Written by mmkdp

26 Nov 2015

I have my own business on the westrand.. I offer a service orientated business and I had a client who I used to do a lot of work for. He was a business man and travelled a lot and left his wife and kids at home. When I used to get to his place we would do our work and move on, and every so often I would chat with his wife, but just surface chat, nothing more. I would say she is in her late 30s and is not bad looking but has very nice boobs and nice body.... After working and chatting to her for a few months she phoned me and asked me to do some extra work for her and I said sure no problem, I will come through the next day and quote.. I arrived in the morning and she was dressed in a very cute short summer dress and I could see she didn't have a bra on.. And I was really trying to see if she had panties on but could not see.... I was really having a good look at her while she was explaining what she needed and she noticed me checking her out as she just smiled... Once we finished looking at the work needed, we went into her house to chat about it and she offered me a cool drink as it was so hot..... We sat drinking and chatting and I was really getting horny for her and I asked her - it must be hard not having her hubby around for long periods of time... And she said to me it's ok I'm used to it but I don't mind, I have a lot of things to keep me occupied... I asked her like what?, and she said she said to me, well hopefully you can keep me occupied... And she told me she liked it when I come around and she looks and stares at me through the window and always wonders what I would be like in bed... Wow I was so taken aback. she stood up and came and sat on the couch next to me and she said I noticed you looking at me earlier, did you like what you saw?, and before I could answer she started to rub my cock and he was so hard already... she said definitely you liked what you saw!... We started to kiss, french kissing her mouth deep and hard. I moved my hand up her dress and she had no panties on at all, her pussy was clean shaved and was wet. I lifted her dress up and I moved her onto her back and I started to finger and tongue fuck her pussy, mmm she was so sweet and she was dripping wet... I was now playing with her tits, got her nipples so hard she was moaning.... she stood up now, had me totally naked, and she knelt in front of me and took my cock in her mouth and licked and sucked my cock with vigour as like she had never seen cock before... she told me her hubby hates his cock being sucked.... I told her she can suck my cock as much as she wants...... she by now had me so hard and horny, she told me she wanted to be fucked over the couch, she put the condom on, and she bent over the chair. I inserted my cock into her now very wet and wanting pussy. We started fucking each other on a tandem, moving with each stroke, she was moaning and groaning... We fucked each other hard and came together..... was so good...... she took me by my hand and went to shower......We now fuck on a regular basis...