Written by Bigmangent

28 May 2019

After a good workout in the local gym a couple of years ago, feeling so good with the endorphins released in my body, I had to walk past the beauty salon towards the exit. This well groomed lady of Egyptian descent (I later found out) was busy doing a client's nails in the window space. I caught myself staring at her and she glanced back at me while talking to her client.

I thought to myself, there is something about her that makes her extremely sexy to me. She was average built, with glasses and had a very sexy way of doing things.

Weeks went by and on my way out of the gym, the usual glances at each other......

It was until one day I mustered up enough courage to actually go and talk to her. I have never walked up to someone and bluntly asked them out, never mind asking for a fuck, which at that time was all that raced through my mind....

One morning I parked in my usual spot making sure that I had my towel and belongings in my backpack. All ready to go, I saw her walk out of the shopping centre entrance toward the ATM. I thought that this was my chance, and if she rejected me, I would be okay with that. I walked up to her and introduced myself. She was looking at me as if I was a detective coming to place her under arrest. I asked her what her name was, and then told her that I had noticed her while walking past the beauty salon each day, and that I wanted to take her out for coffee. She replied in a foreign accent, which happened to be Egyptian, that she would be happy to. We exchanged numbers and she later asked me if this was a joke or a setup as nobody had ever came up to her like that before. I assured her that it was not a setup, nor a joke and that I really wanted to take her out.

She lived in a bachelors flat not far away, and we arranged one evening for me to come over for coffee. We laughed and talked about random subjects, including where she came from and how she ended up in South Africa working as a nail technician. We really enjoyed the evening and we ended up kissing. We kissed for about ten minutes non-stop, and I directed her hand toward my crotch. She did not resist and rubbed my rock-hard cock through my trousers. I progressed to opening my zip but she stopped me and said that she's not gonna jump in bed with me on the first date.

I have to mention that me and the wife was separated at the time and we were taking a break to sort our issues out.

On the second date I took her out for pizza, and we then went back to her place again to spend the evening. We ended up kissing again, and again I placed her hand on my crotch. To my surprise she opened up my trousers and took my member into her hand all while we were still kissing. She slowly wanked my cock back and forth and I started to undress her. Both of us were in a total trance as we discovered each others' bodies. She had perky tits, about an A or B cup and a perfect round ass with nice legs.

I started fingering her on the bed while kissing her tits and running my tongue over her erect nipples. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft and licked my scrotum when she got to the bottom of the shaft. I watched in awe as she devoured my cock. I laid her on her back and she was shivering as I parted her legs. The glistening of the juices that was evident on her pussy. I buried my face between her thighs as I gently caressed her pussy and tasted her while running my tongue through her wet slit. Finally I got to plough my cock into her tenderness. She came multiple times until I couldn't hold back any longer, I finally spewed my man juice all over her belly.

This specific encounter will go down as one of my most memorable moments. One I will remember fondly!