07 Aug 2018

An ex-colleague of mine and I often flirted at work while trying to remain professional. She is dark skinned , 28, Sexy body, firm ass and beautiful lips.

She tries to ask sex questions indirectly while playing with her hair and biting her lip.

Now that we don’t work together... I arranged a meeting for a drink in town. I told her that it’s ok to be honest in what she really wants. To my surprise she ran her hand on my thigh while sitting at the bar. She said “I want to know what it would be like to be fucked by you”.

I went close to her ear and told her “I want to lick every inch of your body before rubbing my hard cock on your clit until your legs shudder”. She smiled nervously. I took her back to her place. On the way I reached up her dress and played with her extremely wet pussy. I was shocked when she started using my hand to fuck herself while I was driving.

Back at her place ... we didn’t make it to her bed because our clothes were off by the time we barely got in. I pounded her pussy from behind until she screamed as she came. She then finished me off with a sloppy blowjob where she wanted me to cum on her face. We lied on the ground as she licked my balls and cock even after I came that felt amazing.

I got dressed and she asked me to never tell anyone about this because she is so shy. Before I left we kissed for a while.

I love bringing out the fantasies of beautiful ladies. This was an awesome day.