Written by Caba_experience

15 Jun 2015

Hi there again as part 1 was written by my wife I will do part 2 so that you can get

The passion of both of us as the day went on

So here are the RULES that was given from me to my wife as she agreed

We were able to tease each other in any way but the other one had to obbey

And let the other one worked his/her teasing pleasure to the other one

As teasing can get boring we decided to put a time frame on the event

So as soon as we got home we both had 5 min with each other to do what

We wanted to do to the other one.

After that you would only have 2 min and then break for 10 min then

It's either my wife or my turn to tease.to say the least we both were

Never so horny for each other than that day and to think we teased each

Other for 3 hours before doing it all out sex episode that lead to the best

ORGASMS I have seen from my partner.

This was the best idea ever and we are not stopping

Tonight I am her slave

Wait for part 3 of the story as my wife will tell it to you