Written by E

16 Sep 2017

was at a conference for work, I don't travel often and when I got back to the hotel I didn't know what to do. It was only 4:30 and I didn't want to watch TV all night. I didn't plan on meeting anyone but I did want to get out of the hotel room. I went to the hotel bar to sit at the table, read a bit and have a drink. There weren't many people there and I didn't expect to talk to anyone. That said, a man did come up to me and started a conversation. He was well dressed and maybe not traditionally good looking but he had a certain charm. He asked if he could sit, and I realized that we were flirting but it wasn't something I didn't think I could control. We talked and eventually agreed to have something to eat, we ordered some wine and had desert. We talked about all sorts of things, from home life and to work and whatever. He was a little older than me, probably in his mid 40s, I'm 40. I have been with my husband for 17 years. I never thought I would be unfaithful and it's not like men have never flirted with me before. I'm not sure exactly what was different this time, I know that the feeling he was giving me was more like I was a different and younger person. I do love my husband, but this made me feel like I was free. After dinner he walked me to my room, I kept telling myself not to let him in. We got to the door and I told him I had a lovely evening but I was married and I couldn't. He didn't argue with words, he just gave me a look like he knew I was defeated here. Before long we were kissing and the kissing move inside the room. Soon we were on the bed and he was fucking me; fucking me really hard. The explosion of emotions are still hard for me to put into context. The taboo nature of the act was making my lust burn hotter. When it was done I felt so satisfied. Well fucked. In the morning I got up to get dressed, I had lots of time before my flight but I did want to get out of there. I felt so horny and still do. I feel like I need him to fuck me some more. husband. I know that he has the right man to fuck me again. I called his cell and he said he would be back tonight. That night he fucked me twice before we went out clubbing. Where he would play with my pussy. I was not wearing any panties. He took me to the bathroom and fucked me.

I think I am in love with him.