Written by James_Damons

02 Nov 2011

A white couple from CT phoned me, in response to an add i placed. Anyway, so we planned this long time before we even met. It's me again being invited to a hotel with a couple. Got there they offered me a drink, but i decline as i'm not much of a drinker. Also i am kind of a control freak so i need to be in control the whole time. So i was sitting on the sofa and they started kissing and rubbing each other. I must say i was already horny when i walked in there. Anyway, they carried on, she got undressed and they told me to come closer. Our arrangement was just actually for me to watch them. So i went closer. She then started touching my cock and man i almost came. He then told me to take my clothes of and sit next to them while she was playing with the both of us. So i rubbed her tits, she pulled me closer and gave me probably the best blow job i could remember.but wow it was almost like she push me over to lick her, which i did. I thougth it was funny, but i didn't get a chance to take out the gum i had in my mouth. But i got it out. Anywnay while i was licking her she was still sucking me like crazy. I told the husband i want to see him do his wife which he did, while she was sucking me. (While all this was happening he was taking pics and videos with his phone, but i asked him not to and he showed me that none those pics or videos had my face in them,) It wasn't to long after that, that i came all over her boobs and she sucked me off nicely. The whole process started again and i came again. I must say this i did not get to fuck his wife, but we made arrangements to meet up again. At was there first time meeting with a coloured guy. And guess what, i love it. Bring it on!