14 Aug 2018

We arraigned a Meet and Greet at a local dance club. It was great and we had a great turn out. But most of the couples that came we have already met. All dressed up in a short black mini with a killer cleavage and fish net stockings and heels I felt Hot and confident. Pity none of the single men that kept asking to meet pitched up. No surprise at all. Think we have come accustom to the single men here that mostly end up being time wasters.

But nothing can spoil our evening as we had a lovely party with the folks that did show up and hubby and me can frankly party alone and have great fun. We danced to most of our favourite songs. As we turned at one of the dances my hubby noticed a friend we have not seen in about 15 years. We stopped and greeted him. It was nice to see him after all these years again. We then continued to dance. As we rounded there again one of the other friends of that time stopped us to also greet. We ended having quite a long chat and continued to our seating area. As we were just about to leave the area a lady approached us and asked if my husband could please dance with her. Knowing how few men make an effort to dance with the single lady’s I did not mind. I waited at the bar area and spoke to our friends from years back. As we got back to our table, most of the couples were about to go and the music has stopped it was about 1h30 AM and time to go. We were not in the mood to go home yet.

We left the venue and the girls that hubby danced with and our friends from the past were outside the door and said we should join them at another pub that is open till late. So, we all left and met at this pub. There they introduced us to two other men also and we all had some drinks and chatted for quite some time. The one gent walked passed me rubbing himself against my butt. I did not pay much attention to it but when he did it a second time, I turned his way and to his surprise said, “If you rub against me like that again I will fuck you” His eyes popped.

Made for a good laugh though. But as we moved outside to sit by the fire he joined us and so did more people and we all sat outside chatting. As his friends left with his car he came back into the pub and asked if we could later drop him off at home.

I had quite forgotten about my comment and by that time was chatting to other people already. But Hubby had other ideas!!! Hubby said we should wrap up and go. As we approached our car I got in the back seat as the men sit in front. The men spoke but I was on my mobile phone looking through the site and did not pay much attention to what they were saying. When the car came to a stop and I looked up to see where we were. It was dark all around us. Then J said ok let’s do this. Both men got out the front seats and joined me in the back. I still wanted to protest but hubby kissed me to silent me. J started to slide his hand up my thigh. Before I could think hubby had me flat on my back and was removing my hosiery. J is a good-looking guy with a sensual but slight rough way of speaking. He took my face in his hands and said wow you are beautiful and kissed me soft and long. Hubby by this time was sucking and licking my clit. Curling my back of pleasure. I kind of lost focus on J as my husband had me moaning as he sucked on my clit as if he was drawing my cum out of my body. As I looked up J was looking at the scene stroking his cock. He was sitting down in the car and my head rested on his leg as hubby was eating like he has not had a pussy in years. As my body curled and crunched exploding into a major orgasm. Hubby was satisfied. He ordered me to sit on J and slide my wet soaking sex over his cock. As I held onto the headrest of the car and sided over his cock, we kissed, and I just love to moan and breath into a man’s ear. I want him to hear me wile he feels me. He said, “fuck you are warm and wet.” Hubby gave us a moment to get accustom with each other and handed J a condom. The minute he put the condom on he lost some of his hardness. But asked me to keep going. He thrusted into me a few times but needed to regroup his soldier. Hubby said I should turn his way. He was on the outside of the car. He was hard and throbbing. He grabbed me by my ass and pulled me onto him. My back arch was literally on the edge of the seat. He thrusted into me and fucked me hard. It felt like my sex was grasping around his cock begging not to stop. He was hard and wild. As J was looking onto all of this he was hard again and asked if he may put his cock in my mouth. Not even answering I had his cock at the base sucking and licking. I expected that to be a wile when all he said was “oooooo fuck” he drove his cock right to the back of my throat and he came with a force. As I have never swallowed a man’s cum but my husband this was quite unexpectant. He pulled out and sat behind me as my husband had me in full orgasm. I could not even explain or protest. My cum was dripping down hubby’s balls. He then exploded inside me his body shaking as he held on and stayed as deep in me as he could. I could feel his cock pulsing as he sprayed. Seeing me suck J and allowing him to cum in my mouth drove my husband insane. I only later got to explain I was caught off side. As I sat up straight in the middle hubby got in the car and closed the door. It was not dark anymore and morning was approaching fast. The next minute my eye caught and old lady walking her dog. I ducked and burst out laughing as all she saw was the two men on the back seat. Would have loved to know her thoughts. They waved polite at her as she passed. When she was out of site Hubby and J got dressed and got in the front again. I could not find all my clothes but got my dress. So, I just put my dress on and tried to look a little respectful. To no avail.

We drove to drop J off. He wanted us to go to a room and fuck some more. But at that hour there was no way. We had to head back to J Bay and our kids were at our house and he was staying with our old friends. No way we were going there. We agreed to meet at another occasion.

Must wonder if I will recognise him should I bump into him.

As we head home on our 80+ km drive hubby was not done. I could not wait to get his cock in my hand and sucked but he was tough as round 1 was done. When we reached the farm gate and pulled inside, he came to my door and I got out. Bending forward he thrusted into me, then he went slow and said, “you just love other men’s cock, don’t you?” As I said yes, he fucked me even harder. When my knees collapsed as my body was over stimulated and rolling from one orgasm into another he said, “Fuck so do I love seeing men fuck you hard.”

I was begging him to get to the house. At the house he ran me a hot bath followed by warm cappuccino. He cuddled me into bed stroking my half-wet hair telling me how I will always be his naughty sexy blond. His Angel. I fell into a peaceful sleep hearing how he loves me.