Written by Muff Daddy

12 Jul 2013

A couple of years ago during the December holidays my sister in laws family came to stay by us for the Christmas celebrations. My wife had to work including weekends. One Saturday morning after dropping my wife at work I went back home. My in laws came and fetched the grand kids mine and my sister in law. My sister in laws husband had gone out the previous evening to friends and had come in late and was still sleeping.

I made us coffee and chatted awhile after the coffee she said she was going to take a shower. Now she is not that bad looking and I have all ways had a thing for her. I started cleaning the kitchen and she went off to shower. A couple of minutes later I went to our bedroom to get the coffee cups there to take to the kitchen. On the way back I passed the bathroom and saw that the door was not closed properly. I decided to take a peek. All I saw was her shadow through the shower curtain. I liked what I saw.

I closed the door and moved to the kitchen. A short while later I heard the bathroom door open. She popped into the kitchen and asked if she could use my wife's hairdryer. I said yes of course and off she went. Couple of seconds later she calls from the room that I must come and help. I get to the room and she is sitting on the stool in front of the dressing table but the dryer isn'"t plugged in. I take the plug from her lent over and plugged it in to the plug. While doing so I caught a glimpse of her boobs that was peeking out of her nightgown.

She started to dry her hair and I started to chat to her. I had a good view from a reflection in the mirror. Now my wifes hairdryer is a huge hand held thing. After a few minutes she complained that her arms and shoulders were getting sore. I made a joke and said that I will give her shoulders a massage and stood up behind her and started to rub her shoulders.

She started to laugh and said that it felt good. I shifted the gown down her shoulders and carried on massaging. She started to relax and I started to enjoy it.

After a couple of minutes I slowly moved my hands down to her boobs and slowly caressed them she let out a sigh and smiled and asked what do I think I am doing. I left them alone but she turned stood up and kissed me full on the mouth. At the same time she let her gown fall to the floor. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. I had bargained for this. She closed the bedroom door and started to undress me, I only had a short and Tshirt on. She has the most beautiful size 32C boobs and shaved clean pussie. She pushed me down on the bed and went to work on my rock hard cock.

She gave the most delicious BJ. I stopped her laid her down on the bed and we went 69. Me eating her and she sucking me. After about 10min of eating,sucking and slurping I asked her to get onto her knees, her pussie was dripping and wet as I entered her. I started slowly pumping her while playing with her tits she started to moan that she was close to cumming I grabbed her on her hips and started to pound her, she had to grab a cushion to muffle her scream. We came together me deep in her our cum dripping down her legs. We collapsed in a heap on the bed. We kissed and she said she would have to take a shower again. And off she went.

I returned to the kitchen to finish the dishes.