Written by Swing_me2010

14 Oct 2011

It was early last year, just as the summer really started to kick in and most of the Transvaalers have left the sandy shores of the Cape to head back to the endless traffic jams. My girlfriend and I were having drinks at sunset at one of the many bars lining the streets of Camps Bay. She is quite petite, but has really perky 34C boobs, that she was wearing in a bikini top, with a loose sarong draped around her waist. She was getting quite a few looks from the passers-by on the street as her boobs looked great in that bikini. She also has long brown hair hanging loosely in her neck.

As we were still on holiday, the cocktails flowed freely, and the conversation started to get a bit raunchy. We were talking about our fantasies, and what we would still like to experience together. Out of the blue she said she wanted to shag another man while she was watching me doing another woman. I was quite surprised as she is usually rather prim and proper, however my feeling of surprise soon vanished as it turned into complete horniness, and soon I was as hard as a rock. As we came from the beach I was not wearing any underwear. She reached under the table and started stroking my cock as we continued to talk about all the dirty things we wanted to do to each other, and to the other couple.

We had a few more cocktails and decided to hit the dance floor, as the vibe has changed from beach bar to club. The music was pumping and we were really enjoying dancing together, she kept grinding agaist me with that beautiful ass, making me really horny. I went to get some more drinks, but when I returned she was dancing very seductively between a man and a woman in the middle of the dancefloor. I handed her drink to her, she took a sip, and pulled me closer. I was now dancing in between her and the other woman. I turned around to introduce myself, but before I could say a word I felt her hand go down my pants. I was about to protest, but when I turned I could see my girlfriend and the other man kissing each other passionately.

Soon my hands were all over her body, touching every part of it as she was wearing an extremely short dress with a very small g-string. I was getting incredibly aroused, and didn’t want to stay in the club much longer. I motioned for my girlfriend to leave, and we left the club with our two lovers in tow. It turned out they were a married couple from Greece. We got the beach blanket from the car and headed down to the beach. By now it was very dark and there was not many other people left on the beach.

We sat down and I asked my girlfriend whether this is what she really wanted. She only said “You have no idea how long I have fantasised about this”. I slowly took off the other woman’s g-string which, by now was soaking wet. I went down on her, licking her sticky juices, while she was enjoying every moment. I looked over to the other two, and nearly came when I saw her riding another man’s cock. I was so horny I just had had to thrust my cock into my stranger’s pussy. Slowly at first, but after a while she shouted at me to go harder and harder. I kept on going until she climaxed and was shaking with pleasure. I took out my dong and she started sucking me off until I came in her mouth. She lapped it all up as I watched the Greek man emptying his load into my girlfriend.

We lay on the beach for a few more minutes, when the Greek couple got up, thanked us and walked away. This was the last time we ever saw them, but definitely not the last time we enjoyed another couple together...