Written by Anon

15 Jan 2018

He slipped the blindfold onto her. Her breath caught as her senses kicked up in anticipation. Her mouth felt dry and she gently bit on her lip. She was excited.

She then felt her bra being unhooked and dropped on the floor. His fingers danced slowly down her back and he dragged his nails across her skin.

She sensed him moving to stand in front of her. Then she felt his fingertips gently caress her breasts and then suddenly tweak and twist her nipples. She gasped at the sharp pain and felt a warm jolt of pleasure flood her pussy. The nipples filled with blood and hardened with his touch.

Immediately she felt him slipping her panties off. Again she felt his fingers caress her back and down across her ass cheeks. She arched back against his touch, her breathing now urgent and rough.

She stood still, waiting in anticipation, her breathing short as she felt her heart beating fast as the tension mounted.

Her legs were forced apart and her ankles were fastened to the bar. She felt exposed knowing her sex was now clearly visible. The moist drops of her wetness now visible on her pussy lips as her desire built up.

She heard him undress and drop his clothes on the floor.

Her lifted her arms and her hands were then each tied at shoulder height to the grill. His hard cock brushed against her thigh as he tightened the rope. She pushed back against him feeling his cock hot against her skin. She wanted him so badly.

She waited as she heard him rustling in his bag. Her skin felt hot and her senses were screaming in anticipation.

She felt his hand on her ass, stroking her, then his fingers gliding briefly between her legs and across her now dripping pussy lips. She arched against his hand trying to feel more of him but he withdrew and stood waiting behind her.

She felt the pin wheel rolling across her back and down across her ass cheeks. The sensation drove her crazy with desire - each pin prick exciting her more. She felt it roll between her legs and then across her pussy lips. She shuddered and squirted as the pin pricks rolled over and across her clit. She gasped and felt light headed hanging on the grill - unable to move. Her back was arched as she pushed her pussy back at him.

Realising how close she was he pulled her ass back more and bent her forward. She felt his cock nudging against her pussy, stroking up and down. Then he flicked her throbbing clit with his finger - she squirted again. She moaned as he slipped two fingers inside her. He started to rub against her gspot, she was panting as he thrust his fingers in and out.

His other hand tweaked and twisted her nipples again and she gasped at the pain and pleasure of his touch. Her pussy clamped around his hand as he continued to stimulate her.

Just as she felt she would explode her took his hand away and plunged his hot hard cock into her dripping pussy. She screamed with delight.

He drove into her while fingering her clit with his free hand. She felt the orgasm building slowly in her until it erupted and she felt herself gush her hot juices over his cock. Then he too growled and came with a primal roar. She felt his cock pumping into her pussy and clamped herself around him in absolute carnal heaven.

He withdrew and untied her, lowering her gently onto the couch, her legs weak and her entire body trembling with pleasure.