Written by wildhot46

22 Jul 2014

One night in the middle of winter a couple of friends decided to go take me to a popular bar. I was nursing a broken heart and had more to drink than usual. I was out for some fun. The bar was packed and everybody stood close to each other. I felt a hand on my ass and turned around. It was the guy behind me copping a feel. we started chatting. He had to talk close to my ear because of the loud music. After some shots we started kissing. He was sitting on a bar chair and I moved in between his legs. My friends came to join as and I turned around to chat to them. He whispered in my ear that my perfume was driving him wild. I could feel his cock growing hard against my ass.

I was wearing a long black coat with a slit at the back over my woolly tight dress. Told me he loved my long boots and my dress. He pulled me back against him and lifted my coat over his lap. His cock was roch hard. I then realized what he was trying to do. I slowly pulled my arm out of my coat sleeve and started rubbing his cock behind my back. I had to do it slowly because my friends were standing in front of us chatting.

With his help I unzipped him and took his long big hard cock out. It was difficult giving him a hand job with one hand

while holding my drink in the other hand. He was soo big! He slowly started pulling my dress up at the back. His cock

jerked it my hand when he felt my smooth ass and no underwear. I was a girl with a mission and underwear was not needed. He whispered in my ear that I nearly made him cum. I opened my legs while moving forward a little at the same time. I pushed his cock down so that it was lying between my legs, touching my ass and pussy.

He whispered in my ear how much he wanted me. As I was slowly moving to the sound of the music nobody took note when I started to slowly gyrate my hips. I could feel an orgasm building from his cock-head rubbing me all the way, over my clit,

my ass, etc. I could feel him trying to enter me. I was a bit drunk but I didn't think that was a good idea as I like to make some noise when having fun.

Next moment my friend opposite me was pushed by someone trying to get to the bar. She fell forward and pushed me back. The feel of his huge cockhead entering me hard made me moan out loud. My friend asked me if I was OK. I bend forward to rub my toe, pretending that she stepped on it. Moaned again when his cock went all the way in. I was sooooo wet and hot. Said I was OK. Jokingly said I was going to have blue marks in the morning. She didn’t need to know that he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his cock when I bend forward.

I was standing there with a big smile on my face. It was so difficult not to scream with pleasure. I heard his gasp when I started using my tight cunt muscles on his cock while he fucked me slowly. I was really enjoying the music. Moving my hips all around, pretending I was dancing. Next moment I grabbed his hand hard. I started cumming all over his cock. He was no match for my pussy muscles contracting around his cock.

He held me tight around my middle with his head on my back while shooting his load deep inside my pussy. The feeling

was so incredible. Cumming like that with not a sound from either of us. After standing like that for a couple of minutes

he pulled out and closed his pants. He let my coat fall down again. Told him to give me a second. He turned me around and kissed me deeply. My friends laughed at us. Luckily nobody saw me walking funny to the bathroom. His cum was running down my legs. I cleaned myself up as best I could, pulling my dress straight.

I went back to the bar and he was waiting for me with a fresh drink. Told me he was taking me home! He wanted to hear me scream with pleasure and believe me, I screamed a lot that night and many more nights after that.

Told my friends the next day and they didn’t believe me till I showed them the bruises on my hips. It was the most amazing experience ever!!! His 2 brothers also slept over one night. MMMM no one actually "slept" But thats another story altogether!!