Written by Johnny

11 Apr 2018

So there Ilse and I sat waiting! She didn’t seem too chatty but ever so often I would look up and she would just smile at me. I smiled back feeling somewhat stupid having thought I had a chance with this “Conservative Angel”.

My cell phone suddenly vibrated and I reached to see (perhaps someone had had some luck). Instead it was one of the guys that had sent a video. I clicked the play button, the video started funny enough a drunk guy dancing then suddenly it went full on porno. A girl screaming getting pounded by a well hung guy in the butt. The screams etc startled me and I dropped my phone right at Ilse’s feet. So here we sat me looking like some perv watching hardcore porn while hunting (there goes my chances if ever I had any). Ilse picks up my phone and passes it to me with a smile and says don’t stress we all get them.

I stutter a bit trying to answer but nothing really makes sense. She says the guys have caught her a few times with these.

I apologize she says don’t worry guys will be guys! But to add insult to injury the guys had sent some messages to the WhatsApp group which were absolute BS “ Hey Johnny you find out if she spits or swallows” “J give her the J Bone” and Ilse had obviously seen them.

I apologized again she said it’s fine and she is shaved and depends on the guy whether she spits or swallows.

I was dumb struck and sat there with what happened to be a raging boner. Ilse just smiled a naughty smile. To continue