Written by Caba_experience

15 Jun 2015

So here goes our first story hope you readers like it.

And yes this really happened and was amazing

We have been together for a year now and have the best sex ever and always try to do better and new things

As the time went on my hubby decided that we Spice it up a bit.

So out of the blue in the morning we got ready for work and my man decided just to kiss me

Kiss me softly and undress me to go and take a shower.As I felt the passion start

To built from his warm lips ever so softly on my naked skin,I started to feel him and

Take care of my man,but to my surprise he said NO and I was like "WHAT" then he

Gave me that naughty grin of his ans said "today we will be teased the whole day"

I thought to myself why and what was going to happen.

So I took a shower and he got in the bath.chatting away about the day,still as horny as hell

After the shower and bath I thought he said that we could tease so I started

By bending over and making sure he could see my naked body wanting him.but no response

I was so negative and thought what is happening and to my surprise.He took me from behind

And I could feel his manlyhood get harder by the minute.he then said."I want you so bad

He then kissed me just above by inner legs as I could feel his breath on my pussy

I was so in to the moment and thought here will be a very intense Quickie before work

But was dead wrong he stopped and got dressed and we went of to work

By the time we got to work I got busy and forgot alll about this morning.when a message

Came through from my man and said "sorry for leaving you horny this morning but want to

Try this and see if it works out and the he stated the rules of the day and what would happen

When we got home

I thought RULES for having sex with my man??? WHY wHY WHY? But I let it go and agreed

Just to find out later it was worth the wait.want to read what happens next inbox us

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