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16 Apr 2016

Comparison is a mind fuck


12 minute read

This is a follow up on my previous post. I never thought that my post would get so many replies from single men feeling offended, single ladies agreeing with my complaint and couples who have been equally dissapointed. Premature ejaculation is a huge problem. Men I feel are just too full of it to realise, accept and do something about it. They rather walk through life being a dissapointment than fixing the issue. One man replied saying comparison is a mind fuck and I should not compare what I recently found to what I had before. So let's compare and would like to know if I am so wrong to feel the way I do. My Love almost 50 the day i met him was my man for almost years. We met online. Chatted for 30 min. Met for coffee that evening. The connection instant. First time i saw him get out of his car as he pulled up to pick me up for our first date, flowers in hand, dressed in blue jeans, black shirt, clean shaven, my first though was OMG! He looked like a million bucks, smelled like a man! ... I remember as if this happened only yesterday... 2010/5/7. I was thinking: all this for coffee? Well he made a very good impression. Our coffee date was perfect. He asked if he could call me again to take me out on a proper date the next evening. Lol... the coffee date was perfect, I didn't need more to convince me that I want this man! As he opened the car door for me to get in he stepped in my way, with his one hand around me he pulled me closer and brought his lips right up to mine. Not kissing me yet... first looked me in the eyes waiting for me to recipicate. I felt the warmth of his breath on my face. I could smell a hint of his calogne. As I moved closer to feel those sexy lips touching mine he kissed me. First just lips, softly touching then just the tip of his tongue tracing mine. Barely touching my tongue with his while putting both arms around me and holding me tight. There we were kissing in public for what felt like forever. As he kissed and embraced me, holding me ever so tight the world and all in it faded away. I could feel his heart pounding in his chest, and mine too. I could feel him getting hard. He stepped back and let me get in the car. My head was spinning, my thoughts racing, trying to calm myself down. Just one kiss, the best first kiss ever. As we drove off he took my hand and placed it on his leg, gently and slowly took my hand to his mouth kissing the palm of my hand. We made love in the back of his blue Audio Quatro RS4 that night on the way home. We had to pull over as we could not wait to get home fast enough. As i sat on his lap facing him in the back seat he kissed me again for the longest time. I felt my panties getting wet as i sat on his lap his rock hard cock pressing against my clit. His kissess, soft and gentle. His tongue just entering my mouth tracing my lips with his tongue. His hand sliding up under my shirt, slowly, his finger tips barely touching my skin to find my breasts. Gently rubbing me, then lifting my shirt. As he placed his mouth on my breast, kissing it lovingly, softly making little circles around my small nippels which was by now hard, making me gasp for air, holding his head pulling him closer so he wouldn't stop. His mouth so warm. He would stop to blow ice cold air over my nipple after being in his mouth. My body was was shaking uncontrollably. He worked his way with his one hand in between is to reach my pussy. I was beside myself... secretly wanting to scream out... just touch me already!!!! He moved my panties to the side and very gently started to rub my clit with tiny gentle little circles. I felt wetness dripping out of me while I was shaking with every touch. Slowly he then slid his finger into my wet pussy which send the warmest wave of pleasure all over and through me like an electric current. He knew exactly where my g spot was. With two fingers inside me right on my g spot and his thumb on my clit, he got me screaming: Dont stop, please dont stop!!@ He made me cum within the first few minutes. After that first orgasms he kept his fingers inside me, thumb on my clit rubbing in little very gentle circles bringing me back from cloud 9 so gently. He kissed me all the way up my neck till he reached my ear and he whispered what he was going to do to me next while rubbing my soaking wet pussy. 'I want to drink that sweet pussy nectar. May I please drink from you?' OMG who can say no? He opened the car door and led me to the front of his car. He pushed me down on the hood that was nice and warm from the engine. This was some time between midnight and 4am in the middle of winter and I never remember being cold once. He pushed me down on my back, placed his hands on my knees and slowly opened my legs. While slowly sliding his hands up my thighs he said: you have a beautifully, tight pussy. I would love to slide you over my cock right now! He bend over and placed his lips on me. OMG! Those beautiful, sexy, soft lips was on my pussy. He opened my lips to expose me in the moonlight and I heard him say "oh god!"with his tongue he liked over my clit all the way down licking me clean while I could hear him go mmmmmm. The vibration of his mouth as he moaned right on my clit almost made me cum again. Then with his tongue he started searching for that tiny little spot that just makes a woman scream. ... ladies you know that little spot... he knew it was there and found it in no time. In my mind I wanted that rock hard cock inside me, but what he was doing to me with that mouth .... I didn't want him to stop. He licked and sucked my clit in the exact way he was suppose to. How did he know how and where to go? While he was sucking my clit he slipped his fingers inside me once again. Right on the spot. It felt like I was on fire! Warm waves of extacy washing through me. In and out. Occasionally letting go of my clit which was in his mouth, tightly between is lips while his tongue saw liking it and sucking it all at the same time, just letting go briefly to rub his thumb over my clit as he shuved his fingers deep inside me, making my pussy soaking wet. I came twice more right there on his car with him drinking and licking my pussy juices like it was honey. He stepped back and held out his hand, led me back to his car and asked me if I would now like to experience a man's cock. "Fuck yes please". He made a gesture with his hand to show me the way to cloud nine. While being the perfect caring gentleman he held his hand over my head so that I don't bump it getting back into the back of his car. I was asked to slide in and lie on my back. He placed one leg in the back window and the other over the front seat after removing my panties. Before I could feel shy about this position, being so exposed he dove in and gave me the muff of my life. I swear it was the best I have ever felt. Just thinking about it now gives me all kinds of butterflies and I'm dripping wet as I'm sharing this with you. I can't say exactly how many times I came in his mouth. It was one after the other only minutes apart. He was eating me alive. He then stood up and opened his pants. Threw it down to his knees and practically jumped in... lol.. he pressed the head of his throbbing cock against my pussy while lying on top of me, kissing me, passionately, talking and asking me if I was ready and wanting his fat cock. I said oh pls don't punish me any more. Please just let me feel you inside me once. I was like a crazy cat at this point. Couldn't wait to feel myself slide over his cock. While I was thinking... just do it already!!!! Give it to me! !!!... nothing in this world could make him rush. That was my Love... Never in a rush when making love to me. While kissing me and the hottest dirty talk that ever reached my ears he worked that beautiful hard throbbing cock in between my pussy lips and just slowly fucked my clip again almost reaching another orgasms. I couldn't scream, as he just took my breath away when he suddenly without warning finally sunk that gorgeous hard cock inside me... Finally! !!!! Oh god yes!!! If only the English dictionary contained the words to discribe that feeling of his cock at that moment . While his arms engulfed me in his manly arms, his sweet, soft fill lips kissed me, his hard cock inside me, deep inside me, he did not move. He knew I waited for that cock and it felt so good. He made that feeling last. Then slowly he pulled his cock out... "oh god no" I was thinking he is going to make me beg for it again.... just as I thought he is pulling all the way out he slammed his fat cock inside me again. "Oh god your pussy is so beautiful" he screamed. "I'm going to fuck you all night, right here!" In that small space in the back of his car, with my legs spread wide open he fucked me 7 ways from Sunday! His cock throbbing, rock hard and fucking me like I never thought possible. I cant say how many times I came on his cock, it's just a blur, but my pussy surely does right now as I am dripping wet now. He was talking to me all the time, telling me how good it feels, how much he loved to fuck my pussy. ... After about 30 min he pulled his cock out and I thought he is going to cum on me... oh no! He stood up next to the car holding his hand out ... he pulled me up and ask if I would mind sucking his cock. . DEFINITELY not!!! I was looking forward to tasting him all the time while he was exceeding my every expectation. Me inside the car with him having his arms on the roof he looked down at me while I sucked his cock. Oh what a gorgeous cock he had. He was vocal and expressive all through. Telling me what feels good. With his guidance he got the BJ he always dreamed of he said after. I wanted him to cum in my mouth coz I wanted to drink all that he had. I wanted to taste his cum. He was not done fucking still. He pulled me out of the car and led me to the back where he bend me over the boot and fucked me doggy style. Hard and deep making me cum again. He pulled out and pushed me to my knees letting me suck his cock clean talking really dirty to me. I loved it!! Then flipped me around and pushed me up against the car and fucked me some more. Hard and deep. I had several orgasms there. Finally he said, I want to finish this loving you Babe. Let's get in the car. He sat in the back seat and asked me to come sit on his lap as before. As I slid over that fabulous fat cock I was not present in mind anymore. This man had taken a shy and self concious woman and turned me into a love crazy slut who couldn't get enough right there that night. He placed his hands on my ass cheeks and guided me up and down his cock at the pace and speed he wanted. Deep in and all the way up. Back sliding my pussy over his cock again. He said 'Baby cmon I'm ready for you. Let's end with a bang Babes.' ' I want to explode inside you tight pussy, but only with your next orgasm'. As he said that it just tipped me over the edge and as I was shaking and trembling trough that final orgasm I could feel his cock pulsating as he exploded inside me. He was screaming from the pleasure, grabbing my ass and pulling me down onto him so he left his load so deep inside me. After we just sat there with him inside me talking kissing and enjoying the after glow. When he finally went limp he said 'my place or yours?' WITH A SUGGESTIVE WINK and very NAUGHTY SMILE... I knew it was going to be a night I would never forget. As we drove off the clock was at 4:27 and it was the first time I was shivering from the cold winter air. We went to his place and I never noticed the sun rise. We fucked the rest of the day. But that would be too long to elaborate on at this time. We moved in together a month later and was together till the day he passed away. My days began with a rock hard cock aiming to make me cum and ended with a man who got more pleasure from making me cum than himself. Shall I dare to compare the last 4 tossers who rocked up at my place in shorts, T shirt and liewe Jesus plakkies, unshaven, no calogne who could not keep it together long enough for me to even get wet? I bet a million bucks that all who just read this was either rock hard or sliding off the chair!? My love... a man like no other!

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