08 Feb 2019

Club Parking Lot

So one day while entering a mall up in Gauteng- I accidentally bumped into a stunning lady Nici. She smelt so GOOD and appealing that I could not resistance and told her “You smell so GOOD and love that perfume you using”- she just laughed and we chatted for a while and I assisted her to a section within the mall where she was meeting her husband Jakes. Nici introduced me to her hubby as this is the guys that are after my perfume and we all just laughed. They invited me to have coffee with them at M&B in the mall. I was surprised to be invited and accepted freely- we chatted for a while order coffee and something to eat and just enjoyed each other company. Nici had gorgeous deep green eyes that were wandering all over my body. Jakes was cool and we shared many laughs and chats. Jakes requested that I share my number with him and we parted ways- thanking them for coffee and friendship.

Time had passed by and did not think much of the interaction with Nici and Jakes than out of the blue on Friday evening I get a whatsapp message from both of them to check what my plans are for the evening and if I want to join them to a club. I am not much of a clubbing person but did not want to be disrespectful and agreed to meet with them at 20h00. Took a shower and shaved and put on some nice cologne and left for club. When I got there I meet Jakes and paid to enter and hooked up with Nici and a few of their mates. She was looking stunning with a short mini dress and white top. We hugged and exchanged greetings and she said- it is the same perfume – I just laughed. I was introduced to the other friends and drinks were order and partied with them. There were mostly group dancing and resting in between songs. I am not big into dancing and was resting at table and chatting to others. During night Jakes indicated that Nici really like me and was not sure how to discuss this matter. I just said dude she is your wife- what does she want a 3 some?

To my surprise Jakes indicated he wanted to watch me with Nici. I asked him if he is sure about this and this would mean crossing a line- have you guys done this before. To cut a long story short after a while Nici came to chat to me and indicated lets go outside for a while she needed a smoke. While going outside her girlfriend came along as well and the three of us enjoyed the fresh air while they smoked. We made small chats and she asked her friend to excuse us for a while since she needed to show me something. When we were alone she asked if Jakes spoke to me about something. I acted innocent and asked what you are talking about Nici. She was disappointed and looked dejected when I said do u really want to fuck me in front of Jakes and she just started hitting my hand and saying that I am horrible to do that to her. I told Nici that she is stunning sexy, super-hot and would love to please her in front of hubby. She reached forward and gave me a nice long wet kiss. We held each other tight and decided to go inside club.

Around 13h30 the crowds were dwindling and people go away including some of their mates when Jakes decided that we should also leave. I was not sure what the set up was and just went with the flow. After saying goodbyes to mates while many still remained Nici excused her to the ladies while Jakes and I waited at lobby. Once outside and I was about to say goodbye and head to my car when Jakes indicated hey dude where are you off to. Come drive with us. I just asked Jakes are you ok with this – and he said it is all cool. We walked across main area and headed to a secluded spot in Club Parking lot where a Trailblazer was parked. This was a huge 4x4 with tinted windows all round and out of any public view. Car doors were opened and Nici asked me to come sit in the back seat with her while Jakes when into the Driver seat. Once inside I noticed that the seats were moved extra back or a set of seats were removed to allow for LOTS of space where u can even sit on the carpet of the vehicle.

Once inside I noticed that Nici was NO longer wearing any panties- she must have removed them when we about to leave club at ladies room. Before I could say anything we started kissing and my hands started to explore her sexy smooth legs and eventually started to touch her bald pussy lips and clit- Wow she was so wet but tight- her breathing became quicker and faster. She also started stroking my cock through my pants and feeling the thickness and length. I started to kiss her neck and back to mouth and down to breasts- She had small round breasts with cute pink erect nipples that was so sensitive to my touch and mouth. She started to moan while I was sucking her breasts and nipples all at same time with my fingers curling around her clit and insider her pussy lips. While this was happening I could feel my zipper open and my hard erect cock released from pants with pre cum dripping. Before I know it Nici had her mouth over my cock and flicking tongue on the pink cock head and sucking all-round the top and rim of cock. Then she slowly went down and stop and told Jakes- he is big and thick- I like it Jakes- Thanks for allowing me. Nici was great and took her time and had great technique. I stopped her and asked her to move to the corner of seat while I went down on her. She was SO wet and tasted very sweet like a ripe fruit. Nici had a very sensitive clit and pussy lips. She had an amazing pussy with lips that spread out but small and super tight like a baby butterfly. She was tiny and tight was not sure whether she will be able to manage all of my cock to enter her. I had my entire mouth over her pussy while my tongue was moving from clit –inside pussy lips and down all the time- even touching her pee hole. She became loud and her breathing was very fast and kept talking to Jakes about what am I doing to her pussy and it feels so good and she is going to explode on my face and in my mouth- that my mouth was making her cum- feels like she going to pee…………………..to be continued