19 Dec 2015

Last night, Jean came over, this time without his wife. She was at her parents, her mum being ill.

We hadn't arranged with Jean, not that he needs to 'arrange' but just to be sure kids are asleep and that. Heard a car come up the driveway. Wyfie was taking a shower. I opened the door and let Jean in before he could knock.

I greeted him and we chatted. He talked about his wife briefly. I was a bit dissapointed she wasn't there. I've come to enjoying fucking her in the same room while she looks on, watching her husband splash my wife's ovaries with baby juice. Turn for me and drives Karine crazy horny.

He asked where his lover was. I explained she was taking a shower upstairs. Jean smiled, asked if he could venture upstairs....I nodded. He took off his shoes and walked up. As I followed him, he went upstairs, first into our bedroom where he stripped off. Then he opened the bathroom door and ventured in. I wanted to join but he turned, smiled at me and slowly shut the door. I went into the bedroom and lay on the bed.

I heard murmured voices then nothing......the shower ran, then stopped....then I heard wyfie moaning. Her moans grew deeper, more intense. Curiosity got the better of me and my cock straining against my trouser made it impossible to stay away.

I stripped off and went in. Wyfie was on all 4's on the bath mat. Jean had both his  hands in her shoulder and neck. He fucked her hard and fast  His balls slapping her clit. This wasn't him making love to her nor fucking her. No, this was Jean breeding her. I wanted to kneel in front of her and take her mouth.... but I also wanted Jean to succeed.... I needed to facilitate his inseminstion of my wife before my own sexual release.

I got down,  flipped onto my back and moved beneath wyfie. Instinct told me I should nurse her clit, get her juices flooding her pussy if they weren't in that state already. The more wet she was the better for Jean's sperm to find their target. They adjusted position slightly to accomodate me. I licked her labia and sucked her clit. Jean pulled his cock from her pussy and held my head. I sent my tongur inside her fuckhole and gave her pussy and internal massage. Jean released my head, I withdrew my tongue, watched his thick veined cock push into her depths stretching her apart as he did so. I nursed her clit while feeling her mouth nursing my cock. The harder Jean fucked her, the more she sucked and moaned over my cock.

Jean moaned and slapped her butt. He reached below and rolled her nipples. I could see his cock 'long stroke her' from head to base and each time he pulled out till just the head was inside, I watched his shaft get creamed more and more. She was so turned on I think her insides were gushing fuck juice...Jean moved his hands to her hips. Pulled her snd held while he ripped her pussy apart from the fucking. She orgasmed violently, hips bucking, head thrown from side to side...lost my cock ...  Jean groaned went deep.... I reached for his balls and gently squeezed and released them... he couldn't speak.....just murmured his satisfaction.

Wyfie winced each time he spurted inside her. Her hips bucking up against his crotch. Her mouth found my cock and she sucked me. My hands on her nipples, my mouth flicking her clit then sucking it, Jean deep in and rotating his hip, giving her internals a good massage.

I felt my seed rise and raised my hip. I pistoned her mouth. When the first spurt went straight down her throat, I stopped. She stroked my cock, squeezed my balls and sucked me dry... Down below, Jean's cock still plugged her pussy shut but white fluid seemed to drivel out slightly and some of it met my tongue while I continued to suck and flick her clit back and forth. It felt strange but nice. I worked harder, until I made her orgasm again, Jean still massaging her pussy with his cock. Once she'd regained control, her orgasm subsided, Jean pulled out and went and knelt to her mouth. My cock went free as his took her mouth.

I watched and heard her moan and enjoy his cock, pleasing him, showing him her love for his cock and his child hopefully rooting inside her....

I found myself exploring her pussy, tasting them both.... strange but nice....then felt Jean's hand masturbating my cock while wyfie suckef his. He groaned and came in her mouth before pushing my cock to her mouth. He held her head while he wanked my cock to her mouth. I orgasmed with her sucking me and him squeezing my balls.

Spent, we picked outselves up. I'd previously locked the bedroom door. We got into bed, wyfie inbetween. Cuddling, we took turns kissing her, caressing her, nursing her nipples.... going down on her.... we didn't fuck her but gave her lots of mouth and tongue ... and fingers... in her pussy and ass at the same time.... Around 4am Jean decided to leave. Wyfie didn't want him to. She flipped over him, went down and sucked his cock. Hard, she straddled him and rode home until he groaned.... making sure his morning sperm was hers. She went down suckef his cock and then playfully told him he should leave...

Jean gone, we cuddled, me spooning her. Touching, caressing, kissing... I soon had her horny and wanting my cock. I so wanted her pussy but I needed that to be all Jean.... I took her ass instead.....twice....then went down and sucked her to orgasm....

Now we wait..... to see if she has a next prriod or not ..... I want Jean to succeed....