as I had fun and felt my wife deserved some ass well. His wife called his name and he got up, once again fully erect! The Aussie girl giggled at the sight and introductions were made. My wife got up and the Aussie hugged her in a warm hello. We made small talk when my wife asked about her boyfriend and the girls decided the three of them are going to walk over to him naked and call him over. The French and I watched from the distance as the Aussie got up and could not believe his eyes. His girlfriend grabbed his pants and pulled it off jokingly! They walked over to us and we laughed and greeted one another.

The Aussie guy had long thin dick with quite a huge head and his hair trimmed. We chatted and just stood around naked while the women laid in the sun. The Aussie said that they could not see us at all at this spot between the rocks. They also bought beer and they handed them out. We drank them and all decided to go for a swim. The Aussie had a ball and we all played with it in the water. We decided to have a bull fight so each male must have a girl on his shoulders and then try to get the others off balance. We decided not to pick partners and split up. So my wife got onto the French guy, the French girl on the Aussie guy and the Aussie girl on me. I felt her pussy lips push against the back of my neck and the piercing pressed against my neck giving her a warm sensation. We fought and the Aussie and French won. The French girl was so happy that she flung her legs around the Aussie and her arms around his necks and gave him a thank you kiss. All the girls followed and thanked their partner in the same way. Needless to say al of us men had an erection. We walked out of the sea our manhood in the air.

When we got our towels the French couple started kissing. The kissing lead to touching. We all stood watching. The guy went down an laid on his back. The girl on top of him kissing intensely. I did not know if I must watch of what? We all watched, all men stiff and the girls wet. The French girl turned around facing us as he took his cock and pushed it in her pussy. She started riding him reverse cowboy. The Aussie was standing close to her and she leaned forward and grabbed his dick. He moved in towards her and she started sucking him while her man pounded her. My wife's hand came towards my penis as she grabbed it and starting to wank me her other hand fingering herself. The French girl stopped with the Aussie and she pulled me closer. My wife let go and the French took my cock in her mouth starting to suck me. The Aussie guy went on his knees and started licking his girls pussy. I take my wife's hand and lead het towards the Aussie guy who start to lick her as well. Sounds of ecstasy fills the air. The Aussie girl lies down on her back and the Aussie guy enters her. She lifts her legs up high as he pounds her.

I turn to my wife move in behind her and let her lean over one of the rock nearby. I enter her from behind. The French guy makes a sound as he comes. The girls gets up and stand and watch as I fuck my wife. She touches both of us from time to time. The French guys is with the Aussies as he plays with the girls breast while she is fucked hard. The Aussie shoots his load over her pussy. My wife breathing heavily back arched as I fuck her with everything in me while being watched by all around. I shoot my load in her. Her pussy drinks up my man juice as she also comes.

We all lay exhausted in the sun. Later we got up went for a swim and got dressed to get back to the main island. What a perfect day