Written by orangeswing

22 Aug 2013

I had a golf coaching session yesterday. Once done  I opted to visitClaudine and Stephane. Claudine was glad to see me but Stephane wasworking and had left for the night shift at the fire department. SeemsI had his wife to myself. Their kids were with his mum so Claudine wasalone.We sipped a coctail and chatted. Then we moved to the couch, seatedside by side. My handover her shoulder, I toyed with her earlobe and hair. We sipped and chatted. Then feeling the lust, I turned her faceto mine and kissed her mid speech. I literally took her breath away!

Then I stood her in front of me. Sitting on the edge of the couch, I pulled down her jeans and g-string.  I embraced her hip and butt. Sheembraced the back of my head. I sucked her slowly, exploring her,savouring her, taunting her....pleasuring her, setting her loinsablaze as her first orgasm shook her. She arched her back and pulledmy mouth harder onto her sex, grinding her pussy against my rampanttongue. I sucked her fuck juice like my life depended on it. I madeher feel like her pussy was the last on earth. Claudine soon came asecond time, her flow like sweet nectar into my mouth.Satisfied her pussy was lubed...her tubes ready....I pushed her to her knees facing the couch and I stripped off and got behind. Guiding myrigid shaft to her pussy, I gripped her hip and thrust into her,almost lifting her feet off the floor. She yelped when it struck hercervix. I was deep. Her wet cunt bathing my hard cock in her warmth. Keeping the shaft in, I fucked her using more hip than stroking the length of my cock in and out.  This kept her cervix in contact.

I instructed her to reach below and rub concentric circles over hers wollen clit. I occasionally reached below and tweaked her nipples.They were so taught, so hard, her level of arousal extremely heightened.Then placing both palms clasped around her neck I fucked her with fullstrokes harder and faster until she began to shake and tremble. I thenjust fucked her pussy rapidly until I felt my seed rise. Fucking herthrough her orgasm was a mutual joy. Timing my ejaculation, going deepand THEN  pulsing the seed inside her, holding it in until all seed was sown was just perfection. I took care to pull out slowly. I movedher onto the couch, feet elevated, I straddled her, let her nurse on the cock that just inseminated her after four orgasms. Claudine made love to my cock, raising her head to it. I came in her mouth but couldn't offer her much ejaculate. Whatever I had was now inside her, hopefully taking root.....these selfish lusty thoughts to myself of course......

I didn't tell her butI will call Eric or Jean so we can play with her over lunch and put more seed inside her....break her into a aweat doing so....