Written by Lomos

25 Oct 2017


I met my wife when I was an apprentice in 1964, she was the daughter of my Journeyman. We started dating when she was still in boarding school, coming home on weekends only. Our relationship started as a result of childish curiosity, the usual “show me yours and I’ll show you mine”. I was 18 and she was 15 at the time, so we dated for 4 years before we married a year after she left school when she was 19 and I was 22.

My work was such that we lived in the countryside in the Southern parts of Botswana, sometimes in the North-Western parts of South Africa in the Kalahari Desert and even the South-Eastern part of Namibia (then South-West Africa), mostly in a caravan and tents. When we were stationed in a certain area for a long time, we would rent a house in the nearest town and live there for the duration, for the shorter periods we then resided in the caravan and tents. Our set-up consisted of a caravan and tents with a kitchen and a workshop of prefabricated material.

The labourers lived on site in tents, going home some weekends, except for those on standby, who had to stay the weekend too, all by their lonesome self. They were mostly locals, meaning they lived in the area (the area being a few hundred square miles). Some weekends they did not even go home because of the distance they had to travel and with public transport limited to one bus per day per route; it could take the whole weekend traveling. This life had its advantages, but also disadvantages, depending on your frame of mind and your own likes and dislikes. My wife and I were dependent on each other for amusement and leisure in our spare time. Fortunately, we were still young and adventurous, enjoying the outdoors and most important, getting to know one another very well. Sometimes we would spend time with the labourers around a campfire and although we were worlds apart in some areas, we shared so many values. Our customs may differ, but we enjoyed many hours of laughter and jest, so much so that the first signs of familiarity started to show. The team consisted of five labourers; Manuel, who was the foreman, then Daniel the eldest, then Alfred, Samuel and John.

In the early 1970’s, South African law enforced separation of people, based on their ethnicity, called “apartheid”. It basically meant that Whites lived separate from Blacks, Coloureds and Asians, but in our work environment, we could not apply that rule as it was applied in the towns and cities. The labourers were mostly Black men, with the occasional Black lady as a cleaning lady. They lived in separate tents, but in close proximity of our camp. Some of the labourers were occasionally used for small tasks in and around our camp, as part of their duties, like gathering firewood, assist with moving heavy stuff around, or whatever else comes up. The one who usually assisted in and around the camp was John. He was of medium build, with a friendly nature, well-spoken and quite loveable according to my wife. They dress according to circumstances. When at work they would wear overalls except when we get to the stage where the work gets muddy, water and sediment flying and they have to stick to their positions. Before we enter that stage, all workers will strip off all their clothing and put on a loin cloth only, nothing more, nothing less, to limit the need for washing of clothes. This was an arduous task, usually performed by the women of the tribes and not something the men liked to do .

It happened often that when I’m on site and my wife is in camp alone, then John, doing his duties, will be alone with my wife in the camp. As a rule, the labourers feared the consequences of any

misdemeanour and would not dare to misbehave towards the boss’s wife, unless provoked to such an extent that retaliation is inevitable. Men didn’t take orders from women as a rule, but with the law as it was then, my wife could give orders and they had to comply or face the consequences.

Marinda, my wife, was always friendly towards the labourers and treated them with respect, as I did also. On numerous occasions we took the ones who went on weekend, to the nearest town, sometimes a hundred miles away, and save them a few hours waiting for a bus. Our team got along very well and the performance results were always better than the other teams in the Northern area. We usually rewarded the team with a barbeque and a few beers when they achieve above their set targets. We mixed freely with the team, joking and laughing, generally enjoying being together. There was a very relaxed relationship, because we respected each other’s boundaries. Both Marinda and I are fluent in the local language, Setswana, hence the freedom of interaction. At the end of the day when we all retire to our separate dwellings, we will be alone with our own ways.

Marinda and I shared a lot of fantasies and desires, sometimes just joking and teasing, other times we were more serious. We shared our thoughts and views on everything pertaining to sex, one of which was our sexual fantasies. Sex was still very much part of our daily routine, morning, noon and night. Marinda was what could be described as “hot”. She had curves in all the right places, and a pair of legs that one could only dream about, hence my constant desire to be between them. The way she dressed was also a turn-on. Because of the heat she wore the minimum, usually just a light summer dress and panties. The dress becomes see-thru when she is silhouetted against the light, causing a stir in the groin of every male in close proximity.

Some of these fantasies we dared to exploit with mixed results. One fantasy, which was still only a fantasy, was based on the perception that a Black man’s penis is bigger than the norm, and the thought of such a huge cock entering Marinda’s pussy was a huge turn-on for us both while the actual deed was not as appealing at that stage, but the more we talked about it the more at ease we became with the thought.

One day, just when we were about to enter the muddy stage on site and John was clad in his loin cloth only, I sent him to the camp to fix a leak under the sink. He had to lie on his back to reach the clamp. He put the screwdriver on the sink and crawled underneath. Marinda was in the kitchen when we got there, still in her nighty without panties. I asked her to just check on John while I went to the caravan to get my measuring tape. When I came back out, I saw Marinda standing next to John. He was on his back with his one knee bent, and with nothing under his loin cloth, she had a close view of his flaccid cock while she, standing next to him, gave him a look up her nighty with a view of her bare pussy. I stood still to see what would happen. John had moved so that he looked right up her nighty, his cock slowly growing to full hardness. Marinda took the screwdriver and handed it to him; saw where he was looking and moved back one step. She was now focussed on his erection. John tightened the clamp, and then asked Marinda to open the tap to see if the leak was stopped. When she bent forward to open the tap, she remained in that position for a short while. John took his time before he asked her to close the tap, enough time to have a good look at her bare pussy. When he got up his erection was quite visible and Marinda couldn’t take her eyes off it. I started forward so they became aware of my presence and John left while Marinda remained at the sink. I didn’t say anything but I knew I was going to use this incident to heat up our lovemaking that night.

Another time we had a black girl, Joyce, as cleaner and John tried his best to get into her pants. It was quite funny to watch the proceedings from inside the tent, but it was also arousing when he gained a bit of ground. It was obvious that the girl enjoyed John’s attention. The bulge in John’s pants was the evidence of his arousal. This sparked some interest and comments from Marinda about the size of his dick.

“He can breed a mare with that cock” she said.

Of course I grabbed the opportunity to test the waters, and casually asked whether she would be able to handle such a huge dick.

“Will you be able to handle something similar” I was cautious not to rush it, hence the reference to ‘something similar’, instead of direct reference to John’s cock.

“I think so, if I’m wet enough. How will you get yours as big as that?”

I moved behind her, putting my arms around her to cup her breasts. “If I’m not big enough, I will hire someone with a big cock”

“Ha-ha, think again” she said.

I kissed her softly in the neck. “You will be so hot when I’m done with you that you will be only too happy to get that huge dick in your pussy”

“Don’t start with that. You are treading on dangerous grounds” was her final say.

Thinking of the possibilities, I moved my hand down to touch her pussy over her dress. When she responded with a slight intake of breath, I knew she was aroused, so I moved my hand under her skirt and went straight for her pussy. She was wet, not dripping, but wet. The spying on John must have moved her more than she would admit.

We continued kissing and fondling for a while when, moving her panty to the side, I inserted first one then two fingers into her wet cunt. “This is how that big cock will feel”. She let out a soft “ooooh, oooh”, pushing her pelvis forward to force my fingers deeper.

“Are you as hot as Joyce?”

“Maybe more”

“Why more? What are you thinking about?”

“That big cock”

“Do you want a big cock?”

“Yes, put it in” she pleaded, but this opportunity was not to be wasted.

“Ok, here it comes” I pushed her against the table and bending at the knees I took my cock in my hand and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy. She kept her panty out of the way so I pushed and entered an inch or two. She grabbed me around the hips and pulled me towards her to force me in deeper. I held back to tease her some more.

“Do you feel his big cock?” She didn’t answer but moaned instead. She kissed me with more passion than before. I hesitated for a moment and asked: “Shall I call him?”

“Who?” I couldn’t detect whether she tried to fool me.

“John” I said as I kiss her again.


“Then who?” I nibbled her earlobe.

“I don’t know, just fuck me please”. I knew I gained a lot of ground and will bring up the subject again at a later stage. Progress was good. A few more times during foreplay, I will use the big dick theme to push her to wild orgasms.

She moved her ass onto the table and sitting on the edge I was able to properly penetrate. She cried out a few times. As I felt the build-up of a super orgasm, I slowed a bit and then whispered in her ear: “John and Joyce are watching us.” (They couldn’t see us as it was darker inside the tent than outside)She stiffened momentarily. I held her more tightly, picking up the pace. She tried to hold back for a few moments but then fucked me like it was going out of fashion. She wrapped her legs around me then pressed her face into my collar to stifle her cries, or rather shouts. Then suddenly and with a groan she erupted like a volcano, trembling from head to toe.

I just held her tight for a while until she finally stopped trembling and her breathing calmed. I was careful not to mention John or his big cock so as not to spoil the moment. I knew that next time the mention of John’s big cock will have a similar effect, and I will move closer to fulfilling our fantasy.

I didn’t notice any change in Marinda’s behaviour or actions after these encounters, not at the time, but thinking about it now, there were small things that she did differently. The Saturday after this encounter I heard John around the tent at about 06:00, as usual, while we were still in bed. Marinda got up, put her gown on (short and see-thru) to make coffee. She didn’t bother to put on her panties because it is only the two of us around. I got out of bed but remained seated on the bed to wait for my coffee. From where I sat, I had a view of the tent entrance and part of the kitchen. When she had made the coffee, she called to John to hand him his mug of coffee, something that Joyce normally did when she came in. John appeared in the entrance and Marinda handed him his mug and then talked to him about a few minor things, allowing him to have an eyeful of her clad in her gown only. She stepped closer to stand behind him and pointed to something outside, leaning forward with her arm outstretched over his shoulder, brushing her tits against his back. As she stepped back he turned around and looked at her, his eyes moving down to watch her tits, and then down to her crotch. They exchanged a few more words then he walked off and Marinda brought our coffee. I noticed her nipples were hard and straining against her gown but didn’t say anything.

It happened a few more times that Marinda created opportunities to seduce John. Once she sat down outside with her morning coffee, clad in her gown only, while John kept himself busy around her. I was in the workshop behind the workbench drinking my coffee. John busied himself in front of her, bending down to look at something, and then sat on his haunches, pulling out what looked like weeds, every now and then stealing glances at her. She must have given him a view up her gown because he stopped doing what he did and stared at her legs. She turned her upper body in my direction, I suppose to see where I was, and in doing so allowed her legs to drift apart. John’s eyes were fixed on her legs. She slowly stood up; smiling at John, then disappeared into the tent. I could see John’s erection from where I was standing.

A few more similar incidents happened over a period. I used the fantasy twice more with very good results. Even during the day when John is in the vicinity, Marinda would make suggestive remarks or become daring when I suggest that she expose her tits or her pussy to John. She never exposed herself directly in my presence, but often hinted that I should call John to have a look. When I get up to call him, she would chicken out, all in a playful way.

About three months after this episode, John was helping us in the large tent to move a few things around. He removed his shirt because of the heat outside. We get rid of unnecessary clothing quite often when the temperature reaches 30 deg C and more, sometimes up to 45 deg C. Joyce was also present and John got worked up around her. At one time his cock was ready to burst out of his pants. Marinda noticed it and when she looked at me saw that I was watching her. I smiled and winked at her. I noticed a little embarrassment but she kept on stealing glances every now and then. She was getting aroused. What she didn’t see was that John also noticed her interest in his erection. He fumbled with his cock when she wasn’t looking, to position it to be more visible and prominent.

Marinda wore a short summer dress with only panties, no bra. That’s the way she normally dresses in summer. No bra, sometimes no panties. It was too hot to bother with extra clothing, and besides, we were living in “the bush”. John should have been used to the way Marinda dressed, although in hindsight, he is a man, and for that matter, a virile young man. He was about 30 years old.

I had to do a small repair in the workshop. The workshop was a prefab building erected next to our spare tent. While I was busy there, Marinda and John continued to move and stack whatever there was to move and stack.

Marinda told me afterwards that she teased John about his infatuation with Joyce. She asked him if he got lucky with Joyce, to which he replied affirmative. “She is younger than you are and she is so small. Are you not afraid that you will hurt her?” she asked him.

“No” he replied, “She can take it, she is good”

“But you are too big for her”

“No, if she is wet, then it is easy. The wetter you are, the easier penetration is”

“I watched you the other day. I saw you trying to jump Joyce”

“Yes, she has to play around so that she can get wet enough”

Marinda felt the tingling sensation in her groin, thinking of Joyce’s arousal and the huge cock penetrating her wetness. She got bolder with John.

“Are all Black men as big as you?” she asked him.

“I don’t know. We are different sizes. I am not big; some men are bigger than me. “

“Then they must be very, very big. You are big” John touched his cock through his pants. Marinda stared at it openly. When he saw Marinda’s attention on his cock, he opened his fly and pulled his cock out. Marinda covered her mouth with her hand to show her surprise at the size of his cock. His cock was nearly fully erect, a huge black snake, then he put it back again. From inside the workshop I saw the movement and realized immediately that Marinda went further than she ever planned and that she is so mesmerized that she is out of control. I started to get hard. I moved to the side so that they will not see me.

Marinda must have realised the danger of losing control because she turned around and asked John to help her lift a few items onto the cupboards. I moved deeper into the workshop from where I can see them clearly without being seen. They worked for a while, still talking, jesting. Then she opened one cupboard to put something away and John had to lift an item to the top of the same cupboard. He stood behind her and stretched to reach the top, his cock brushing her ass. She stood motionless, letting him finish. When he moved away she held her position for a while longer, then turned around and walked away. They were both exited. John tried to stop her by holding onto her arm with one hand and with the other trying to feel her up. She hesitated for a moment and he managed to get his hand under her dress, but then she walked on.

“I want you” he said, taking his cock out again.

Marinda shivered visibly, turned back and took his cock in her hand. “No, we can’t do this. The boss will see us”

“I will be quick. Before he comes back I will be finished”

“It will take too long to get that big cock in me” John pushed his hand under her dress and touched her cunt. She cried out, and then looked around to see if anyone heard the cry.

“You are already wet enough. Stand against the table so I can put it in”

“No, John. Please. We can’t”

“You want it. I saw you. You know you want it too”

“Yes, I want it but I’m afraid”

“Don’t be afraid. You will enjoy it.”

He pushed her against the table and took his cock in his hand and pointed it against her entrance.

“No John, don’t. No. O God, no John” she cried and squirmed out of there, walking to the entrance looking in my direction to see if I perhaps noticed the incident. When she turned inside again John took her by the arm and moved her towards the spare bed in the tent. He was ready to take her there and then but Marinda turned herself out of his grip and walked towards the caravan. Only uncertainty kept her from giving in to his demands. John didn’t follow but kept himself busy for another minute before he also left.

That night in bed I teased her, suggesting that she was hot for John, which, of course, she denied. She admitted that she noticed his erection but denied that it had any effect on her. I didn’t push the issue, but instead started a discussion on Joyce and the effect that sex may have on her life. If she would fall pregnant from John, will they marry? Will he be able to afford the “lobola” (a price that the groom has to pay to the father of the bride, usually between ten and twenty cows, as was the tradition, and it still is)

Then the discussion turned to the opportunities for the two of them to have sex. I suggested jokingly that we allow them the use of the spare bed in the tent. I also suggested that she could watch them as they watched us once. She laughed at this and said it might turn into a threesome. This was the gap I needed.

I put my arm over her hip and rubbed her tummy just above her pussy, saying: “If you wait too long he will be too tired to service you as well”

“I don’t think I will be able to wait that long” she said.

“Then you will have to intrude and deny Joyce her orgasm”

“They will have enough opportunities to make up for it” By this time my hand was on her pussy and I worked the first digit of my middle finger into her wet slit and then out and onto her clit. She was soaked and breathing hard. She turned onto her back to make it easy for me to access her pussy. Her breathing changed to a fast and shallow breathing, sometimes gasping when I touch her clit.

“Will you just walk in on them or will you wait until John invites you in?” I asked.

“No, I will wait until he is alone. I don’t want a threesome” She replied.

“Then you will have to create the opportunity for you to be alone” I suggested.

“Like where and how?” she asked.

“Anywhere, anytime that suits you. If you want his big cock in you, then go for it”

“Easier said than done” was all she could say.

“Will you take your panties off before the time?”

“If I plan it, yes, then I will go without my panty on, otherwise I will take it off when needed” By now she was thoroughly soaked and moaning, bucking her hips.

“His cock may be too big for you” I said.

“If I’m as wet as I am now, he will just slip in”

“Have you seen his dick yet, do you know how big it is?” I had to ask.

“Yes” she said without thinking, then realising that she slipped she tried to change the tune but I didn’t give her a gap.

“When?” I asked quickly.

“You know about that day when he was with Joyce? Also, that day when he repaired the leak on the sink, I saw his cock. I saw it again today. I joked about his size and he took it out to show me when you were in the workshop” she answered softly.

“Did you touch it?”

“Yes, but only briefly” she took my dick in her hand and started to stroke it slowly.

“You should have used the opportunity to try it out”

“No, I’m afraid”

“What are you afraid of?”

“I didn’t know what your reaction will be. I know it has always been a fantasy, but it remains a fantasy”

“Fantasies sometimes come true”

“It may happen one day. If we continue with this fantasy and John gets another opportunity it might well happen.”

“Will you let it happen?” I pushed.

“If I’m as hot as I am now, I will not be able to control myself”

“Have you thought about how it will feel, that big cock inside you?”

“Yes, I thought about it today”

“Will it feel like this?” I asked, sliding two fingers into her pussy. She erupted with a series of convulsions and a cry that sounded more like the wailing of a child in distress. I kept my fingers in her until she calmed down, then I slowly removed my fingers and rolled over to settle between her legs. I entered her to the hilt in one stroke. Within a few strokes I shot my load and kept on pulsing until at last, I was spent. We fell asleep still locked in an embrace.

We didn’t talk about this fuck session or the fantasy for quite a while. We continued as usual with John and Joyce still very much sexually involved. They gave us a few more peeks and a few more arousing moments but nothing major. Marinda and I occasionally talked about it in a relaxed way without any major effect, but in the back of our minds the issue was lingering. Marinda avoided direct contact with John for a while, not yet sure if it was the right thing to let John fuck her, still she used every opportunity to watch him and to be watched.

Just before the April school holidays we decided to have a barbeque for the team before Marinda and I go for our annual leave. Seating arrangements were limited to two chairs, two homemade benches and a few cuts from tree trunks which were lower than a chair. Sitting on these trunks causes ones knees to be higher than ones butt. For a woman to sit on these and still be modest, she would have to keep her knees together.

I was at the fire most of the time. Marinda sat on one of the chairs except when she had to fetch stuff from the tent or to hand me a beer. On these occasions we drank a few beers each, but never so that anyone got pissed. The mood was always happy, full of jokes and jesting. We talked about everything, including sex. It always fascinated me to listen to the stories of the workers, stories of love and marriage, stories of parents and grandparents, but most of all the ease with which they talk about sex and the women they were after. Infidelity was not a concept in their minds. Men can never cheat, only women. Marinda vehemently opposed this view. This led to her being taunted and teased by the workers, all in good spirit. This time was no different. The argument was in full swing when Marinda got up from the chair and walked over to stand in front of Manuel. They argued for a while more, not gaining or losing any ground. Eventually, Marinda turned around but instead of aiming for the chair, she decided to sit on one of the trunks.

John and Samuel sat opposite her. Samuel got up and joined me at the fire, John remained seated. I noticed that John’s attention was riveted on Marinda’s lower body. When I looked that way, Marinda quickly brought her knees together. She must have let her legs drift apart, hence the reason for John’s attention. I turned away but made an effort to watch her without her noticing. She started to open her legs little by little, often looking to see where my attention is so that she will not be caught unawares. I made a point to engage Samuel in conversation to hide my interest in Marinda’s seduction of John. I only suspected that she deliberately opened her legs to allow John to see up her skirt. My suspicion was justified. Every time I look towards her, she would quickly close her legs, only to slowly open them again when I look away. John remained seated until the food was ready and they both had to get up. Marinda opened her legs wide when she got up to give John a full view of her panty covered pussy. I’m sure there was a wet spot visible. John had a visible erection when he got up.

While we ate Marinda sat next to me on the chair. I noticed that John swopped places with Alfred so that he may have another opportunity to see Marinda’s pussy. Marinda must have flashed him a few times during the meal because he squirmed in his seat and once moved his dick to hide his erection. When we were done we took the dishes away and cleaned the area. John took most of the stuff into the tent with Marinda on his heels. The rest of us were still outside. What happened in the tent only became known afterwards when Marinda told me.

John waited for Marinda to put her load down in the sink first. He was right behind her when he put his load down. Marinda was still in the bent position when John leaned forward to put his load down, his cock touching her butt. He kept it there for a moment before he moved away. Marinda looked at his erection and asked him: “Is that for me?” to which he answered “Yes Mam” She walked past him, touched his cock as she walked past saying: “Be careful, the boss will fire you.” He smiled at her: “Not if we are careful. “

They came out and joined us again, quite innocent. She excused herself to go to the toilet. She told me later that she removed her panties because she expected that an opportunity would arise to fuck John and she wanted to be ready because their time would be limited. Before that she was acting a little slutty around me, rubbing my back, kissing me in the neck. This was all signs of her being highly aroused and in the mood for fucking. I was looking forward to a hot fuck session later on; little did I know how hot.

While the others and I moved the barbeque stand to its storing place, Marinda took the chairs to the spare tent, calling to John to bring one of the benches. Marinda put the chairs away, walked to the table and lifted herself onto the table in a sitting position, her legs dangling below. John put the bench down then came and stood before her putting his hands on her thighs under her skirt. Marinda looked towards the entrance of the tent to see where I was. John took this as a sign that Marinda is ready and waiting. He continued directly to take off her panties, only to find that she’s not wearing any. His reaction was one of surprise. “Hau” he said (an expression of surprise in the local language) “You are ready” and proceeded to lower his pants.

Marinda was in two minds, hotter than ever before but afraid to get caught. She shivered with anticipation, excitement and fear, but her arousal was more than her fear. She grabbed John’s cock, opened her legs, pulled him closer and aimed his cock at the entrance to her now very wet cunt. Before he could enter, they heard us coming back and quickly separated and John pulled up his pants. John fetched the barbeque tools and took it to the kitchen.

The other four left right after we put the stand away. I saw Marinda and John in the tent and knew that something was going to happen. I called to Marinda to tell her that I will be in the workshop for another ten minutes.

Marinda took something to the caravan. Before she came out she squatted to clean a spot on the floor, exposing her cunt to John who watched her. Aroused as he was, he couldn’t let this pass. She went to the table and started wiping the table, bending forward to reach the other end of the table. John, knowing that Marinda was hot and ready, moved behind her as if to pass her, again rubbing his cock against her ass only this time it was fully erect and she felt it. She turned around and touched his cock. He opened his fly again and took his pole out. Marinda took it in her hand and started to stroke it. She stopped and walked away to the far end of the tent where the spare bed is. John put his cock back and followed her and stood before her. I tried to change position to be able to see them but I couldn’t, so I went behind the tent and got as close as possible. I could not see anything but the sound of their movements told the story. Marinda filled the rest of the detail in later.

Marinda sat down on the bed in the far corner, spreading her legs. Her pussy was literally dripping. John did not even bother with further foreplay; he pushed her onto her back and lowered himself, went straight for the love tunnel. He entered her with ease. She cried out as he entered her and he started pumping away. Marinda wrapped her legs around his body and moved her hips to meet his every thrust. Making love was not in their minds, their lust for each other and the long drawn out seduction and limited available time made for fucking without abandon. He suddenly tightened his grip on her ass and increased his tempo. Within seconds he groaned and shot his load in her pussy. He wanted to pull out but Marinda kept him inside. “I’m not finished yet, you must let me finish as well” she said. He pushed her back onto the bed, lifting her legs over his shoulders and slowly pumping, keeping his cock alive. He pulled his cock out and let it slide onto her clit, then let it slip back in, repeating it a few times until she started bucking her hips, uttering short staccato cries. Cum spilled everywhere. Fortunately, his erection lasted a while longer, and hoping for a second orgasm, he pushed his cock home. Marinda grabbed his ass, pulling him into her harder, deeper, hissing sounds escaping through her clenched teeth. Then she erupted. She bit into John’s shoulder to stifle her cries. John increased the tempo, hoping to cum again while he has the opportunity. Marinda held onto him tight until her trembling stopped, then moved out from under him quickly. John tried to hold her there so that he can shoot his second load, but she wouldn’t wait, she was afraid of being caught in the act. When they separated, Marinda went into the caravan to clean up while John lingered for a few minutes before he left.

I was so focussed on proceedings in the tent that I didn’t see Joyce coming back. She saw me with my cock in my hand and hid behind the mobile kitchen to watch me. I didn’t want to cum because I was saving myself for the best fuck after what happened in the tent. As I turned to move back inside the workshop, I saw Joyce watching me. She must have watched for a while getting aroused, perhaps hoping to fuck the boss. I called her into the workshop with the intention to prevent her seeing John with my wife. She stood next to me behind the row of cupboards looking at me then looking down to my erection. I realised that she expected me to fuck her; she could see my arousal and it was just natural that she would allow me to fuck her. I reached out to touch her ass. She was fully aroused. She did not even flinch when I touched her. She looked down at my erection and smiled. I lifted her skirt. She was also naked under her skirt as she had a habit of not wearing panties like most other. She turned around and bent over, lifting her skirt to expose her ass. This was their favourite position, the reason for it would take too long to explain and it will only develop into a debate. I did not even aim; I pushed forward and entered her with ease. She was so wet, the juices was flowing down the insides of her legs. I fucked her as fast as I could and without thinking about any consequences. Within less than two minutes we both came. Hard, grunting, moaning, and breathing hard. Just as quick as it started, it ended and we went our separate ways knowing that this was not the last that we will see of each other.

Twenty minutes later I left the workshop and went back to our living quarters. John had left by then and Marinda had time to clean herself, still under the impression that her encounter with John was their secret. Marinda was sitting on the couch when I came in. We sat down to unwind and talk about the day, carefully avoiding the one thing that is burning inside us both.

When we got up to go to bed, I took Marinda in my arms and thanked her for the evening and her contribution to the success of the evening. I kissed her a few times feeling her up as we normally do before we go to bed. She didn’t want me to touch her pussy, playfully turning this way and that way. When I grabbed her around the midsection and held her tight with one hand, trying to get my other hand under her dress, she stopped me with the excuse of a full bladder and went to the outhouse. I didn’t mind because I knew that once in bed, we will get more serious. When we finally were in bed, she reached over to put the lamp out. I moved closer and spooned her taking a nipple between my fingers and rolling it slowly, then moving lower to cup her pussy.

“This is my pussy. I want to put my big cock in this pussy” Her reaction was immediate, a sharp intake of breath through clenched teeth.

“Where will you get a big dick to put in my pussy?” she asked with a smile.

“I will borrow John’s” I expected her to freak out but she asked playfully: “Do you think it will fit?”

“I think so” I inserted a finger between her cunt lips knowing that it will still be wet and juicy. I continued to finger her pussy and kissing her in the neck and along her shoulder while rubbing my erection against her ass.

“Maybe if I’m wet enough”

“Are you wet enough?” As if I didn’t know.

“Almost. Keep doing what you’re doing”

I kissed her deeply, moaning with anticipation, pressing my hard-on between her ass cheeks. When I touched her clit she responded with short gasps and short high-pitched cries. When I knew she was on the brink of an orgasm, I whispered in her ear: “Shall I call John to put his huge cock in your wet pussy?”

“I can’t allow that. It will ruin our marriage” she said. I had to keep my cool to let her think I wasn’t aware of her encounter with John.

“No, it won’t. What if I give you permission to fuck him?” I inserted two fingers into her cunt and finger fuck her.

“I don’t know, it doesn’t sound right” She turned onto her back.

“Do you want his big cock?” I rubbed her clit faster.


“Can you take it?” She was close now.

“Yessss” Then she arched her back and cried out “I’m cumming, ahhh” She clamped my fingers in her cunt. I kept my fingers still inside her wet cunt until she calmed down. I kissed her for a long time then took her nipple in my mouth and suck on it. I moved on top of her and let my cock slide between her legs along her wetness. I kept on pumping slowly keeping my cock between her ass cheeks. She took my cock and inserted it into her cunt lifting her hips to take me in.

I fucked her slow motion

“How do you know if you can take it?” She did not answer. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. She kissed me in the neck and asked: “Will you be mad at me if I fuck John?”

“Why do you ask me that, do you want to fuck him?”

“I want to know if you will be mad at me before I answer you”

“Alright, no, I will not be mad at you”

“I saw his cock again today. It is huge”

“How did that happen?” I asked as if I didn’t know. Then she told me how it happened that John exposed his cock to her.

“Did you touch it?”

“Yes” her voice was soft and husky, sexy.

“What does it feel like?”

“Incredible. I lost it”

“What do you mean you lost it? Did he fuck you?”

“Yes” soft, almost inaudible.

“How was it?”


“Just hot?”

“No, very hot. It was scary and incredibly erotic at the same time. I was so scared that you would walk in on us. I tried to stop it but I was too far gone already. I shouldn’t have teased John about Joyce. We talked about them and I mentioned that we saw them and that he was too big for her. That was when he took out his cock and showed it to me. I just had to touch it. I almost lost it there and then. But tonight I couldn’t control myself. Thinking about it so much and waiting for an opportunity made me all the more eager. He was onto me the whole evening just waiting for his chance and I made a gap for him. When you took the stand to the store it almost happened but you came back too soon, but when you said that you will be in the workshop for ten minutes, I knew that this was the chance that we were waiting for. I’m sorry………..”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. I’m not mad at you. This was one of our fantasies, remember. Besides, I watched you from the workshop” I kept quiet about Joyce.

“You did? Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, very much. So much that I want to give you another huge orgasm. But first you have to know this. I saw Alfred’s dick today when he urinated. If you think John has a big cock, think again. Maybe I will send Alfred to help you around the camp.

“Just fuck me, please. We can talk about Alfred another day. Now I just want you to fuck me until I can’t take anymore”