01 Apr 2016

I was at a shopping centre in the Edgar's wantibg to buy a pair of jeans. My butt just keeps expanding so I had to try on a few pairs to get yge right pair. So off I went to the changeroom. All the stalls were full except the last one so I went in, hung my jeans and was taking my dress off when I heard grunting. I stopped and listened. It stopped, I must have imagined it. I continued with what I was doing when I heard more grunting. This time it was followed by soft female moaning. Oh wow! There was a couple having fun in the change room. I wanted in. Fuck! It sounded horny. They were trying not to make noise but the stifled grunts and soft moans were a dead give away, any adult in that change room knew what was happening.

I was in my panties and somehow my hand gravitated to my pussy and I started plating. Imagining it was me being fucked in a change room. Oh how I wanted it.

I don't know what they were doing but when I heard a small gag I assumed she was sucking his cock. He was breathing heavily and i magined myself in there with them. I was rubbing my pussy slapping my clit for them to hear how horny they were making me. Sure enough, I heard him kinda let go and cum. I came with him. I heard a door open, he must have gone, I heard the same door open and close again. I watched some porn on my phone and made myself cum.