Written by Caba_experience

16 Jun 2015

If you are following the story from the beginning you would know

By now we are both as horny and wet as can be.

As we walk down the isle with my hand feeling her wet pussy.

She slapped it away and said"someone might see us" as I laughed

And said "let's just hope the take pictures.as she pointed to the

Roof and there was a camera.So as the nuaghty person I am

I went over again and asked standing very close to her

"Don't we need these for the night?" And she asked what do we

Need to take? As I leaned over to the shelf she started to smile and

Say."Get the pepper sauce right at the bottom" as I was just to grab

The packet I felt a hard slap agianst my balls and it was one of those

Hits that took your breath away in pain.I looked over to her with her

Sad face but grinning and laughing and said "sorry sorry sorry I wanted

To slap your ass but it just slip I am really sorry and will take care of

That at home.as the pain past quickly I felt her hand rubbing my balls so

Softly and we were not alone in the isle anymore and that's not like her

To be touchy in front of people.unless there is trust.

I could feel me getting hard again.at this point I was to horny and just

Let it go and off we go to order food.as we walked she just smiles the

Whole way to the counter and I remembered I was still half way erect

As we got to the counter there were 3 woman standing there and 1 man

Just my luck the oldest one got her fisrt look.and looked shocked and

Disgusted as she pointed out to her daughter look look and she did and her

Eyes went big and looked straight at me.Yes we had that 5 second akward

Eye contact.the lady smiled and just then the man started to shout out.

Hahahaha "mama eet voel vanaand" I just looked and smiled back at all

Of them as my wife started to see my member getting attention she looked

At all of them kissed me so hard with lust and said out loud in her sexy voice

"Oooo honey I can't wait to get home" all the people left not even getting

There meals.I thought to myself you go honey that's the way

And I was turned on again and even harder as before.we quickly finished

Our shopping and got back to the car.I felt her hand on my hard cock and she

Stroke it ever so softly just there I thought FUCK THIS pulled my pants OFF

Remember we are still in the parking.and Said to my wife "so it's 5 min till we

Get home what are you gonna do?" She smiled and said just drive and keep

Your eyes on the road and I drove of I thought here comes a 5 min blowjob

And she is fucking good I just might ad

She stoked my penis for 3 strokes and started to lean over as I put my arm

On her side and got comfy in the seat as she just gave it a kiss and pull

The skin over the head (Yes I am not cut.all natural) and gave it one hard

Lick and the pre cum was on her lips.she said "I love your cum and you are so

Thicker than normal" she then put my member away and said "aaah feel how

Wet you have made me" to my surprise even her pants was wet not only her

Black g-string as I reaced down her panties she closed her eyes.

I found her clit and rubbed it gently feeling her juice and rubbing now hard still

Trying to drive almost hitting the car infront of me and could see her body get

Tense as I stopped pulled out my hand and licked off her juice off my fingers

And say "it's so sweet and I love it" as I pulled into our street were we lived

We parked the car and we got out the groceries and I saw a neighbour watching

Us as I nibbled her neck and got even more aroused and we went in the house

Find out from my wife in part 5 what happened next

Your sexually


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