20 Mar 2018

Ultra marathons, and preparing for them, is not just hard work. They have their lighter (and brighter!) sides too…

There once was a 65km race from Knysna to Wilderness, inland, called the Two Lagoons. Entry levels used to be pretty low – around the 200 mark. Which meant that you could easily find yourself in an isolated running position, only seeing other athletes in the far distance – or not at all.

Those of you that have run marathons will also know that it is quite possible to start running a race with a complete stranger, and then by the end of the race, you are life time buddies. So...one year I found myself running the Two Lagoons with a lady from a Cape Town athletic club. We chatted and chatted and then, as it goes on these races, it became time for her to use the ladies’ – which, in road runner terms means getting off the road and behind the nearest bush or tree. But the spot was remote and she was scared.

Gentleman that I am, I could not refuse her request to pull off the road with her. She put me on ‘watch’. So I turned around to ‘patrol’ the area from where we entered the forest. But she was more scared for could be happening behind her back….and asked me to turn around to ‘check’ the area behind her. And I ended up having this amazing view of a rain(ing) forest.

At completion of the race we arranged to go to dinner that night. And then at some point during the evening, quite towards the end, she said it feels strange to think that I had seen her naked. She took my hand and whispered in my ear :” I hate men seeing my pussy in sweaty and dirty state. Let me go show you what she looks like when she is clean and powdered…..”