Written by quikfire

07 Dec 2014

Hello All you sexy people .My lover and I were chatting the other day (as in whatsapp) and I asked her what she had been up to that day well this is the response I got its short its sweet but it really tickled my fancy. A bit of backround he hubby renovates cars (with his brothers help) that day they were taking a car back to a client

Weeeellll its rather boring u sure u want to hear (yes she loves to tease me!!!)

Hubby went to ATM with customer .Customer had to pay him (brother in law) came to sit in the car with me And was bitching about his wife And I asked him if he would like a bj..

At the same time putting my hand on his leg

He looked at me and laughed And then he got serious and said stop joking around

And I said maaaan i'm serious But we only have a few mins Lol when I looked again cock was out def standing at attention.

So I leaned forward from drivers seat...very um-comfy btw And started to give him a bj

And with in the first 3 down and ups ...he came and was not a lot of cum and then cock went away we shared a smoke

About 5 mins later h turned up

Lol he was quiet Then he climbed back in car and we all followed h home

I did say it was a short n sweet moment but aren't those often the most fun