28 Jul 2018

so both me and my wife have gone to this Thai Spa before ....what we love about this place its very private and looks like a proper thai spa well even better ......for a while they didn't offer thee high release massage to couples again but we contacted them every month until yesterday they said they're good to go........the excitement on my wife's face when we got close to the spa as it was kept a surprise was priceless.......anyhoot we got in and went to the rooms which i have to say is perfectly lit and had our pre shower......both laid down on our massage beds all in the nude ......the ladies come in and take of theyre tops so i get a little peek on smaller then im use to breasts but still love perving some , the ladies start massaging and what both me and my wife enjoy is the proper Thai massage you get with this all on top of you like we some type of jungle gym......they turned us around and high release started my wife said the lady was rubbing away on her clitoris and with thee other hand going up and down her outer lips and almost felt like she wanted to slip a finger in and in all of 20 seconds my wife came loud and beautifully shaking all over and me watching this while a Thai women massages my now very hard cock shot a load almost over my shoulders ....the Thai woman were standing around admiring my wife's large breasts and we were just laying there totally relaxed then went for our post massage shower and we both felt a little aroused still i suppose the way my wife was glowing and nipples all hard i just got a stiffy out of well lets say heaven and bent the wife slightly over and spread her legs ,i put my very hard cock in her already wet and swollen pussy and had the hottest quicky in a long time......friday well spent