Written by Magic_1

13 Jan 2015

So I lived in CT for a few years... At the begining of 2008, moved down... fresh with only a few buddies from Durban. A friend of mine from Durbs had a chinese mxit contact that I had been offering all sorts of insentives to get, ( having seen a picture of her body through him ). So after months of him rubbing in on how mad about sex she was, he eventually conceded.... Now, all that was left was to turn on the charm.

I failed miserably in hindsight! With all the hormones backed up and knowing how insanely hot this 19 year oriental nymph was... all I could do was talk about sex. Always reluctantly, she ended up taking the bait, and after a week of face pic swapping, she agreed to supper with me, even after a failed joke about me massaging her if she did. I made a point of never comming across as desperate, but my intentions were always clear.

The night came, and to her suprise I whipped out major sophisticated game. Im talking pungent humor dashed with broad intellect and smooth conversation. I never suggested any hint toward how she looked even better in person, or how her perky beasts and smooth milky skin made my cock swell up in my pants on numerous occassions, how the shape of her g-string hugging her firm ass against her clutching evening dress made me want to move to china!

After a thoroughly enjoyable night, she offered me a ride home as I didnt have a car in cpt, and as I assume to jump out, she drops the line... "so what about my massage?" .... I felt like droppinv to my knees and thanking God for his grace. No exaggeration, this chick could have married Brad Pitt with her looks, charm and body, and mind u... I'm not that bad on the eyes myself!

She comes up, we talk a while I light up a few candles, pour some wine and take a seat next to her.like clockwork she turns, exposing her back amidst her strappy dress top... Now the reason my nick is Magic is Ive always had magic hands when it comes to matters of touch.. with a hint of baby oil and soft music setting the tone, my fingers worked at her shoulders and back... she moand softly while I grew the most solid erection... I could feel my veins about to pop, and I couldnt help but place my lips onto her neck.

I placed soft kisses strategically against her smooth skin as her moans turned to those of lust. Reaching over she shoulder she grabbed my oily hand and placed it over her firm c-cup breast, I tool the que and slipped my hand into her dress. Her nipples grew hard at the first touch of my fingertips and by now it was my warm tounge sliding gently up her neck... It took all but 2 minutes for her to stand up, turn around and drop her dress to the floor.

Her body was perfect, bra off she sat on me kissing me while her naked breasts pressed against my chest. I was so hard by then... and she could feel my solid shaft against she crotch while she dry rode me.

I drop her to the couch, switching positions... and in a single motion had her completely naked, with her feet on my shoulders.. I teased her first... kissing her thighs... having my lips brush against her already wet pussy lips... she could feel my breath against her.. and while spreading her open.. I placed my lips over her swollen clit... covering it with my warm, moist mouth... and gently sucked. I muffed and fingered her till she cam right in my mouth... then standing up and dropping my pants... exposing my hard, meaty cock... she couldnt help but grab a taste. Naturally by then all I wanted to do was shove myself inside her... which I soon did.

She was tight... even after all the foreplay my size seemed to hurt her. But she didnt complain. She took it with the pain, and that drove me more insane.. we fucked. I fucked her. Missionary with her feet on my chest, her manicured toes curling as I rammed my shaft deep inside her soaking we pussy. She felt every stroke! After a while I pulled out, and as if reading my mind she bent over for me... her cum was all over my thick cock by then, and I rubbed it over her ass and pussy, a little tease before ramming myself deep into her again. She was loud then hey... and I was fucking her as hard as I could by then.. my thumb in her ass...

A little while into it she told me to stop... it was hurting her now. I oblige, sweaty and almost out of breath myself... shes panting.... I drop next to her, and she gets on her knees... she sucks me till I cum all over her breasts.

She stayed the night and we actually used to see one another on the regular. We're still friends actually, even tho I moved back and we have shared many insane kinky nights in more places than im legally allowed to say.

Will never forget that night my lil squirter!!!