Written by redbruce

24 Oct 2017

A friend I know through this site (let’s call him Mr X) sent me a message – “Hi there. What are you doing later today?” I messaged him back, explaining that I was out of town for a few days. I asked why he wanted to know, and also asked “am I missing out on something interesting?”… He replied that I was, unfortunately, but that we could make another plan someday. I said I would let him know when I was back in town and available again.

Back the following week, I sent him a message saying I was home again, and asking “do you guys have anything interesting planned for this week?” I told him when I would be available to join in, if they were planning on having any fun. He said he’d let me know if they were able to organize anything.

A couple of days later I was hanging out alone at President Park, my favourite dogging spot, hoping that I might once again get to see some action there, when he messaged me. Excitement levels kicked up a bit! Maybe they would be able to come out to the site today…

He asked where I was, and if I was alone. I told him there was nothing happening out at the site, and that things were pretty boring. He said that they wouldn’t be able to get out to Springs, as they needed to go down to the Vaal to collect some stuff, and their time was very limited. But if I could meet them somewhere along their route, perhaps we could stop off somewhere and “have a bit of fun”… He suggested that I meet them near Carnival City, as he knew of a safe place not too far from there.

With mounting excitement I left President Park and headed off towards Carnival City. It looked like my day was about to improve!!

There’s a bit of a back-story to this, and maybe now is the time to mention it…

On a previous occasion I was out at President Park, and watching a couple who were about to get nice and intimate. I knew the guy, Mr T, who had told me that he and a lady friend of his would be out there at that time. I had been with and watched Mr T having fun on a couple of previous occasions over the years, and he also knows how much I enjoy watching. This lady friend, however, was new and nervous. She was from the local area, a married lady having some fun on the side, and was very concerned about the possibility of being seen and recognized by someone who might know her and her family. As a result, she and Mr T needed to be very discrete in their activities, and the presence of anyone else hanging around in the vicinity angers her and puts an immediate stop to their sexual play. Mr T knows that I don’t know her, and that I would not reveal anything about their identities anyway, and felt it safe to allow me to watch, provided that she doesn’t know about it. He had told me exactly where they were going to be, and what time they would be there. We had done this once before, but on that occasion he had parked at an angle which had partly obscured my view, while I was hidden behind a big tree, the only position from which I could watch them without her knowing I was there. This time he had parked at the right angle, I was well concealed behind the tree, they were out of the vehicle, and things were progressing nicely, lots of touchy-feely stuff, and it looked as if I was about to get lucky. Suddenly they stopped their playing, and were looking back down the access road…

Another vehicle was approaching, and then stopped some distance away from Mr T’s vehicle. I recognized the “intruder” vehicle as being that of Mr X! I also realized that, whether he was there on his own or with his wife, their presence was going to put a stop to Mr T’s fun that I was there to watch. From my hiding place behind the tree, I messaged Mr X, confirmed that it was them (it was both Mr & Mrs X) that had “intruded”, and asked if they would mind moving away again so as not to spoil Mr T’s (and my!) fun. Although they had hoped to play there and maybe even, through that, encourage Mr T and his lady friend to play as well, and thus have a mutual watching session, I knew from my discussions with Mr T that that was never going to happen.

Very obligingly, they moved off (and ended up giving someone else a show that day!), and Mr T and his lady friend then picked up where they had left off, ending up having a really nice time together – lots of kissing, exposed boob-massaging, nipple-sucking, wanking, pussy-fingering, eventually finishing off with a nice long doggy-style fuck with them standing outside the vehicle, her bent in over the front seat… And, thanks to Mr & Mrs X moving away, I was able to watch all that action, albeit from a distance… However, it did mean that I missed out on meeting Mrs X and seeing Mr & Mrs X having their fun, as I could not move out from my place of concealment until Mr T and his lady friend had moved off, by which time Mr & Mrs X had finished and moved on.

But in chatting with them about it afterwards, there was suddenly a strange message in what I thought was “his” chat! “Hi, it’s the Mrs here. I really like your stories!”… So I continued chatted with her for a bit. Being the naughty cheeky bugger that I am, I said to her “So if one day I get to meet you, and we can do some stuff together, you could even get to be a character in one of my stories, instead of just reading about them!!” I think she replied with a “LOL, maybe one day…” type of answer. Since then we had tried a few times to get together, but had been unsuccessful due to busy schedules.

Back to the present story….

We met up near Carnival City, and I followed them to a secluded area that Mr X knew of not too far away. He parked next to a spreading bush, which provided little shade, but quite nicely screened the passenger side door from view. I parked next to them. He and I got out, and greeted around the back of my vehicle. She opened her side door, but didn’t get out. He said to me “She’s very shy, so there’s going to be no chatting, we’re just going to get on with it. Besides, we’re in a bit of a hurry.”

I followed him around to her door. As we approached, she got out, I got a quick glimpse of her lovely big boobs, but she quickly turned towards the bakkie, and leant in over the seat. She was wearing a loose-fitting grey dress. Mr X lifted her dress, exposing her bare bum. No panties!!! And they weren’t visible in the footwell of the vehicle either! Maybe she hadn’t been wearing any, and they’d been playing on the way here? Mr X was wearing rugby shorts, so he just pushed them down a bit, pulled out his cock and started wanking it, and soon started to firm up. Meanwhile he probed her pussy with the fingers of his free hand, and indicated to her to spread her legs a bit more. She obliged. He pushed up behind her, nudged around for a bit, and then gently pushed all the way in. She knelt on the door sill of the vehicle, so that the height and angle were ideal, and he started pumping into her slowly.

I was standing right next to him, at the open doorway, as close as I could get to the action. He and I were both looking around like meercats from time to time, checking in all directions, making sure that we would not be surprised by any unwelcome visitors. Soon Mrs X groaned a bit. And then a bit more. The louder she groaned, the harder Mr X pumped, and the louder she groaned! A lovely sound to stand listening to!! No talking, just the regular and intensifying slap of skin on skin from his vigorous thrusting against her bare behind, and her moans of ecstasy getting louder and louder.

Mr X had both his hands on her hips, pulling her into him as he thrust into her. Soon he lifted his right hand, and motioned to me to reach for her closest boob. Through the loose-fitting dress I had been watching her boobs swinging with every thrust (when I wasn’t looking out for intruders), and wishing that I could be cupping them, feeling their weight, experiencing the movement of their thrusting bodies translated through that wonderful flesh. And here he was suggesting that I do just that?! With my eyes I sought confirmation that that was what he meant, and he nodded in agreement. I reached down and cupped her right boob through her dress. It was firm, heavy, moving with their thrusts. She lifted a hand from the seat, reached in through the neck of her dress, and freed that magnificent boob from the confines of her bra, and then popped it out of the low neck of her dress for me, allowing me free access. I stood there, feeling her boob, kneading it gently, teasing the lovely large nipple, feeling it respond to my touch, listening to the slap of their bodies against each other, and her moans getting louder….

Suddenly Mr X pulled out, turned away behind me, shooting his sperm out onto the ground behind us (I can only assume that she did not want to have to deal with any messy leakage as they continued their journey). He motioned with his head towards her butt, smiling. I fondled her butt, and then reached down to touch her pussy, feeling its silky smoothness, and the wetness of her slit. But I left it at that… She had seemed reluctant to engage with me, due to her shyness, and I didn’t want to go pushing my luck! I patted her gently on the bum, and then pulled her dress back down to cover her nakedness. She popped her boob back inside, stood up, smoothed her dress down, and hopped back up into the bakkie. I stroked her on her shoulder, and thanked her for allowing me to be a part of their intimacy. She turned to me and smiled back.

Mr X and I moved to the back of the bakkie, giving her space, and spoke briefly. Mrs X used the opportunity to get out again and adjust her bra, partly hidden from my view behind the vehicle, checking that everything was fitting comfortably again, and getting her clothing back in order, before getting back in.

I respected the fact that she was really shy, didn’t want to be all chatty and talk about what we had been doing… But she has a lovely smile, a pair of really magnificent boobs, and she moans beautifully once they get going – music to my ears!

Thank you, Mr & Mrs X! I hope that you enjoyed that brief time that we were together as much as I did! And I hope that there will be another opportunity, when perhaps we have more time to be even more comfortable with each other. I admire your gumption!!! Thank you for helping to keep dogging alive and well in Gauteng! And there you are, Mrs X – you are the star character in this story!