Written by H3in

24 Jul 2014

True story. Unfortunately too long since it happened…

I met her on a website, went through the usual pleasantries, but both soon realized that she was as seriously in need of love as I was. She was a married woman of 35 with a husband who paid no attention to her – marriage already shaky. Not even occasional duty sex. We shared our fantasies, experiences and soon agreed that we wanted to experience each other. Before long her fantasy was adjusted and fine tuned. She wanted me the first time to take her in their marital bed! The first time she wanted to be blindfolded and the first contact between us to be my cock inside her pussy – no other prior bodily contact!

A day was arranged. I would arrive at their place just after neighbours (and her hubby!) have left for work. I would park at a close by convenient store and walk the short distance. I would phone her when I was close to the gate on which she would unlock the gate and front door and go back to bed and blindfold herself. I had an accurate description of the route from the front door to their bedroom.

Subdued candle light, it took my eyes a moment to adjust. She on her back on her marital back, blindfolded, nude, her legs pulled up. Not missing the stunning site of her nude body for a moment, I undress quickly but quietly. Tension is obvious building up in her body and her nipples are rock hard. Goose pimples were spreading over her breasts. I position myself between her legs, but realize she did not open them wide enough to allow me between them without touching them. What now? I want too make her fantasy work out exactly like she desired it. I started blowing on the inside of her legs. No reaction at first, but soon she grasp what I am trying to achieve and her legs fall open. Her pussy changes from a subtle little cut to a blooming, very wet, dripping and lovely nectar cup. I move forward, position myself over her body, align my cock with her pussy and with one strong stroke penetrate her completely. She starts to grasp for air. The anticipation of weeks all of a sudden turns into reality. I move in a good rhythm and she picks up on it and matches my movements stroke for stroke. I concentrate not to become to exited too soon which proofed unnecessary. Her sounds increase in intensity and unexpectedly she shouts out ”I’m cumming!!”. It triggers my orgasm and I shoot into her – one, two, three strong jets of my cum and then some diminishing, less strong shots. I fell down on her body, caressed het, kissed her deeply while she removed her blindfold. We chuckled at this madness, she holds me tight while her pussy is still shivering. We engage in some relaxing, lazy after action touching. She poured us a drink which we enjoyed while I was playing with her pert nipples and slowly the excitement started to build up again. She took my cock in her mouth and I experience a loving suck. She stopped and mounted me and while looking into my eyes and with my hands on her hips we built up to a good tempo. Of course now my stamina is far better and while she rides me, we talk about how well our fantasy has worked out. She clenched my cock inside her clean shaven pussy.

We were a natural match and enjoyed a lot of playing and a few more sessions during the course of the morning. By lunch time we had a shower together while planning a follow up session and if a further fantasy of hers could be accommodated on such an occasion! She now looked so different in her corporate little number with moderate heels and I wonder if the smell of sex would be noticeable by night time…