09 Apr 2017

I wandered into the valley last week. I was looking for trouble. My groin was pulsing and I felt a need to be touched. I walked on purpose to find a trail which dog walkers frequent and laid out my blanket. I was wearing a skirt no knickers. I lay down on the blanket and pulled my knees up. Arranged my skirt so that it just covered my pussy and opened my legs ever so slightly. I was already so wet I felt uncomfortable. I closed my eyes, lay back and waited. Every so often I let my hand snake into my pussy to touch my clit, sink my finger into myself and taste. I could not wait. At last, as expected, I heard the footsteps. I kept my eyes closed but I could feel the wet slick pumping out of me. There was no movement. I reached down and pulled my skirt up. Exposed. Reached down and plunged my hand into myself. Pulled it out and licked. I heard an intake of breath. My legs opened a little more and A tongue flicked in. My hips arched up plowing my pussy into his face. His fingers delved, his tongue probed, my clit swelled, bulged, exploded. I grabbed his head and forced it down. Bucking under his assault. I came loudly wildly and wet in his face. He gulped all that I spurted into his face. Lapping up all I gave him. He leaned forward, opened my legs more and plunged his cock into my warm and wet pussy. He rode me hard I felt his cock explode. I heard his moans and for a second time my pussy met his cum at equal measure.

I never opened my eyes. He left and later I got up. Went home. But the next day I was back. Fucked again by a man that I have still not seen.