Written by Banxxx

02 Mar 2016

Hi friends, so last week I posted an ad on SH for some fun at Birchwood Hotel, I usually get minimal responses but that was my lucky day indeed... so I received an inbox from a cougar who was keen to meet up and see if some thing's got to give... We arranged and agreed to meet up in the evening after my string of meetings.

At around 5pm I messaged her to confirm our date and she confirmed, but with a twist... she suggested that I organise the drinks in my room and let's have a private date, I gladly obliged. So I sent her my room number and she arrived on time as agreed. As I opened the door I was met by a stunning cougar, she had a sleek body and long pitch black hair. I almost did not believe my eyes as she was way too gorgeous to be true... none the less, I welcomed her to my humble compound and offered her some bubbly, which she gladly gulped up. Before I could even start chit chat, this sexy cougar was all over me like a bad rash (not like I'm complaining). I loved the aggression and passion that she had, I was rock hard just from her slightest touch. We fondled a bit as we got naked, I dived into her soaking wet pussy with my long tongue and begun to work my magic. I am a firm believer that a man that does not eat pussy is a pussy, and boy did I feast!!! She climaxed 2 times before she was begging me to hammer her hard... of course I gladly obliged once again.

At some point in the evening I had her spread open on the bed as I hammered her good and proper... lol, to my surprise, I felt her withdraw my rock hard penis and redirect to her chocolate box, now this was a treat I seldom got to enjoy. I rammed my hard cock into her tight anus slowly and gently, it was so tight that I couldn't help but blow my load deep into her.

We took a shower and banged through the night, pleasure after pleasure, round after round until she had to leave...

I guess she must have had so much fun as she returned for the remaining 2 nights I was there... We are still chatting and she continues to ask when am I coming again...lol

I've always said, cougars are best because they come with experience and a certain confidence. I enjoyed being used but believe she enjoyed using me even more.

I will be seeing her again next week as I'm back in Birchwood for some more business.

Boy do I love SH.