03 Jan 2018

She was curious to know what it was like to experience a woman. Although not new to swinging she had very limited experience with a female, but that experience was enough to want to explore .....

Playing pool, guys against girls, then partner swopping with as much distraction as possible ..... it helps to relax but also allows for teasing, and flirting with all partners. That's how the night started ....

Not being new to the lifestyle we prefer the new couple to lead at a pace comfortable to them, we don't push, but we do take initiative when we feel they are ready to move a little out of their comfort zone. The direction of play has already been established during the first game or two, important to understand limitations and preferred outcome, as I am sure most experienced couples are aware of.

While the guys are shooting, i pull her into my arms with her back against me, doing nothing but just holding her. And that is how it starts..... at some point i run my hands up her arms from her elbows to her shoulders, and back down again. Feather touches, not pressure. Later i do the same but with my hand around her sides... sliding up past the curve of her breasts ... very innocently while laughing and verbally teasing the guys. My hands move up her shoulders to her neck and automatically she moves her head to the side granting me access to her neck, while i move her hair out of the way. Still not doing anything, just teasing.... as soon as she is comfortable and completely on her own comes to stand by me in the same position, and wraps my arms around her, that is when i know she is comfortable. Once this is established, then i start the kissing... or rather breathing in her neck. Cupping her chin with my hand, gently turning her head as if i am going to kiss her, but stopping short, and sliding my lips over her cheek to the corner of her mouth, but then pulling away. And this is how i continue. Eventually i pull her into my arms, facing me, then cupping my hands around her cheeks i pull her to me and teasingly bring my mouth closer to her until our lips touch ever so gently, while i watch as her eyes close and listen to her breath catch. And really slowly i kiss each lip lingering for a few seconds before moving to the next .... then deepening the kiss little by little, until she is left breathless.

At this time i suggest taking the play time to somewhere more private.

And now the seduction begins. At this time i have to tell you that i am just a little dominant when it comes to female play, especially if the lady is shy as it brings out my confident side.

I take her hand, and before anything else i check with her and her partner that they are both ok, and comfortable, and that she is ready to take it to the next level of play. Once this is establshed, there is no holding back. I lead her to the bed and allow her to get comfortable... then i straddle her. I lift her hands above her head, and hold them together with my one hand while the other teases her. I bend down to kiss her, but i remain just out of reach while she tries to come up to meet me ... i smile, then move her head to the side with mine and kiss her neck, behind her ear, and slowly work my way to her mouth...

While kissing her my hand moves down from her hand to her shoulder ..... under her arms and along her side, just touching the curve of her breast, at the bottom of her bra, around, but just missing her nipple. Then ever so gently i slide my palm of my hand over her full breast..... just barely touching the fabric of her t-shirt..... my hand slides back around her curve and down to her waist ... gently i slide my hand along the edge of her pants, teasing her as i pinch her t-shirt between my fingers and lift it ever so slightly, allowing my finger tip to touch her naked skin. Sliding her t-shirt up as far as it will go i rub my hand over her warm smooth skin until under her bra. Again i run my hand over her breast yet again missing the nipple.

I ask her if she would like to take her t-shirt off, and then gently slide it over her body and head and over her raised arms. Once again i hold her hands above her head and start the process over again. Kissing, feather soft touching, and teasing. I kiss her then move my mouth to her neck, her shoulders, her upper arm, lower arm, fingers, then back up along her lower arm, upper arm and neck. The i move down onto the hump of her breast and all around the material of her bra. And then very gently i run my finger over the material of the top of her bra, then slide my finger underneath the material against her skin and slowly tease my way to just at the top of her hard nipple..... lifting the material up and over her nipple, exposing her to me for the first time.

Looking into her eyes i slide my body down until i am able to position my mouth over her breast, then i kiss the top of her breast and work my way to her nipple.... kissing from the outside to the inside, working my way from the left to the right, until she is arching her back up to my mouth begging me to wrap my lips around her hard nipple. But I keep her wanting... i slowly lick her nipple, once then twice, making sure to lick all around the nipple, and only then do i wrap my lips around it and slowly and gently suck while she is moaning with pleasure.

I sit up still straddling her, and while looking into her eyes I move my hands down to the top of and untie her belt... then her button, then slide down the zip... all this while watching her. she allows me access to remove her pants, but i leave her panty, Then the teasing continues. I run my hand down her belly until the top of her panty... then i begin kissing her, following the path my hand travelled. i slide between her legs and kiss her inner thighs all the way up to her warm mound. Then the other leg receives the same teasing. And while her panty is covering her i breath onto her very slowly and softly, then i lick her panty over her clit, around it, and push my tounge against her pussy teasing the inner folds.

I then remove her panty and repeat the teasing. But this time when i get to her clit i concentrate on sensory stimulation ... i lick her swollen bump almost tickling her, over and over again.... but not just the swollen bud, but all around it, with the slightest of pressure. Then i use the muscle of my tongue to massage her clit for a little while before i slide first one then another finger into her wet aroused warm pussy... feeling my way around with my fingers for the little sensitive pleasure bump inside her, and as soon as I find it i lick her clit constantly, massaging all the pleasure sensors, and gently push my fingers up against her clit from the inside of her, and bring her to experience the most powerful intense climax she has ever had. What she feels is the gentle building up of pleasure to the point where she is almost desperate to explode, but yet wishing, hoping that the sensation will not end too soon.

Now, before you say you don't believe what you read is true, i promise you, it is. If i could tell you who the lady was, i would, but, ladies don't kiss and tell. Hope you enjoyed the story, please share yours. Oh, and please any feedback will be appreciated. If you enjoyed the written experience and if i managed to turn you on even a little ... I would appreciate the feedback. If you think more detail is required for any part, let me know.

Thanks for reading, hopefully you are already enjoying these sensual female experiences, if not, it makes for some good bedroom talk. ?