02 Jan 2018

One day I was driving from Simon's Town to okavango, when I felt the sun shining on my crotch whilst driving. I immediately felt the urge to have my cock out in the sun, I untied my track pants and dropped them to my knees while coming over ou kaapse weg. (I enjoy wearing track pants without underwear as it outlines my mushroom for all to see whilst I'm out shopping or just taking a walk with my girlfriend), so as my ball sack enjoys the direct sunlight I begin to roll down the window and adjust my passenger seat so that passing cars can get a good view.

Once on the M3, I slow down in the fast lane and watch women passing me by have a sneak peak.. until the craziest thing happened. Two girls in a hilux bakkie passed me and immediately slowed down, they like what they saw and I began stroking my dick for them. The driver showed me her tongue and we laughed. When we got to the robots at kirstenbosch she asked if I could cum for them, to which I replied of Cause. They followed me at the same speed, giggling and taking pics, I was so horny I couldn't even think straight about pictures surfacing on the web or having the police pull me over. I was just focussing on the road and the girls getting a good view. Once on the N2, they flashed me there boobs and give me a hand signal to follow them, to which I gladly did. We ended up at some lake park opposite observatory, they giggled and jumped into my sports car and the one girl immediately took my hand off my cock and she continued stroking it. I was in another world, trying to stay focused on people passing us and also on not being mugged. The girl asked where I was going and I told her I was going to okavango mall. She told that they stayed on campus in stellenbosch and was happy to drive with me and finish me off while her other friend followed us.

I couldn't believe me luck, we left observatory and took the M5 to the N1, once we approached century city she told me to drive slow and enjoy it. She took my cock into her mouth and the warmth caused me to closed my eyes losing focus on the road.. I was enjoying every moment, her hands moving in different directions on my shaft whilst moving her hot moist mouth over my mushroom was about to make me cum in her mouth. She played with my balls and told me to smile at the camera, I asked her which camera and she pointed to her friend who was now next to us recording... I loved every moment, knowing that they will be watching it later I kept myself from ejaculating for as long as possible. I lifted her dress and had her pussy showing out of the passenger window, I was fingering her whilst she was sucking and moaning on my dick. Could this stranger be anymore awesome I thought and it was answered just after Durban Road.. She squirted hard onto my leather seat and soaked my hand, the feeling was so good that I squirted my streams of sperm in her mouth. I did not realize that we had another two cars in front and behind us enjoying the madness... She came up, adjusted her skirt. Looked at me, moved her hair back, chin up and swallowed my sperm. I was in awe and she took her juices and put them in my mouth.

Once at the mall, she jumped back into her friends car and they laughed and left. Never to be seen again.

Wish I knew where they lived in stellenbosch.