22 Dec 2017

Havnt been to the club in ages and decided to attend a Wednesday social.

As I was walking around I stumbled across a familiar face. It was an old friend. She was there alone as her hubby was away but had made plans to meet someone there.

He date arrived and we chatted for a bit until they decided to go to the room. To my surprise she walked back and invited me to join.

She led me into the mirror room where her date had been undressing. Both her an I also started undressing. She sat on the bed as we both approached from either side. She took to each of our hard cocks and started stroking it whilst taking turn to suck us.

I push her to the bed and sat by her giving her full access to my raging cock. Her date now goes down on her. The harder he sucks and fingers her, the deeper she swallows me and every now and then I could feel a nibble.

Her date was ready to penetrate her moist pussy. I lay on the bed so she could get into doggy position on top me. With my cock in her mouth, her date starts fucking her deep and hard. I ask for him to go faster and I spank her white ass so hard that I could see my hand impressions on it. She was ready to cum so I held her head down forcing every inch of me down her throat whilst he fucked her deep and fast. Then all I could hear was I scream of relief from reaching her climax followed by the gushing off her juices as she squirted all over him.

this made her date reach his climax sooner and wanted to bust his load all over her. I sat on the edge of the bed, got her to sit on top of me and ride my hard cock whilst sucking him off. She was not in the mood to swallow, so he burst his load all over her tits and massaged it into her glowing breast

I'm so horny that I want to fuck her deeper and harder. He sits on the bed whilst she cleans him up and prep him for the next round whilst I slam my cock into her and spank her ass. She was ready to cum again and I started thrusting faster until she cums. She squirted all over me and I could feel her juices running down my leg. This just made me want to fuck her even more. I could feel myself coming and would not allow it so I pulled out and started fingering her deeper and faster until she squirted all over the floor.

I'm now sex raged and fuelled and wanting to do more and get even kinkier.

I opened the door so we could be watched and also hoped for a female or couple to join us.

She wanted both cocks in her mouth at once now. Our audience of single guys grew outside.

I continued to get a bj whilst her date searched for a couple or female. He managed to get a couple that watched from a distance for a bit but did not want to join in.

I wanted to fuck her badly now and turned her around and entered her ass. I started fucking her hard whilst she rubbed her clit until she came again. Her date now returned defeated from not being able to get others to join.

I pulled out and allowed him to take over her spanking whilst she is being fucked. I look outside a saw a newbie that I invited to watch.

Myself and her date lie side by side whilst she plays with us and exposing her red ass and her dripping pussy to the newbie. This made the new touch his cock and Started rubbing it. I told the newbie he could touch kiss and caress. He started kissing her ass and rubbing her Pussy. He now starts sucking on her pussy and she is stroking my cock harder making me want to penetrate her more.

I ask her to come and sit on me and I slide my cock in her ass. She now has 2 guys to suck off on either side until the newbie slides his cock into her dripping pussy.

Now that we have her in a sandwich, I grab onto her fits squeezing them hard and the newbie creates momentum whilst he fucks her hard so she can also slide up and down my cock. She grabs her dates cock and starts stroking him.

Our audience outside has now grown with single guys and some also jerking off to our show that we are putting on.

Her date explodes all over her hand which she uses to lube his cock and jerk him off some more.

I also can't resist and burst my load. The newbie pulls out grabs her head and fucks her mouth until he cums all over her.

She now gets on her knees, with the 3 of us around her and cleans our cocks before before we all dress up and leave.

Our audience thanks us for the great show we put on for them.

It's been ages since I had a steamy raunchy 2.5 hour session like that.

......... till the next time