Written by Caba_experience

15 Jun 2015

Ok the rules where set and we agreed.what happened during the day the time

We were at work was to keep our sexuality up and keep teasing the whole

Day.So think for yourself a whole day sexting and thinking of what your man

Is going to do to you is just so intense and to think of what will happen now

As it became closing time I couldn't wait to feel my man and just kiss him

As he saw me he just smiled and I smiled and gave him a good long kiss

And as we a minute to tease and it was my turn I took my hand in his pants

Playing with his shaft and he wanted to have me there and then but I pushed him

Back and said"no remember the rules" I could see he wasn't going to last long

I could feel he had pre cum on his head as I teased him the whole day and he

Was bigger than normal.mmmm me liked it a lot it felt like n new cock I haven't

Had and looked at my mans eyes watered with lust.kissed him and said let's go sexy

He locked up and we got in the car normally I put my hand on his lap as he drives

But today was something else.as he was still hard from my office tease I unzipped

Him and put my hand on him but doing nothing.We were in 5 o clock traffic on the N2

He looked over and asked what I am doing and I replied."You said we can tease

And he moved lower into his seat as we sat in traffic.

Every day we stop at the shop to get our daily needs of food and stuff as he could not

Climb out at first we waited for his mister to calm down and go and do our shopping

We went in the shop and walked through the isle as we were alone in the isle I could feel

A hand near my pussy as he laughed and said it's payback time...

Find out in part 4 what he did from his words

P.S I was as wet as nothing before