Written by Iluvtouching

19 Nov 2015

I really should have written this story some months back, when all the details were still fresh in my memory! … But here goes...

After our first afternoon of fun together at Germiston Lake (described in my previous story “Taking Our Time – Enjoying The Journey: His Perspective”, posted on27th May 2015) we kept up our on-line chatting, a lot of it naughty, erotic stuff. Then we decided it was time to meet up again, and take things a bit further. Again we decided against the “room for an hour” option, opting rather to go back to the lake for another outdoor session of exploration.

We parked next to each other in the parking area, and as she got out I saw to my delight that this time she was wearing a skirt! Yes, she had meanwhile gone out and bought one especially, following my earlier suggestion. A lovely long flowing swirling skirt of a light material, substantial enough not to need a petticoat, but still a bit incongruous for bird-watching!!...

We hung our binoculars around our necks, had our bird-books in our hands together with a couple of outdoor cushions, and each of us with a carry-bag with what we thought we might need for the afternoon. We headed into the park, and back up towards the furthest of the lapas. On our way down to the waters-edge, we walked past a single elderly gent, who looked at our binocs and asked “Oh, are you guys also bird-watchers?” Of course we said yes, as it is true, but also our “cover” for our presence at the Lake. He immediately turned around and started tagging along with us as we walked further, telling us that he was a regular bird-watcher at the Lake, asking if we had seen this one?, seen that one?, did we know about the nests over there…? Which was all very nice, of course, and we answered him and chatted politely, while all we actually wanted to do was get to “our spot”, put our binocs down and get our hands on each other! And he kept tagging along chatting, but also looking at us quite intently…

Eventually we managed somehow to get rid of him, and he wandered off, looking back at us from time to time. We looked at each other and smiled. We both believed that he might have suspected what we were actually there for, that he might be a dogger, and had been hoping to be invited to join us, or at least get an opportunity to watch. But we didn’t encourage him, as we were wanting this time to be alone.

On this occasion we went to the furthest of the lapas. Once our bird-watcher “friend” was some distance away, we did put down our binoculars, and immediately got our hands all over each other! We hugged and kissed, and again the kisses started off gentle but got progressively more passionate, with tongues exploring. And our hands started their own explorations too...

We sat next to each other where we could look back along the jogging path, the idea being that at least one of us should keep a look out at all times. Despite the cool weather, she was wearing a lovely loose-fitting blouse, and in no time at all my hands were inside her blouse cupping her breasts through her bra, teasing her nipples through the thin fabric. Then suddenly her bra strap was undone and the bra removed, and I once again had unhindered access to those beautiful mounds. I lifted her blouse, bent my head and sucked on those hard nipples, as she sighed and moaned with enjoyment (hopefully still with her eyes open!).

She had her hand on my crotch, stroking me though my jeans, and I unzipped so that she could get my cock out and play too. She gave me a gentle hand-job, in the process managing to generate a whole lot of pre-cum, which she spread around my cock-head, running her fingers around the rim and back up to the hole from which the pre-cum kept leaking.

After giving her boobs lots of loving attention, I wanted to head further south. I stood up and placed my cushion (brought specifically for this purpose!) on the concrete floor at her feet, knelt on the cushion, and gently spread her knees apart. I lifted her new skirt to her knees, and reached both hands up inside, stroking the tops and insides of her thighs, moving closer and closer to my target. She looked deep into my eyes, then closed hers and lay back against the backrest of the bench, sliding forward to bring her pussy within even easier reach, opening her legs even further to allow me easy access. I gently stroked her pussy through her panties, once again marvelling at just how wet she gets from these attentions. And then my fingers slipped in underneath her panty gusset, and my fingers and thumbs massaged her self-lubricated pussy lips, feeling her clit harden, and her slit getting even wetter, if that was possible!

After a few minutes I removed my fingers from their place of pleasure, reached up her hips to the elastic of her panties, and hooked my fingers in, signalling my intentions. She lifted her bum off the seat, and I started to pull her panties off. I rocked back a bit out of the way so that she could get her knees back together, and I pulled her panties down to her ankles and then removed them altogether. She put them in her carry bag along with her bra, and parted her knees for me again. Oh boy, this was all so much easier with her wearing a loose skirt!...

This time I lifted her skirt up to her waist as she again slid forward, and there I was, face to face with “Kojak”! Once again (or still?) she was freshly waxed, and at last I was seeing her silky smooth pussy, of which I had only previously seen a photo sent during one of our chats. I explored with my gaze, and then again with my fingers. Her moisture-covered pinkness glistened in the afternoon sunlight as I spread her lips, and her clitty peeked out at me from its hood as I pulled it back. I first savoured the visual delights, but then my eagerness overcame me and I sank my lips to hers, and started to lick her pussy, tasting and enjoying her juices, loving the taste of her, licking deeper and deeper into her pussy until my tongue could go no deeper.

It wasn’t too long before she started to twitch, her moaning grew louder, and suddenly she clamped her thighs around my ears as she reached her first climax.

I doubt that she had her eyes open through much of this, but we weren’t interrupted or spied on (at least, as far as we know!). Although there were rowers and canoeists on the lake, and folks out walking in the park, I had my back to them, and my head buried somewhere from where I could see nothing at all! So I was blissfully unaware!

After allowing her sensitivity to reside a bit, she encouraged me to continue giving her pussy my full attention. I took it slowly and gently this time, sometimes licking, sometimes fingering, sometimes gently stroking her clit, fully exploring her pussy and what gave her pleasure. And then the climax started to build again, and she came once again, with another noisy convulsion! After she had come for the second time, she was too sensitive to allow me to continue, and I got up off my knees and sat next to her again, so that we could kiss and hug some more.

Then she decided it was my turn! She placed her cushion on the floor and knelt in front of me. She undid my belt buckle, and eased my jeans down to my ankles, so she could get between my knees. She gently wanked me with one hand, feeling me return to full erection, and enjoying the sight of the pre-cum leaking again from my tip. With her index finger she picked up a drop and placed it on her tongue, tasting it, licking it around her lips. Then she leant forward, and took me into her mouth, first licking her tongue around the sensitive edges of my cock-head, then taking me deeper in and bobbing slowly up and down, working my cock with her tongue and her lips, as I groaned in enjoyment.

I looked up and happened to see someone coming along the path towards us, and I warned her, so she stopped what she was doing and returned to sitting next to me, while I eased my pants back up again… When the person was past and out of view, she got back down on her knees and the mutual enjoyment continued. She brought me very close to cumming!

We hadn’t discussed at all how we were going to deal with this eventuality! On our previous occasion at the lake, we had been interrupted by the jogger who had stopped close to where we were seated while he did his exercise routine, and so we had decided to call it a day as it was so close to gate-closing time. We had then just packed up and left, without me having climaxed.

This time here I was just about to cum! I didn’t think that it would be appropriate to just cum in her mouth, so I warned her to stop. I expected we would continue where we had left off, once I had subsided a bit and we had discussed whether this was what she wanted or not. This time some canoeists paddled past us, and again I covered up for a while until they were past. When we resumed, it was a whole lot harder for me to get back to the same state of arousal. She continued initially with the blowjob, then reverted to doing a hand-job, and still I didn’t cum. But I desperately wanted to this time! Finally I took myself in hand, and masturbated furiously, my cock just inches from her face, until I came in a gush of semen all over my stomach.

She said she had never seen a guy actually wank to climax before in real life (on cam, yeah, but not in front of her), another first for her, and she trailed her fingers through the semen pools on my tummy until they started to run down my sides and I mopped them away with a handy tissue.

Once I had also cum, that was unfortunately the end of our playtime for the afternoon, as it was starting to get late and cold.

It turned out that she had brought “our” vibrator (which I had bought for her for our previous occasion together) with her this time. It was in her carry bag all the time, and we had never thought to use it!, as she was so enjoying what I had done for her in the beginning. So our vibrator had still not been “christened”, something that she felt she wanted us to do together. But she was still too sensitive for us to use it now, and besides, it was nearly time for the park gates to be closed again, after another long and most enjoyable afternoon.

We walked back to the car park, this time with her carrying both her bra and her panties in her carry bag! And with a very wet and sensitive pussy between her thighs! And she and I were the only ones who knew……!!