27 Apr 2017

I've always had fantasies about CFNM (Clothed female naked male), and love voyeurism and exhibitionism, so have always been on the lookout for people who enjoy the same. It's not easy to find like-minded people and so my journey of discovery has been a long but none the less thrilling experience. But in the last week a real fantasy came true for me at last and it was all and more that I'd hoped it'd be.

I'd been talking with a lady on another platform and we seemed to make a good contact, so progressed to some limited pics and videos and she just wanted more and more which as a total turn on for me. I then built up the courage to explain that I have the fantasy of CFNM and explained what it's about and what a turn on this is for me. To my surprise she liked the idea and asked if she could help or be part of it? Shaking with anticipation, we discussed this and what it would mean. Again to my surprise she said she agreed that this was very erotic and wanted to do it. We agreed a date, time and venue and I had to then sit through a few agonizing days while I waited for this to all come about!! My mind always saying it'll never happen because that's my luck....

The day came this last Tuesday and I traveled to the venue and waited till the coast was clear (she has family living with her) and then on getting the all clear I drove around. She greeted me at the door and took me through to a large room with a big bed and separate toilet and bathroom. She then took a seat on a stool near the bed and asked if she could watch everything, even me getting undressed and becoming erect.... WHAT A TURN ON!!!

I undressed and watched as she watched me intensely, and then I lay down on the bed and proceeded to put on a cock ring and even though I was already very erect this added to the effect. Then I proceeded to play and edge for more than an hour while she changed position many times to get different views, and asked questions and asked me to do different things she'd always wanted to see and discuss about what I was doing, and this carried on until I couldn't hold back any more and at that time she came very close to watch me cum - and did I cum!!!

She then asked if she could clean me up which again I was so glad to experience!!! We plan to meet again soon as she has a female friend that's very keen to come and watch as well and this will be yet again another fantasy I've always wanted to experience and will be able to live out, but that will be another story for me to add to this site........

Anyone else like this fetish and fun, please don't hesitate to contact me. More to follow :-)