Written by Anon

17 Jan 2018

She rushed home from work as fast as she could. He was coming around that evening but did not have much time as he was due out at a business function.

She got home and immediately dropped her clothes and got into the shower to rinse off the day. She quickly did some pampering - shaving her pussy until it was silky smooth and rinsing her ass in excited anticipation. She knew time would be tight but she still wanted to be ready for whatever he had planned for her. She was flushed with lust and desire and could not wait for him to arrive.

She was already wet with anticipation but could not resist fingering herself in the shower, both her pussy and her ass, closing her eyes in breathless anticipation of his touch and his beautiful cock.

No sooner had she stepped out of the shower and dried off she heard the front door bell chime. Wrapping the towel around her she buzzed the front door to let him in.

Her heart skipped as he came around the corner with a broad smile. He held out a bunch of pink roses, her favourites, before kissing her deeply and giving her a huge hug. She could feel his cock pressing against her. She broke away, a little flushed and pulled him inside.

He pulled the towel off her and ran his hands all over her naked body. He lent forward and took a nipple in his mouth, his teeth gently nibbling and biting her. She moaned in ecstacy. He did the same to the other nipple causing her to cry out in delicious agony. She felt her pussy responding as the jolt of pleasure and pain shot through her.

As she put the roses in a vase with water he poured them each a glass of wine. He was undressing as he poured the wine and turned to her naked to give her the glass. She took in the sight of his naked body and felt giddy with excitement. His rigid cock looked delicious. There was already a drip of precum oozing from it.

She put down her wine glass and without a word knelt and took his cock in her eager mouth. He moaned as she stroked his balls and as she licked away the precum. Slowly she took his full cock in her mouth. She glided her wet tongue along the shaft and around the head building up the tension for them both.

As she took him deep into her throat he held her head forcing her to gag. As she gagged she immediately squirted onto the kitchen floor.

She was soaking wet and wanted him inside her so badly.

Resisting her attempts to get him to fuck her there and then he lifted her onto the kitchen counter and pushed her down on her back. He then started to tease, nibble, lick and suck her pussy.

She cried out with pleasure as he slipped two fingers into her while he continued to lick, suck, bite and gently smack her swollen pussy and clit. As he finger fucked her gspot his mouth worked her to a shuddering orgasm.

He was ready. He bent her over the counter. Her back was arched and her throbbing pussy was soaking wet. She was panting with anticipation. He slid his cock slowly into her pussy, teasing her by pulling out and then just nudging in and then out again and again. She groaned and pushed back trying to get more cock into her but each time she did he pulled back and out. Eventually he pushed all the way in - she gasped with undisguised raw lust. He held still deep inside as her pussy contracted around him trying to draw more of him in. Slowly he started to move and began to build momentum, thrusting harder and harder. She was panting, begging for him to go harder and deeper. Eventually she exploded as her orgasm tore through her.

He withdrew slowly but held her down on the counter. Her juices dripped onto the floor between her feet.

No sooner had she got her breath back she felt his still rock hard cock pressing against her ass. Using her juices as lube he slipped a finger into her ass and started to finger her ass. She loved anal with him and shivered with anticipation. She could not wait. She felt him slide his cock in slowly. His cock felt so good as it filled her up. She started to move against him as he began to thrust deep into her. He held her thighs tight as he fucked her ass - she groaned and begged him to go harder and harder, deeper and deeper.

She felt an orgasm building as he started to moan and growl, a basic animal growl. She knew he was close. Together they came as waves of pleasure and release washed over them.

He withdrew, turned her around and kissed her deeply.