26 May 2016

The Thursday night after I finished fixing my friends oven she called me to thank me for the effort I put in to fix her oven. She also wanted to know “more” about what happened the first day because I normally fix small problems in an hour or so. Cathy and I played together so she knows that I cannot refuse an opportunity if it arises.

Cathy is a brunette with a petite figure but oh my, she is a devil when we are alone. She invited me to “assist” her the Saturday night with the party. She recon she needs a male to keep everything flowing. Now I know she is more than capable of doing so by herself as she has done it dozens of times before. Since my wife was away to her sisters to help with an emergency, and I had nothing better to do, I accepted the invitation. My wife and I helped Cathy before so I knew it is hard work.

The afternoon of the party when I arrived at Cathy’s place the staff was already busy loading all the food to take to the venue. Cathy invited me in while they finished and since we played on a regular base she was curious to know what exactly happened the Wednesday when I fixed the oven. I told her and I could see she was aroused by the thought of it. She then commented that she had a suspicion that Naledi would be a sport but never would have thought that Thando would be that open.

Naledi was surprised to see me so soon, Thando was not there she and her boyfriend had planned something so she could not work that night. Naledi looked very sexy in her waitress uniform and it took my mind back to Wednesday, giving me an instant hard on.

The night went well without any problems and I could see that Naledi is a favourite with the guests, specially the male guests. That worked me up even more. Cathy noticed it as well and while passing me, commented that we should ask Naledi to stay the night so the three of us could have some fun. I never thought Cathy would suggest something like this, she admitted that my story earlier aroused her so that she cannot focus on anything else.

During the course of the evening I made sure to brush against Naledi and we even had a nice long kiss in the dark. That was super arousing knowing that some of the guests could not get her out of their minds and just a few meters from them she was kissing me with passion. During one of my passionate moments with her, I asked her if she would like to stay and “play” with Cathy and me.

She could not believe me asking her to play with the “Boss”. I then told her that Cathy and I play whenever we get the opportunity and that Cathy asked me earlier about the Wednesday. I also told her that I described our event in detail to Cathy and it was Cathy’s idea for her to stay the night.

Naledi got in front of the truck with Cathy and me when driving home. On the way home Cathy and she started to touch and kiss. Cathy and I never had a threesome before as my wife does not believe or condone this. This was a big turn on for me seeing these two beautiful women enjoying each other, I nearly made an accident. We dropped the other staff members at their designated points and one asked Naledi why she doesn’t get off as well. She replied that she forgot her house keys at the “Bakery” as they call it.

After we dropped the other staff these two had no boundaries and took off their clothes and started to feel, kiss and lick. I just had to join in the fun and parked the truck in a dark spot next to the road.

I can’t remember taking off my clothes but soon was naked with them. Each of them took my cock and balls, stroked and played with it while they carried on with their business with each other. I came shooting my load over both their bodies, at this time the two of them were also at a point of no return and both came with load noises of enjoyment.

I started the truck and drove home, we did not bother to put our clothes on as the truck goes to the back and being so late nobody would notice us. We jumped in the shower; unfortunately there is only place for two so I had waited my turn. Luckily for me when I finished the two of them had a surprise for me. When I exited they both grabbed my limp cock and started to blow life right back to it. What a feeling two gorgeous women around my dick. It wasn’t long before he was restored to his full glory and ready for action.

This time it was my turn to give the ladies pleasure. I first concentrated on Cathy’s pussy and played with my tongue. In, Out, Around, Across and on the outside. Teasing her with a soft sucking action and then let it go. She could not take it anymore and grabbed my head and pushed it into the moist pleasure. Meanwhile Naledi was playing with my balls and giving my dick much appreciated pleasure. At this time Cathy came and just relaxed lying in a state of exhaustion. I moved my attention to Naledi and did the same routine with my tongue. By now my jaw started to cramp but I wasn’t to let go of this opportunity. I sucked, liked and kissed for three or four minutes when Naledi also climaxed. She too grabbed my head and nearly chocked me. I had to battle to get my head away just to gasp for air.

By now the three of us were exhausted and just fell asleep in each other’s arms. We woke up just after seven just in time to clean up before the other staff arrives. They normally come in between eight and nine the following day after a function to unpack the truck and clean the dishes. When they arrived they were surprised to see Naledi was already there with the same clothes as what she arrived with the previous day.

After the rest of the staff left Cathy, Naledi and I relaxed in the lounge silently, each with a glass of wine, with their own thoughts. Mine were to definitely do this again only to include Thando next time. Wondering, what it would be with three hot women.