23 Jul 2019

So following my first story of my cousin, lets get to the part where we actually fucked.

On this particular day, we were invited to a mutual friends house, for a hot summers day swim and braai, so many people were invited but guess who only pitched up, myself and cousin, and our friends partner, so our little get together was small and oh so welcoming. Cousin cant seem to keep his hands off me .. the flirting gets intense and small kisses gets stolen while nobody is looking. I take a swim hoping to cool down all the lust i have for my cousin, didn't work. My friend needed supplies at the grocery store as i was swimming i told him he can take my car, his partner goes with him, leaving myself and cousin behind alone. The car hardly started and out the pool i got .... he pushed me against the wall along the side of the house, kissing me grinding his hard cock against my wet body. I couldn't withstand the pressure took off my swimming costume right there. He smiled and looked at me ... licked and sucked my hard nipples ... ran his hands over my wet body over my shaven pussy, i stopped him and told him lets go inside .... we put a towel down on the couch ... i watch him get down on his knees .... i cant wait to feel his young hard cock inside me .. he knelt down in front of me he spread my legs ... slowly licked and sucked on some cousin pussy ... i basically begged him to put it inside me already ... i turned around, me on all fours, i remember telling him "fuck me before they get back" he slipped in his throbbing young cock .... i was moaning with pleasure .... i came but didn't want him to stop .. he came too but kept thrusting hard and deep ... a fuck i wouldn't forget, friend and partner came back, im all dressed when friend discovers my swimming costume next to the house which i forgot, made up some lame story, only to get asked later that evening by friends partner, are we more than just friends, i just blurted out "we cousins" i just smiled.

They could probably see the lust in our eyes ... and that was the start of many more hook-ups in December.