Written by Johnny

06 Apr 2018

On a recent trip with the guys to the bush we were in for a treat. We booked a new farm as the old one we went too has recently been sold. We go under the pretense of hunting but actually it’s just an extension of our youthful “Boys week trip”. The wives all go to the Spa or elsewhere and we all get a break from the rat race. Peter booked the farm and said it was a top class establishment which caters for foreigners but they had a cancellation and as long as we came for the full week we got a huge discount.

Great the guys arrive more coolers and boozes than the local Tops. We were met by the PH l, farm manager and staff. Proper place the staff assist you with your luggage and all. The manager explains the main camp layout pool area dinning area etc. the detached building is where the agricultural and vet students stay while doing heir practicals.

Great a bunch of middle aged men going to show their true colour by drinking and talking “$$it” in front of students and probably missing most of the hunt as we are usually to hung over to hit the side of a barn.

First night went as planned most passed out by 10:30 some right next to the fire. We did meet some of the students mostly young guys “one Loud one Frans the rest okay”. They reckon the girls are out on the town but we must see them they are gorgeous. I honestly thought youths just pulling our legs. Next morning I go to breakfast after having a shower and I walk in on Ilse a 20 something bombshell. Peter who knows of my lifestyle choice has a grin from ear to ear I am dumbstruck. Long jet black hair green eyes and slightly curvy with a round face, My Achilles heel. Ilse to my surprise is going to be my chaperone in the hide!!!!

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