Written by Ordinary_Sexual

01 Dec 2017

Mentally tired I walk into the restaurant after the shops and go order a drink. I face the window and stare at the kite surfers and joggers etc. Not sure how long I sat there and my phone goes ping...a funny video from a friend and I start laughing out loud. I notice movement in front of me few min later but don't look up. A glass is pushed in front of me. I frown and look up.

"I hope you don't mind. I can leave". I still just look at this tall blonde sunburnt & yes goddamn sexy man. "I had to tell you, do you know how your face changes and lights up when you laugh, and seeing your eyes up close now...my god"

I thank him for the drink & reply "and thank you for the compliment" but at same time thinking....men....

"I'm just visiting cape town. And..may I add, your voice also suits you. May I sit? I'm Richard". It takes me 2 seconds to think "you want a quick fuck while visiting cape town and saw me sit alone and now feeding me lines...OK...let's play...and I give him a fake name, seeing I'm never going to see him again.

He goes on to say "if I may be so forward, before you laughed, your face said a thousand words...I was too scared to approach you". Before I can think I say "Have you ever hated someone so much, your hate nauseates you as you know it's wrong yet it boils inside you, goosebumps daily as your skin crawls few times a day from hate? That's what you saw my dear." I smugly look at him thinking "and now you can fuck on off...as sexy as you are"

He stares at me for a few seconds and replies....yeah..I know exactly. We stare at each other...my eyes notice his muscular arms and down to his thighs and up to his groin. He clearly watches my eyes go down and back up to his face. He bursts out laughing and I can't help but laugh. "Aaahh there's that sexy face". We chat for about 2 hrs about life etc. And then I think..what the fuck..I'm never going to see him again & say "so I guess you want to fuck me really".

His eyes widen.."um...up....ok...do..you want me to fuck you? Or do you want me to make you hate less?" I smile and say "clever and sexy" I tell him to follow me home.

No point in wasting time...I show him the 1 bathroom and I go to the other and wash/freshen up. I go to the room in a towel and take out the condoms. He comes out & I shove it in his hand. "Try and be abusive or violate me, I scream" & with that I unbuckle his pants and drop it to the ground. I sit down on the bed and immediately start sucking his cock, which already is hard and quite big.

I twirl my tongue around his head and suck him in and back up for few min. I get up and fiercely kiss him while standing on my toes, pushing him up against the wall and his cock pressing against my stomach. "So you want to fuck me do you? A nice holiday fuck" and I grab his cock in my hand.

"Stop..stop" he exclaims. I'm shocked to my core...the adrenalin flattening. "Excuse me?" I say.

He looks down into my eyes and takes my face in his hands....and gently kisses me. Then he hugs me and just stands there hugging me. "What the fuck are you doing?" I say.

He lifts my face and again kisses me gently. "You're beautiful, and so fierce" Only then I realise he's still hugging me and I feel like backing away, but his kisses become deeper and sensual. A good kisser. He feels my rigid body relax in his embrace and only then his hands start exploring my body, my nipples my thighs.

He pushes me back on the bed & I lie down...his body causing my breathing to deepen as he takes his time to kiss me. His fingers parts my slit & I gasp as his two fingers gently grab my clit and tugs on it gently. "You are so wet" he says. His fingers sliding over my clit making my hips move in rhythm as I want him to go. He goes down and his tongue makes me moan and I push my pussy right into his mouth. His whole mouth and tongue swirls around my clit as he puts 2 fingers inside me. My wetness so audible as he finger fucks me while his whole mouth doesn't miss a beat sucking on me. And I start screaming, & he moans as I cum into his mouth. " you just got 5 times wetter"

He turns on his back and lifts me up and tells me to turn around in 69. Again he sucks on me and finger fucks me while I suck his cock. I suck harder and faster as I'm riding his face and hand faster and harder. I moan on his cock. And I hear him go "oooooh fuck you are dripping on my neck and face"

He takes the condom and puts it on..I want to climb on his cock and fuck him. But he tells me "no". And then this man I just met starts making love to me..slow deep sensual love while he strokes my clit at the same time, kissing me slow sensually.

Again I want to cum and say "please...please I can't anymore"

Only then he picks up speed and thrusts faster while rubbing my clit. I grab on to him and start screaming, and he waits til I fully Cum and gush on his cock. Only then does he pound me hard and deep..those last few strokes easing my orgasm. He asks me "can I cum now as well?" And he continues to fuck me, grabbing my face and kissing me while he moans into my mouth and Cums, again thrusting deep 4 times.

He holds me, rolls off and pulls me close. "You are fucking amazing. I don't even want to know how you are when you don't hate"