Written by Will Long

15 Dec 2017

Every now and then my best mates and I hook up for a few drinks and a decent meal , on the last occasion I wasn't really getting into the spirit of things due to the fact that my new diet/lifestyle meant I couldn't drink , not one to let something like that stop me from seeing my mates and the fact that I'd much rather be stoned than pissed I went along and chilled with the lads for an hr or two , After a barrage of insults ( guys will know what i mean , the usual crap about you are whipped , bro's before ho's blah blah blah ) I said my goodbyes and jumped into my car lit a joint and made my way home .

Not expecting anyone to be there as the lil ones where staying at grans and the Mrs was out shopping or so I thought.

Pulling up to my house I noted a car parked out front , knowing the car belonged to my wife's friend I just presumed that they had gone out together , now buzzing from the blunt I had already decided I'd be getting in the pool for a quick skinny dip so my clothes started coming off the moment the front door closed.

Before I could get my shorts off I noticed the sliding door to the pool was open , finding this odd as there was nobody home or so I thought , I walked over to the door to check and the site that greeted me had me hard as nails almost instantly...

There on the grass next the pool was my wife lying naked in all her glory , while her friend Nicky also completely naked had her head between my wife's legs and was eating her like it was the best thing she had ever tasted , Now both women are a little on the chubby side both with huge breasts although my wife's nipples are a bit bigger than Nicky's , both had perfect clean shaven little snatches and although my wife has a cute little ass Nicky has the perfect round bubble butt that Id been secretly lusting after since the day I met her , Oh the amount of times Ive stroked myself fantasizing about seeing her ass naked and there it was right in front of me , out of instinct my hand was already inside my shorts rubbing my now aching cock .

I stood there and watched them for a few minute's before long my wife stiffened up as Nicky brought her to her 1st orgasm of the day , neither of them had seen me and they were now kissing like teenage lovers hands everywhere moaning and groaning as they touched each other , now not wanting them to stop but at the same time desperate to join in and hopefully get my hands on Nicky's ass I stealthy as I could made my way to the pool , they were so engrossed in each other they didn't notice I was there till I spoke out . Is this a ladies only function or can I play to I said with a smile .

Both of them jumped at the sound of my voice , Nicky grabbed her towel and tried to cover herself , snatching the towel I told her there was no need to cover up as Id already seen everything and liked very much what I had seen .

Without saying a word my wife sat up pulled my shorts down and took my entire cock in her mouth , Nicky's eyes widened at the sight of my wife deepthroating me , offering Nicky my hand I pulled her up to me and kissed her slowly and passionately while I finally grabbed her ass , holding it squeezing it , pulling her closer to me I released her ass and brushed my fingers along the length of her pussy stopping to tickle her clit while my other hand was on my wife's head as she sucked my cock like the master she is .

Next thing I know my wife is pulling me down and she grabs Nicky and the two of them start sucking my cock together kissing each other with my cock between their lips , I was in heaven as I slid 2 fingers into each of them , before long Nicky was bucking against my fingers and moaning for me not to stop what i was doing as she was about to cum , hearing this and feeling her tighten around my fingers sent me over the edge and I barely had time to warn them before I started to cum , my wife pulled away when i warned as she doesn't really enjoy cum in her mouth but as she pulled away Nicky took the length of me and swallowed every drop as i shot a full load down her throat.

Lets take this inside my wife said , walking behind them I couldnt take my eyes off Nicky's ass hoping beyond all hopes that she will let me eat and fuck her tight behind .

I'll meet you in the bedroom I'm going to get us some drinks I said , anything you fancy in particular I asked , Our wine's in the kitchen my wife said and bring some tequila .

Nicky and my wife were entwined on the bed legs wrapped around each other kissing and groping when I walked into the room , I hope you two are saving some energy for me I said as I lit a fresh joint and offered them their drinks , after passing the blunt around and them destroying their glasses of wine and a few shot of tequila my wife pushed me down and climbed onto my cock , grinding her pussy against me losing all abandon she rode me like never before and when she was done cumming all over my cock she leaned down and whispered in my ear that she wanted to watch me take her friend.

My wife got off the bed and sat in the armchair sipping on another glass of wine while I turned my attention to Nicky who had been lying next to me frantically fingering herself , smiling I pulled her closer kissing her running my hands down the length of her penetrating her sopping wet pussy , leaving my fingers sliding in and out of her I kissed my way down to her breasts licking sucking and nibbling on her nipples till Id had enough and made my way down to her pussy , as soon as my tongue flicked against her clit she grabbed my hair and thrust her pussy upwards , controlling her with my fingers i started licking tiny circles around her clit all the while sliding my fingers in and out of her , grinding her pussy against me i took a chance and pushed my pinky against her ass and to my suprise and due to the mixture of her juices and my saliva my finger met very little resistance . OH my god she screamed that feels fucking amazing ooooh dont stop.

Rock hard as I was and desperately needing to cum again I pushed aside my urge to just flip her over and fuck her so I continued eating and fingering both her holes till she couldn't hold out any more and she started to cum I held my fingers in her till she stopped shaking.

I want you to fuck her baby my wife said , Nicky hasn't had a cock in her for months she said and I promised her that she can have your's any time she wants it as long as I can watch , so now Im watching and i want your cock in her pussy .

Fuck me doggy style Nicky said turning over and getting onto her knee's .

Not needing a second invitation I grabbed her hips and pushed my cock into her balls deep , holding it there enjoying the warmth and moistness of her before I pulled out and slammed back in as hard as I could , oh yes she said I like it hard and rough now fuck me like I'm your whore. Hearing that flipped a switch in my mind and I just started fucking pounding her harder and harder pushing her head down so just her ass was up , i slapped that ass so hard i think she still has my hand print on to this day , now looking down and seeing my cock sliding in and out of her i took the chance and pushed my thumb into her ass fingering her while I fucked her , she looked back over her shoulder and said you can fuck me in the ass if you want I really enjoy it .

Hearing this my wife stood up pulled my cock out of her friends pussy and lined my cock up with her friends ass , you have no idea hot hot it is to fuck a woman and then have your wife guide your cock into that womans ass , what happened next was a bit of a blur but i started to fuck Nicky's ass like a wild man in and out both of us moaning and groaning sweating , I reached around and started rubbing her clit , my wife was behind me urging me on to fuck her friend harder , Im gonna cum I said , Inside me Nicky said cum in my ass. I felt my balls tighted and I grabbed Nicky on the sides as I started to fill her ass with my cum , collapsing next to Nicky my wife started kissing me telling me how hot that was .

The three of us lay there kissing and touching for a while , it wasnt long before I was hard again and the three of us didnt leave that bed till the next morning when I woke to find Nicky eating my wife's ass in the shower but thats a story for another time ......